Bluetooth Beanies – Everything You Should Know When Buying (FAQ Provided)

Bluetooth Beanies – Everything You Should Know When Buying

One of the most amazing things about technology is that it is everywhere and it makes most people happy. If you are a fashion diva and you think this is not true, then think again. Bluetooth Beanies are an example of technology mixed into fashion without losing the essence.

A Bluetooth Beanie hat is a beanie that has earphones and sometimes even a microphone in them inbuilt. They are not bulky or anything, just simple beanies with Bluetooth features. The idea can seem mind-boggling which is why our article will help you through it. You will find everything you need to know about beanies with Bluetooth in this article.

What is a Bluetooth Beanie and how to use it?

A Bluetooth beanie is exactly what the name suggests. It is a beanie type hat that is fashionable yet it has Bluetooth. The Bluetooth helps in listening to music with the inbuilt earphones in the beanie. They are not bulky which makes them great and they are highly portable.

A beanie hat with headphones is great for places that are very cold. You do not have to take off your beanie to connect to the phone or listen to music. While most of them have inbuilt Bluetooth earphones, some also have a microphone. These make them greatly connected to any device.

In the most basic sense, there can be two types of wire Bluetooth beanies that you can find. The first type is the one with inbuilt in-ear headphones. These are small, compact, light in weight, and fit your ears easily. The second type is the beanie with headphones built-in.

These ones have on-ear headphones fold inside the beanie fabric and they help you hear. Though they may not be a major difference, you will find some wearing these. You also have the option of choosing the different materials, colors, and even the sound technology in some cases.

You can use it to control the volume and can also have a dominant switch that helps answer or decline the calls. They are rechargeable so it will come with a cable that will help you recharge it easily.

You will have to pair your phone or the device that you are using with your Bluetooth. Hence, make sure there is a pairing button. There is also an on/off button. This switch helps in saving battery so that you can run it for a longer time.

What to expect from Bluetooth beanies?

Bluetooth beanies are one of the most raging new things in the market. They are a hit among almost everybody since they are comfortable and very useful. They work for people of all ages and you do not have to worry about their size to fit you. Bluetooth beanies are great in many ways.

However, one of the greatest things that you can expect from it is to keep you warm in cold places. In the winters when it is hard to take out your hands from the glove, you can use these. You can answer the call with the button on the Bluetooth beanie headphones and talk without having to shift the microphone.

Another thing that is important to note is that you can expect fashion. We cannot stress enough on how much these beanies have the ability to combine fashion with technology. You can get them in many different materials like wool and cotton. You can also find different colors in these beanies.

Keep in mind that you should not expect them to work out in extremely hot weathers even though there may be a few lighter materials. Also, you should not expect the headphones to be of a variety of different options since the technology is newer and still growing.

Another thing that you should not expect from these is the ultimate Bluetooth system. You will have to look around and do some research so that you can get the latest Bluetooth server for the best connectivity and compatibility. The beanie headphones’ Bluetooth is a crucial part so you cannot deny it. One of the best things that you can expect from these is the comfort of wireless headphones and warmth.

Why are Bluetooth beanies better than regular hats?

One of the reasons why Bluetooth Beanie headphones are better than regular ones is because they are rich in features. They are multipurpose and they work to ensure that you are comfortable. On a cold winter night, they serve to be your best companion by ensuring that you are warm while you connect to your phone. They help in hiding your phone in case you scare of someone trying to mug your phone.

On a cold night or day jog, you will find them to be a perfect fit. They will not let air crash into your head while you listen to music. While headphones can make regular beanies uncomfortable, these are not. They do not get bulky or uncomfortable. You can also find them very useful on cold days.

The simple connectivity with your mobile phone allows you to answer calls and talk on the phone. You can do this without having to remove your hands from under the gloves or without having to put your phone on your ears from under the hat.

Another reason why these are great is that they come in a washable material. While most hats can stretch out when washed, these do not. They have material that helps them stay together and stay warm.

They are also great for people that snow ride, bike, or people that are holding babies. With a click of a button, you can have a communication or listen to music using no hands at all. The headphone hat is better in all ways from the regular hat. They are the new in thing and can help you stay in touch in the winters. They are one of the most wanted new things in the market.


Using Bluetooth beanies is not a huge hurdle. They are easy to handle and pretty much portable. The beanie usually has a small screen or controller. You can enjoy them for over 6 to 8 hours if you get hands on the right piece. You can also get a remote control that you can run it with if you want to get that model. The possibilities are almost endless and there is a style for everyone.

Bluetooth beanies are a great way to have a stylish fix with headphones. They come in several material and colors that will help you keep your style intact while keeping you warm. You will also have the option of getting summer ones if you look into different manufacturers. One of the biggest conundrums is how to wash it? Read on in the article to help find out the answer to this mystery.

However, Just like everything that glitters is not gold; everything that looks so pretty isn’t empty of drawbacks. This fusion of fashion and technology has its own drawbacks which may be a deal breaker for many. Take a look at what you will be seeing if you get these;

  • They are highly radiated

Bluetooth headphones are very much full of radiation. The Bluetooth technology has plenty of radiation that is easy to harm you in many ways. Considering how close they are to your head and eyes, you may have to face different health issues in the long run. While there are some hats that will help absorb the radiation to harm you less, you still have to take measures. Wearing them for a very long time always can cause severe health issues.

  • They do not last a long time

Just like every wireless set of headphones, these also need charging. However, the charging for these headphones does not last for more than 5 or 6 hours on average. You might find a use that will go beyond, but usually, that is about it.

  • It is only for winters

Yes, something this cool needs to be there in the summers as well. There are slightly lighter materials that are usable in less cool places. However, you cannot use them in summers at all since they can be very hot.

How to choose the best Bluetooth beanie?

Choosing the best Bluetooth beanie can be a tricky task. Since they are new and evolving, manufacturers will put all the different useless features in order to test it out. Those factors can end being very expensive to you too. The following are the features that are important for you to look into.


One of the most important things to get right is the material. Yes, you will have to use the electronic part but you will have to make sure that it does the job of the hat as well. The following are very important parts of choosing the materials;

  • Make sure it keeps you warm: A material that is light and cheap will not help you through the cold weather. Go for polyester or wool.
  • Make it hypoallergenic: This is a very important factor people that are sensitive to a lot of materials. A natural hypoallergenic material will help you keep it durable and safe for your head.
  • The material needs to be washable: Yes, Bluetooth beanies are washable and you need to make sure that the material is washable too. Take a look at our FAQs to find out how they are washable.
  • Comfortable: The softness and the comfort of the material are important to help you through all day of wearing it.
  • Breathable: The breathability of the material will help you stay ventilate instead of suffocating. Make sure it is not too breathable or it may be cold.

Style and Fashion

Another very important factor is style and fashion. If you are opting to get a Bluetooth beanie and the salesperson tells you that you have to compromise on the style and fashion then leave the store. The variety in Bluetooth beanies is impeccable and they are being produced for fashion and technology. There are plenty of styles like the headband headphones which come under this category.

You will find plenty of different colors and patterns. The company that does not have them does not deserve a buy. You can choose the shape of the beanie as well with some of them. Make sure to not compromise on fashion in this case because they are for this purpose.


As tautologically mentioned, Bluetooth beanies are a mixture of fashion and technology. Hence, you will not have to rely on downgraded electronics because someone is telling you to. There are different electronic factors that you need to consider to get the best out of the Bluetooth beanies.

  • Audio quality: The audio quality is a very important part of the Bluetooth beanies. The audio quality should be the best. The speaker drivers should be the latest and the best.
  • Bluetooth: The Bluetooth system is the main foundation of this hat. Make sure that it is updated and has a proper connectivity.
  • Device: There will be a device in your hat and you need to keep in mind that it is good quality. The display should be bright and readable (if there is one). The buttons should be easy to use and in working condition.

Battery life

The battery life is probably one thing that you will struggle with most with the Bluetooth beanies. The battery life on a higher average is only about 5 to 6 hours. However, if you really want them for very long hours, you will need to look deeper into the market and get the one with 9 hours.

Keep in mind that even the best batteries will not run for more than 9 hours so that is all that you can get. However, some beanies do have the option of having a replaceable battery. So if you are looking for a longer life, you can also get a replaceable battery one.


Bluetooth beanies come with microphones as well. There are some of them that do not have them. However, you have the option to get any one of them. The ones with microphones need to be thoroughly checked. Microphones with high sensitivity are the best. The distance of the microphone does not matter when the sensitivity is high.

The microphone needs to be manageable and under control of the user. It should not come directly to the face hanging like a string which can be very annoying.


The control of the device is perhaps the most important in any electronic system. All the beanies have or should have a Bluetooth device attached to it for control on the device. The typical control system has a few buttons to adjust the volume, answer a call, play/pause the music, and forward or rewind the songs.

Another form of control that you can have is a remote control. The idea might sound ridiculous, but you will find it to be helpful. A remote control is connectable to your beanie and you can have all the necessary buttons to get it running.

Brand and warranty

While getting electronic, it is important to get the safety of purchases. A warranty on parts and the entire thing is recommendable to make your purchase safe. The following are a list of a few of the most reliable brands;

1. Tenergy Bluetooth Beanie:

You will find these beanies to come in different colors. They have the latest Bluetooth and a wireless range of about 33 feet. It has an inbuilt microphone as well. You can get a battery life of about 6 hours. It is fleece-lined to make it perfect and breathable.

2. Rotibox Bluetooth beanie:

The Rotibox Bluetooth beanies are perhaps the most popular ones. It comes in a huge variety of different colors and patterns. It is double knitted which makes it warm and breathable. The panel has a full control for the users. You can use it for up to 6 hours and it is washable too.

Bluetooth beanie hats – FAQ

Q1. How can I wash my Bluetooth beanie?

One of the most important questions that people are asking is about the washing of this hat. The Bluetooth hat headphones stop them from washing then how to wash them? Well, the answer is simple. Everything electronic in this beanie is removable. The monitor, the headphones and possible wire, all of it is removable. You can remove it to wash the hat and attach it easily again. This is not as big of a mystery as it sounds right?

Q2. Can it fit under a helmet?

The answer to this is more conditional. For regular beanies, you look at the material to see if it will under a helmet. If the material is too thick, then it might not fit properly. These hats have the same case. If the material is too thick, then they might not fit. If you are wondering if the regular thickness that fits, then they do. They do not get too bulky because of the Bluetooth device and headphones. However, avoid listening to music when on the road to keep you alert and safe. 


After reading this article, you must have been more familiarized with the concept of Bluetooth beanies. Our article is set out to give you all the details about this new technology so that you can find the best one. There are plenty of aspects to these and we have tried to cover them all in order for you to understand them better to get the right one.

Our ultimate guide is the ‘how to choose?’ section. This section will help you find all the important features needed to get the one that is best in the market. This section will also help you save money and spend it on the right features. 


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