VoIP Headsets: What Should You Know When Buying?

VoIP Headsets: What Should You Know When Buying?


For a long time now smartphones have been the leading form of technology. By now almost every individual in the fast-growing economy owns one of these revolutionary objects. The increased use of smartphones is influencing all fields of life. These include calculations, telecommunication, searching the web, writing a document, etc. However, doing many of these tasks simultaneously can be a little challenging. Imagine being on call while needing to note something down. Or maybe you need to look something up during a call. Both these tasks require simultaneous use of your phone. The only choice you’re left with is putting the call on speaker. And most of the times it can be very rude to the people around you. This is where VoIP headphones come in.

What is VoIP?

VoIP is a term used for "voice over internet protocol". This is referred to the broadcast of voice and multimedia over the internet protocol to other connected devices. Endpoints for the use of VoIP include softphone. The softphone uses processing on PCs and smartphones, specific desktop focused VoIP phones. It also uses WebRTC enabled web browsers.

VoIP is basically the transmission of audio data and other types of multimedia programs and audiovisual aids. You can transmit from your VoIP software to either a single or multiple other devices through the help of Internet protocol. VoIP was previously referred to as connecting to an IP or IP telephony.

What is a VoIP headset?

VoIP headset is rather a common term these days. Particularly for anyone who uses their phone a lot. Many people who are on call a lot, might work in call centers or they have to deal with clients over phone understand the utility of VoIP headset.

These VoIP headphones are an essential part of their daily lives. VoIP headsets are like business VoIP phones, just as easy to use and built-in with many different features. VoIP headset is basically a type of an audio hardware. It is placed over the head and the orators on its ends cover the ears.

It is meant to let sound frequencies flow through. The headset enables the user to hear and a microphone is attached either with the hearing equipment or on its connecting wire. This wire lets the user transmit their voice. This is basically a combination of earphones and a microphone built in one to help for better and easier access.

VoIP Headsets

Why use a VoIP headset?

Following are some of the useful applications of these headphones,

VoIP headsets can be very significant in business environments. These headsets can help save employees’ time and space. The headsets will let them focus solely on the They are able to freely think and express their expert opinions and are not distracted.

VoIP headsets provide the users with HD voice quality. A quality better than most conventional methods of talking. These methods may include the use of a separate low-quality

Using VoIP headsets allows users to easily connect with people or clients through a video Since they are using VoIP headsets they are free to communicate through their gestures and expressions. It makes communication far more receptive and effective.

These VoIP headsets have much operational significance. It is also very convenient for users and their physical health. It can become burdensome and tiring to hold a phone receiver or even a smartphone for long lengths of time. Neck and shoulder cramps can be very uncomfortable and distracting, thus brings down employee productivity by a lot.

Advantages of VoIP headset

Following are some of the advantages of these headphones:

VoIP headsets are most commonly used because of their unique ability to help save the time of people. It can be very time consuming to assemble different communicating devices separately and then sit around and operate them separately. All this is not just time-consuming but requires much more effort than the task really requires. Therefore, not only wasting precious time but the energy and potential as well that can be used in much productive work.

VoIP headsets have become very popular in the past few years. It is not just because of their distinctive features but also because of their remarkable trouble-free way of use. These headsets are much simpler and user-friendly than any of the previous devices. The software with which they are developed is ultra accessible and easy to use by even a non-expert person.

Due to the advanced technology and increased demand, these VoIP headsets are being developed by many manufacturers around the globe. It increases the competition. Every firm wants to grab most of the market share and penetrate. For this reason, most of the brands have set very competitive prices for these headsets. Thus if you’re looking for regular VoIP headsets they would not cost a lot. In fact, compared to the cost one may have spent on getting the required equipment separately would have cost a lot more.

These VoIP headsets are very flexible as well. They can be used anywhere with mostly anything. They most often require less or no charging at all and a considerably long lasting if purchased from the right place and brand.

Some Additional Traits

Here are some of the additional traits,

  • VoIP technology is that it comes with wireless features as well. This makes things and tasks even easier and accessible now that the user can go about anywhere and still stay connected to the person on call. These wireless headphones help employees move around and help their clients better, for example, if a worker needs to walk over another desk to get a file to help its client, they don’t have to ask them to hold on to the call while the fetch the file everything can be done simultaneously, and this improves not only the work itself but also the customer service efficiency.
  • One of the best factors that contribute to VoIP headsets advantages is its ability and features to minimize the external distracting noise and filters the sounds so that there is no communication error between the receiver and the sender. Its ability of cancellation of environment noise makes it perfect of a loud workplace, where messages over the phone are usually distorted.
  • There are many different brands of VoIP headsets available in the market and many of them focus on not only the high-quality sound but also give preference to the comfort it delivers to the users.
  • Users can now get used of multiple features in these VoIP headsets such as Bluetooth facilities. That allows users to connect the headsets to their devices, not through wires but Bluetooth.
  • No caller now needs to be put on speaker phone to get other tasks done. Putting people on the speaker wasn’t just a bit rude to the people around but can be embarrassing for the callers as well.
  • This VoIP technology is compatible with most of the devices which makes it even easier to use.

VoIP Headsets

VoIP headsets: what to look for?

If we compare these VoIP headsets with the other preceding devices previously used by consumers, it can most definitely be said that this VoIP technology is not only convenient but space saving as well. These headsets are relatively small and can easily fit in a drawer or hang anywhere. They are light and easy to carry around. In fact, the latest VoIP hands-free which is somewhat replacing the headsets are even more compact and require almost no space at all.

A receiver in one hand and trying to get anything else done with the other is somewhat a hazardous task. These VoIP headsets allow the user to move around freely and multi-task with no interruptions to the ongoing call. Since users have their hands free they can perform many other important tasks effortlessly, thus increasing productivity altogether. For example, if a worker needs to search for a file to help his on-call client, he can easily do so now that he has his hands free.

You need to consider some of the following attributes while buying a pair of VoIP headphones,

  • Speaker audio performance is best where the sound does not escape the headset a lot.
  • Microphone audio performance is durable and has good enough vocals for most of the brands.
  • Headset features come in different types. Some headsets have volume and power touch buttons attached, some have their own resting stands and some headphones have speaker rotation of up to 360 degrees.
  • Comfort features are different for every headset; the ones that are designed for an all-day use should be opted for.
  • The range of the headsets should be kept in mind. Wired headphones need to stay connected to their cable but the range is determined for wireless Bluetooth headsets which loose connection when they are further apart.

How to choose the best VoIP headset?

Some of the features that you must consider are as follows,

Ø  Wireless vs. cabled headphones

When choosing on the VoIP headsets the most common question people come across is whether they should get the wireless or cabled headphone. Hers the thing, wireless headphone are amazing, ultra user-friendly and no doubt there’s complete freedom as there’s nothing holding you back.

Wireless headphones don’t give you a tied up feeling and you can be free to roam around and do whatever you want regardless of where your device is. However, it is not all fairytale like that. The most common problem with wireless headsets is that they are connected through Bluetooth and Bluetooth only works up to a certain range. It loses connection when it gets out of range which can be very frustrating at times.

Also, you need to make sure your device has an installed Bluetooth otherwise you’ll need an adapter to connect these and that’s another hustle. Plus wired headphones are relatively much more cost friendly whereas wireless headphones can go out of affordable ranges sometimes.

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Ø  Monaural or binaural

Monaural headsets are the ones which have a single earpiece and a microphone attached. On the other hand, the binaural headsets come with a pair of the earpiece and a microphone as well. The decision between these two depends on what you require them for.

For example, the monaural headsets are used well in an environment where the user not only needs to be focusing on the call but also needs to pay attention to what is going on in his surroundings. Whereas the binaural headsets are better suited for situations where the user needs to give his undivided attention to the call and block out all other noise from the surroundings.

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What features do you need in your headset?VoIP Headsets: What Should You Know When Buying?

The first question you need to ask yourself before getting a headset is what kind of feature you require in them:

  • Some users might prefer the headsets which cover both the head and the ears while some brands only offer one-sided Others may simply like the ones that have earbuds connected and do not cover that head.
  • The decision of getting a wireless or cabled headset depends on the type of use the user needs them for. If the tasks require them to constantly move around then wireless headsets would be preferred.
  • The factor of how important is the sound quality to the user needs to be kept in mind as that may affect the price of the device as well.

Are headsets compatible with your device?

It should be clearly evaluated whether the headset you plan on getting is compatible with your device or not. The device or devices that the headset has to be used with should be determined. For example, if someone wants to connect them with only their mobile they can opt for the wireless ones.

However, if they need to be used for the computer as well then wired ones would be better unless their computer has a built-in Bluetooth facility.

What is your budget?

There are multiple different brands of VoIP headsets available with different features, the budget you set should be carefully matched with the headset you require.


VoIP headsets are one of the most commonly used devices in the business industry as well as at home. These VoIP headsets are accessible and help get tasks performed much quicker. This technology can be used in a vast range of devices and it is exactly the same as receiving calls on a traditional phone but just much more easily and conveniently. All you require now are these VoIP headsets and transform your current computer or a laptop in a VoIP assisted phone.

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