What Do You Do If Get Your Earphones Wet?

What Do You Do If Get Your Earphones Wet?


What Do You Do If Get Your Earphones Wet

Getting your earphones wet can be one of the worst nightmares. I mistakenly dropped my earphones in a glass of water and the earphones are no longer working well. Earphones are often one of the most frequently damaged electronic pieces.

No matter how careful we are, earphones often get wet. It’s just a fact of life. Whether we pour drinks on them, or the earphones get wet by rain, get wet in the tub or even goes with clothes into the washing machine as we usually forget earphones in the pocket. But a wet earphone is not necessarily a dead earphone. Something can still be done. In this article, I will share with you what you need to do to your water damaged earphones, newly washed earphones and what you can do to save the wet earphone.

Although why some earphone can’t be saved no matter what, try this tips before you declared your beloved earphone is dead.

What Happens If You Wet Your Headphones?

There are a couple of things that can happen to your headphone if they get wet. Here are some of the things that can possibly happen:

  • Loss of function of your earphone:

Most times when your earphone dropped into water or mistakenly washed it a washing machine with your clothes, and then you tried to use them after a day or two, then you just realize they are not functioning properly anymore. A single earbud or both might stop working and producing a lot of echoes. If you follow the tips and steps below you can just save your newly washed earphones or water damaged earphones.

  • Your earphone ruined up:

If your earphones were working perfectly before they dropped into water, then there is the high probability that they might get ruined once they dropped inside water because earbuds works based on electrical circuits and they become damaged if water or any conducive medium interfere with them.

 Some people often ask if they can get electrocuted if they have their earphones in and get wet.  Well, the answer is NO!  You are safe. The only way you can get electrocuted is if the internal component of the earbuds is connected by an electrical conductor like metal. But earphones are made up of plastic, which is an insulator.

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What Happens If You Wet Your Headphones

What Do I Do If My Earphones Get Wet?

Here are some of the tips you need on what to do when your earphones get wet how to dry the wet headphone:

First of all, don’t panic, and don’t bother to use the earphone, also do not use a hairdryer to fix it. Is this the only thing you should avoid, NO! There are other things you should not do when your earphone get wet. Do not use the earphone because earphones that have been soaked in water shouldn’t be used as the normal ones because the electronic circuits inside them including the speakers, will be having a short circuit if they have power while they are wet hence, they will get damaged instantly.

Also, do not use oven or microwave. Do not try to use your oven or microwave to dry your earphone because using a microwave with an electronic device is not a proper way of drying your earphone. It can destroy your microwave or even cause injury to you. With regards to the oven, this could be more dangerous and can damage your earphones. Remember earphones are made of plastic and can melt easily with heat.

At the same, do not waste time. Once you discovered your earphones is wet or washed inside in a washing machine with your clothes, do not hesitate, instead, take an immediate action to reduce the chance of losing your earphone for good.

What Do I Do If My Earphones Get Wet

 So what are the things you need to do if your earphones get wet? What actions do you need to take?

Follow these tips below and it will guide on what to do to save your water-damaged earphones.

Step 1

The first thing to do is to get it dry, and how do you go about this?

Alt+The first thing to do is to get it dry, and how do you go about this?

Remove the silicone tip.

  • Immediately, remove all the attachable part of the earphones such as the foam or silicone tips from your earphones, then put them aside on a soft dry towel to allow them to dry.
  • The main focus should be on the major part of the earphones which are the main drivers themselves, and these are the part that can get damaged easily if you do not proceed to the next steps.

Step 2

Disassemble your earphone parts

Alt+Disassemble your earphone parts

This is a very crucial and vital step:

  • You need to disassemble your earphone to expose their internal parts. Fortunately, most earphones can be opened without tools. You can open them with a fingernail edge.
  • Be sure to open both earbuds drivers, blow up the extra caps air using your mouth and then place them on a soft dry towel for the purpose of drying.

Step 3

Use a distilled water

Alt+Use a distilled water

Fill a glass with distilled water also called de-ionized water and place the device on it. I know you might be wondering why use distilled water on the wet earphone. But don’t worry distilled water won’t cause any damage. De-ionized water is safe for electronics.

How to use distilled water?

  • Take your earphone that is wet and put them in a glass filled with distilled water and shake it properly while the earphone is still there.
  • The reason you are doing this is to mix the water inside of the earbud with the distilled water, and by continuously shaking it there will be only distilled water inside hopefully. If you don’t have de-ionized water at home, you can just skip this test. 

Step 4

Shake the earphone

Alt+Shake the earphone

Shake the device to remove much water as possible.

 How to do this:

  • Hold the two earbuds driver tightly with their component with your hands shake them several times to remove water droplets as much as possible to enhance the drying process.
  • Please do not accelerate the drying process by using a hairdryer as I have said earlier, this can greatly reduce the lifespan of the earphone.
  • Also do not expose them to the sun directly

Step 5

Blow your earbuds with air

Alt+Blow your earbuds with air

How to do this:

  • Hold the two earbuds with your hands and blow air from your mouth several times. You can also use an air blower device but you need to keep a big distance between the earbuds and the blowing device or machine as being too close to it can damage your earphone because of excessive air please be careful when carrying out this step.
  • Trust me this step is important compared to step 3 that can be skipped. This step helps to remove as much water as you can out of your earbuds since the main aim is to remove water from your wet earphones.

Step 6

Use a dry soft towel

Alt+Use a dry soft towel

Try and use a dry soft towel to touch the internal parts of the earphone and this is why step 2 is important (disassembling) and gently hold the extra wet and distilled water drops. Try and do this to every area of the driver on all sides.

Step 7

Use a rice grain or silica gel

Alt+Use a rice grain or silica gel

This is the most important and a very compulsory step or process in all the steps I have mentioned, a grain especially a bag of rice, an uncooked (raw) rice in your kitchen will do the magic.

How to do this:

  • Open a bag of rice in your kitchen store and insert the earphone with other components inside the rice. Uncooked(raw) rice is a form of drying agent so when you put your wet earphone into a small bag of uncooked rice granules, seal the bag and let it stand in the sun( not directly as too avoid getting too hot). open the bag every few hours to remove excess moisture and the replace the rice.
  • Keep your earbuds in the rice bag for around 48 hours. And please ensure this bag is safely kept and make sure no one uses it for cooking. Once completely dry, you should be able to use your earphone.
  • Do not try and use your earphone before completing all the steps above including the 48 hours in the rice bag. If you use it before you complete all these steps and it didn’t work, it means your beloved is lost forever and you might just need to get a new one if can’t do without earphone just like me.

What Can I Do to Prevent This in Future (Getting Your Earphones Wet?)

To prevent your earphones from being wet in future you need to take proper care of your earphone by storing them in the proper saving bag every time you are done using them and not putting them in your pocket so as to avoid being washed with your clothes in the washing machine. By doing this you save your earphone from getting ruined.

What can I do to prevent this in future


If your headphone gets wet, while washing your clothes in the washing machine or your Bluetooth headphone or your water-resistant wireless headphone get wet while walking in the rain, if any of this should occur, there is a chance you can get your earphone back like before, if you take the precautions and the correct steps I mentioned above.

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