What Are Studio Headphones and Why Need Them?

What Are Studio Headphones and Why Need Them


When it comes to recording an audio track, professional seek a treated room that can effectively combat environmental noise. However, it is not possible for everyone to afford a studio and expensive equipment like studio monitors. That is why many musicians prefer studio headphones to record their audio tracks at homes. Not only they are inexpensive as compared to studio monitors, but also help you to detect even small noise present in your audio track. If you are looking forward to buying a pair of the best studio headphones, then it can turn out to be a wise decision.

What are studio headphones and how they are different from regular headphones?

But, one question strikes my mind – what are studio headphones and how they are different from your regular headphones? Well, as the name indicates, studio headphones are meant for studio use. You need not buy them to listen to old audio tracks, but to produce your own album. There are many features that make studio headphones different from consumer-grade headphones as:

#1- Sound Accuracy

Studio headphones are specially designed for music production, not for casual listening. For producers, it is crucial to hear a sound exactly as it is meant to be, without any modification done by headphones. That is why studio headphones have a flat frequency response range which allows them to deliver high sound accuracy.

frequency response

#2- Durable

Studio headphones are not designed to wear on the subway. That is why manufacturers mainly focus on their build quality rather than design. Hence, studio headphones might not look good, but their sound quality makes them stand out from the other headphones.

#3- Price

Studio headphones are only used by the producers as they are of high quality. So, they are manufactured by a handful of manufacturers, and their price tends to be usually high as compared to consumer-grade headphones. However, the sound quality they offer makes their cost worth.

These are the things which make the studio headphones different from others. Before you go ahead, you need to know the importance of headphones in a studio. In this guide, we are going to tell why you need studio headphones.

Studio Headphones – What is the Need?

1) Sound and Comfort

Singers and musicians are obsessed with sound, and headphones play a crucial role to carry their obsession to an extreme level. The singers enter into alternate space or some kind of fantasy world to compose the masterpiece of their life. They don’t want to hear any other voice except the beats and music tone while composing or singing. And to achieve this feel, they require good quality studio headphones that can really help them to combat environmental noise. All the singer spend most of their time on adding compression or reverb on the headphone mix which is actually good and help them to create music piece, a little closer to the masterpiece. Additionally, it is more comfortable both in terms of wearing on ears and the way the sound put the player or singer at ease.

2) Ear blinder

The biggest problem while mixing or listening music is the surrounded sound distracts us and shifts our focus which can further make us irritated. Therefore, we all know that music composing requires peace, not only inside but also around us. Therefore, using a good studio headphone can easily solve your problem, and it won't even cost much. The headphones will be able to block as much sound as possible in the room. With studio headphone, all the crucial details even the minute once can easily be heard like the buzz in the signal, mic being popped, clicks and other small performance imperfections. Headphones are considered the lead role hero of any studio and definitely a great option if your budget is low or you want to focus on some small details which can only be possible if you listen closely.

So using studio headphones is great, especially when there are lots of sounds affecting the focus and concentration while working.

3) Affordable

A musician or singer knows well, how much it is difficult to afford the music making accessories. It becomes worse when you are new to this field. Therefore, studio headphones are an affordable and best option if we compare the price with the other music production accessories. Moreover, most of the big singers prefer mixing with headphones not because they are affordable, but they are reliable and produce a good result as well. Most of the singers don’t have a budget to go to the studio for mixing and producing their masterpiece, in this case, studio headphone can really be a lifesaver and make your dreams come true with the budget your pocket allows.

4) Umbilical cord

It is a special type of coiling wire attached to headphones that are mostly seen in studio or premium segment headphones. These types of cords are very important adjusting tones because most of the people are not used to monitor system and you need something which your ears can trust. Engineers and producer prefer umbilical cord headphone while performing or engineering or there are times when both have to be done at the same time. It improves the experience and gives a feeling that they have a tether cord to home base.

These are the reasons it is good to buy studio headphones. With countless numbers of headphones available in the market, it is difficult to choose the right pair of headphones, but a little research is worth it. Now the question arises what kind of studio headphones will suit you the best. Well, studio headphones are categorized into two types on the basis of their usage – closed back and open back headphones. Closed back headphones are used for recording tracks whereas open back headphones are used for mixing.

Studio headphones for recording

Many professionals use closed back headphones for sound recording. They have sealed earcups that are capable of isolating the listener’s ears from the surrounding and prevent sound leakage in or out. Due to this, it also blocks the backing sound of the instrument and allows you to focus on your performance. However, it can be a disadvantage as well. For instance, if you are adjusting the setting on your preamp for recording your acoustic guitar, you won’t be able to hear the actual sound of the guitar.

studio headphones for recording and mixing

Studio headphones for mixing and editing

Open back headphones are used for mixing and editing as they allow air to flow through the earcups and enable you to locate particular instruments in the mix. They often sound more natural and accurate. Their earcups are larger than closed back headphones which provide comfort to your ears. Hence, they are great for mixing and mastering but aren’t always ideal when you want to concentrate on your music.

Are studio headphones good for gaming?

Many people often mistakenly refer to gaming headsets as headphones and vice versa. The reason behind it is that both are quite similar, the only difference between these two is that headsets have built-in microphones. But, when it comes to sound reproduction, nothing can be great than studio headphones.

Hence, it depends on your needs whether you can use studio headphones for gaming or not. For instance, if you need them only for enjoying gaming sound, then you can use studio headphones, but, if you need a microphone during your game, then the gaming headset is the best option.


Now you have understood the major difference between the gaming headset and studio headphones with closed back and open back and their needs. We hope that you will be able to decide which type of headphones will suit you the best and make the right decision. However, with countless numbers of models available in the market, it is not easy to find the best headphones. Hence, it is recommended to read out various buying guides or explore the internet for more information.

All the best!

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