What are Bluetooth Headband Headphones? And How Are They? (FAQ Provided)

What are Bluetooth Headband Headphones? And How Are They?

What is a Bluetooth Headband and How Do You Use It?

You’ve probably heard about Bluetooth headphones. You may even know how they work. Or maybe you have a pair. But Bluetooth headphones come in all different styles. One thing you may not even know about is Bluetooth headband. These are designed for people who sleep with headphones on or who engage in more strenuous physical activity.

When you want to use it you can do it easily. Choose the device that you want to pair to your headphones. This could be an mp3 player or a phone, for example. Once you know the device you want all you have to do is pair the two together. When they’re paired you slip on the headband and press play on your device. Your music will start playing just like that. You can then adjust the music however you want. Even better, the headband is just like a regular headband, which makes it convenient and easy to use.

What to Expect from Bluetooth Headband Headphones

So, what can you expect from your Bluetooth headband headphones? Actually, you can expect quite a bit. These types of headphones are a combination of your favorite headband and your favorite pair of headphones.

1.    Long Battery Life

You can expect your headphones to last a long time between charges. These types of headphones use a rechargeable battery. Of course, that’s only good if it lasts for at least a couple hours. In general, you’ll find these headphones have at least a few hours battery and a long stand-by time. That way you can easily listen until you fall asleep. The length of the battery is enough for an extended workout as well.

2.    Long Range

You can expect to have a long range between the headband and your device. This is important so you can keep your device on a table or at least away from your bed. You can even have it across the room in many cases. The long range allows you to get uninterrupted sound at a high quality. This is important for anyone who wants to enjoy their music. With these types of headphones, you still get the long range you would expect with standard Bluetooth headphones. You’re not losing quality just because of the style associated with these.

3.    Washable Material

The material of these headphones is washable. Where most headphones can be wiped down but not fully cleaned, these headbands can be put in a washing machine. You will have to pull out the wires in many cases, however you get a full clean from the band. This means you can feel more comfortable with it. You can get rid of germs, sweat and any other debris. All of this makes the band a little healthier for you to use over an extended period of time.

Bluetooth Headband for Sleeping

If you’re one of the many people who love listening to music while you sleep but you don’t want to disturb those around you a headband is the ideal way to go. They are thin enough that you can lay your head down easily and comfortably. They’re also soft so you can enjoy the way they feel on your ears. Even better, some even double as eye mask for better sleep. When you’re looking for this type of headphones you want to look at:

  • Thin and soft material
  • Machine washable
  • No wires to tangle
  • Sound doesn’t ‘leak’

Bluetooth Headband for Running

If you love to run you likely know all about the less than ideal weather that starts up later in the year. You don’t want to get too cold while you run, but you also don’t want to miss out on your run. So, what do you do? A Bluetooth headband makes a great option because it helps you with two different things at once. You get a headband that’s warm and covers your ears. You also get a set of headphones that let you listen to your music without the cords. All of this means you get the benefits you need from both. You’re getting some great features to help you:

  • Machine washable
  • Warm cover for ears
  • No wires to tangle

Bluetooth Headband for Kids or Toddlers

Do you have small children? If you do then you’re definitely going to want a way for them to listen to music without the bulky headphones. You also want to get rid of the cords that can easily get tangled. Bluetooth headbands can take care of all of these things for you. They give your child a way to listen to the music they like while staying comfortable and safe. Even while you’re traveling or taking a walk outside your little one can enjoy their favorite songs. Unlike traditional headphones that can be too big or have cords that can be dangerous for small children, these headbands eliminate all of that.

  • Machine washable
  • Warm cover for ears
  • No wires to tangle
  • Less bulky than traditional headphones

Bluetooth Headband Headphones – FAQ

If you’re even considering Bluetooth headband headphones, you’ll have to look at some important considerations. After all, you want to make sure you have high quality headphones, right? We’ve found some of the top questions that you’ll want to know the answer to. That way you can make sure you understand the benefits and some of the drawbacks. You’ll also know how to choose the right pair for yourself or someone else in your family.

What Brands to Consider When Buying Headband Headphones?

You want high quality headphones, right? No matter what style you’re looking for you want to have a good brand. That’s how you’ll know they are built to last. The best way to find a great brand is to look at reviews and warranties. These will let you know how durable the headband is and how good the actually headphone part of the system is as well. But you want a little bit of a jump start, right?

Blueear produces high quality headbands that are designed for workouts. These headbands double as a sweatband to keep you cool and dry while you run. They have a standard design like a winter headband and have controls on the side of the band. They also give you good quality.

LC-Dolida is another quality option that’s great for sleeping as well as working out. It’s a thicker band that covers more of your head, which can make it warmer. It also has controls on the sides and high-quality sound. Plus, they come in several colors and styles.

TOPOINT is another good option that you can sleep in or wear for sports. It gives you a longer battery life and covers a larger area of your head. In fact, it’s similar in size to the LC-Dolida versions. The controls are on the side to make sure you can adjust volume and change songs as you like.

How to Wash Headband Headphones?

Since you’re looking at a headband for running or sleeping you probably want something you can wash. After all, you may sweat a lot during these activities. If you’re going to wash it you need to easily remove the wires from inside the band. These types of headphones make it easy to remove the wire pieces. Then you can usually put the headband itself in the washing machine. That means it’s just as easy to clean as a standard headband. You can also hand wash them and then put the wires back in to use them again.

Can Someone Else Hear my Headband Headphones?

When you listen to music with standard headphones you have to pay attention to the type of headphones that you use and the volume. That will let you know if someone else can hear your headphones. If you have over the ear headphones it’s more likely someone can hear them than with in ear headphones. If you listen to your music loud it’s more likely someone can hear them than with quieter music. With headband headphones you can get some leaking. That’s because of the way the headphone itself fits over the ear.

Rather than having a headphone in the ear where the sound is really only able to move one direction, these headbands allow sound to travel in different directions. That means you could have some leaking out of the headband. It’s also going to depend on how loud your music is, however. If you keep the volume down there will be less leaking through.


There are many different types of Bluetooth headphones out there. Bluetooth headband headphones are starting to gain popularity and they’re starting to be a fun option too. These are a versatile and high-quality method of listening to music while you’re working out, sleeping or just going about your day. All you have to do is find the right headband for yourself or your loved ones. Before you know it, you’ll be listening to your favorite songs no matter where you go.

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