How to Use Headphones as a Mic on PC? A step by step guide

How to use headphone as a mic


Headphones are a vital part of any communication and help you converse efficiently. Sometimes a microphone is also required along with a headphone in order to carry out tasks such as audio recording etc. In such cases, you can use your headphone as a mic on your personal computer or laptop.

Microphones and headphones are designed to work on the same technology. The vibrating diaphragms embedded in both these devices are responsible for the conversion of audio into electrical signals. These signals are also capable of converting these signals to sound waves.

As a result, you can easily record audio by speaking into your headphones. However, the quality of audio recorded by this method can be compromised.

Both the headsets and microphones are well-equipped with features which enables them to carry out their respective functions in an effective manner. However in cases where a separate microphone is not available, using your headphone as a mic is highly recommended.

Features allowing users to utilize headphone as a mic

The majority of headsets and earphones are embedded with a four-band TRRS connector with a diameter of 3.5 mm. Such connectors are also comprised of four sections and each of these is separated with three insulators.

The TRRS Connector is responsible for providing an added audio channel to your headphone in the form if a mic. These connectors are designed to work best with computers having integrated earphone and microphone jacks.

Some computers have an external adapter attached to them for microphones and this adapter can also act as a signal converter. Sometimes your headsets require you to speak loudly and have minimum background noise in order to process clearer audios.

Using headphone as a mic

Utilizing your headsets as a microphone is a highly recommended approach as it enables you to record audio and utilize it later.  This is a highly useful feature of earbuds as it enables users to record and interact with people in an effective manner.

Nowadays most work-related as well as domestic conversations are carried out through phonic conversations and the clarity of these interactions is vital. Another advantage of this feature is this you don’t need to carry around separate microphones all the time.

Headphones can be connected to your mobile phones, laptops, computers and other portable devices and used as audio recording devices. This will also help you to interact anywhere if you have your headsets with you.

Steps to use headphone as a mic on PC

Headphones can be utilized as microphones in order to carry out necessary conversations and perform daily tasks and interactions. The steps involved include the following:

Plug-in your headsets

  • Turn on your computer, laptop or any other device.
  • Then locate the audio input jack or inline audio port which is also termed as microphone jack on your computer.
  • Take out your headsets and plug them in.

    Configure settings

    • After the headsets are successfully connected to your device, you will have to configure settings of windows.
    • In order to perform this, you will need to increase the volume.
    • On the bottom right corner of the screen, there will be a sound icon.
    • Click on the icon, as a result, the sound settings will open.
    • On the right side of the screen, a sound control panel will appear in the form of a popup box.
    • Click on this panel to open it.
    • It will show a number of options; you have to select your headphone as your default input device.
      How to use headphone as a mic
    • You can also access these settings by searching sound control box in the start panel.
    • After that type manages audio devices in the search text box.
    • Then click on the recording tab.
    • After completion of the above-mentioned steps speak or tap on your headphones. The movement of green bars on the screen will show that the earphones are picking up your audio.
    • How to use headphone as a mic
      • Make it your default audio device.

      Volume adjustment

      • After these settings, your headset is ready to function as your mic. After that, you will need to adjust volume settings so that high-quality performance can be achieved.
      • Then click on the properties button, Select level option and set your microphone bar to 100.
      • Also, drag the boost bar to its maximum value.

      After performing all these above steps, you are ready to use your headphone as a mic.

      Steps to use headphones as microphones on Mac

      Using an earphone as a microphone on Mac involves the following steps:

      • Plug your earphone device into the port and then open system preferences to configure your Mac system settings.
      • Click on the apple logo at the top and click on system preferences. Select a sound and then select built-in input option.
      • Then convert the audio port to output under the “use the audio port for” window.
      • After that adjust the input volume and your device is ready for use as a microphone.

      Reasons for earbuds to not function as Mic

      There can be various reasons due to which you are not able to use headphone as a mic which is listed below:

      #1- Faulty Headsets

      If you are not able to record audio using your headphones then it might be possible that your devices are faulty. At first, make sure that the hardware is free of errors. After that plug your earbuds and check for any audio sounds produced by it. In case the headset is not working properly, there will be no sound.

       how to use headphone as a mic

      #2- Mistaken connection

      Another factor which might be responsible for causing errors in your device can be plugging on the headset in the wrong port. The 3.5 mm audio jacks are normally color coded so you must look in your PC manuals while connecting your device.

      #3- Incorrect configuration

      After going through the above two point’s f your headset is still not functioning correctly as a mic they take a look at your audio input settings. You can switch the input value for the sound configuration window to some other option. Then go to the sound settings and recheck that you have selected the right option in the list of recording devices.

      In order to verify your selection speak into our headsets and observe that whether the green bar is rising or not. The green bar showing in front of the device will determine which input device is working properly. In order to fix this issue, you must try increasing the level of volume. You can also increase the signal strength of the device from a level tab in properties.

      #4- Driver conflicts

      Another reason which can cause failure of the headset as a microphone is driver error. If the sound drivers installed in your computer are not compatible, incorrect or outdated then the headsets won’t work properly.

      In order to install the fixed drivers again, you will need to reboot by reconnecting the earphones to your device. The drivers can be updated from device manager option.

      Using a headphone as a mic is quite helpful in carrying out successful communications and recording audios even when a separate microphone is not available.

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