School Headphones – A Disruption 
Or A Benefit?

School Headphones – A Disruption 
Or A Benefit?


School HeadphonesThe debate on whether headphones should be allowed in schools has been on the air for many years. Whereas one side argues that school headphones contribute immensely to the learning process, others are of the opinion that they are a distraction. To support their argument, they claim that students drown to the outside world, get into their own space and won't listen to lessons during class hours.

Besides, others think that it will be unfair as some students may not be able to afford to have headphones in school, feeling the odd one out. There are numerous theories as to why they should be allowed or not. Well, let's discuss whether should the school allow headphones.

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Should Headphones Be Allowed In School?

Agreeing to the proposition that headphones should be allowed in school is purely based on the benefits and drawbacks of having them. The biggest argument against this is that allowing headphones in school can be a distraction. However, those who have tried this are of a different opinion.

Those in support are based on the claims of students that they prefer to listen to music while working. Music significantly helps students stay on a task and be more productive. To clearly understand this, let us unveil the importance of having headphones designed for education in school.

Should Headphones Be Allowed In School

Benefits Of School Headphones

According to several research studies, music has a lot of benefits for school going students. Among the key benefits include the following.

  • Helps students concentrate and learn faster

For obvious reasons, no headphones should be allowed in a classroom environment when a lesson is underway. However, according to several research studies, students work better when listening to music.

Listening to music through headphones helps the student's mind focus more. Others claim that when students think of a certain song while studying reignites the ability to remember answers quickly.

Students, with the challenges of their teenage age, will begin sharing music and make noise, probably arguing about some lyrics. Well, in such cases, it is advisable that the teacher takes this privilege away. Therefore, whilst music helps to enhance concentration, there needs to be some discipline and rules guiding its use.

  • Decreases noise levels in school

Benefits Of School Headphones

When students work on their own during class times, there often arises a chat every few minutes. This is because pure silence freaks everyone out and can cause students to stray off their focus and concentration.

However, if you allow students to use their headphones while working, they will be able to work, especially with white noise playing in their background. This will limit the need to talk or engage in personal stuff while in class.

  • Lowers stress levels

As with many other people, students may find it difficult to focus on their studies when stressed. For music lovers, the main way of relieving stress is placing some headphones on their ears and listen to their favorite playlist. This helps them get rid of stress and focus on their work. This is the same case with students.

That said, the current school environment isn't like the old days. There is a lot of pressure for students to get good grades, excel in sports, play some musical instruments and even look after the elderly.

With all that accumulated stress, headphones during class sessions allow students to stop thinking about the outside world and focus on themselves, and what they are required to do at that moment – read.

When implementing the use of headphones during class time, there should be ground rules that ought to be followed. First, headphones shouldn't be used all the time. They should only be used when students are working on an assignment, filling some worksheets or studying before their tests. Students should be allowed to socialize during break time as headphones may limit the normal social chats.

  • Helps with bullying

Believe it or not, bullying still happens in school to date. Well, some people claim that using headphones during class may help with bullying. Bullying in the school environment cannot be completely eliminated.

How exactly headphones help with bullying isn't clear, but some theorist argues that some kids may find out that they like the same taste of music. This develops a bond between the two instead of one bullying the other.

Things To Consider When Picking Out School Headphones

With schools working round the clock to stay up to date with technological advancements as they prepare students for the real world and federal education standards, finding the best headphones for school testing may become quite challenging. Some of the main factors that should be considered when searching for headphones for school use include:

  • Budget

Obviously, the school districts will have to grapple with the process of buying bulk headphones for school. To save on the budget, tough decisions ought to be made if the schools need durable headphones that last through testing and year-long use or disposable headphones for use in testing only.

Disposable models retail at a smaller price point compared to long-lasting headphones. Whereas you shouldn't expect top-notch quality from disposable models, they are enough for school use.

  • Durability

Most school budgets don't get bigger. This is especially true if there is a challenge to find room for equipment needs such as headphones. This is why some schools prefer to make bulk headphones for school purchases of durable models, which come with manufacturers'warranty.

When searching for headphones, you ought to ensure that they can stand to the wear and tear subjected to by young students. In this case, you might need to pay something extra to get something with a longer lifespan. Other additional features to look out for include the thickness of the cord, steel shaft, flexibility, and ear pad stitching.

Benefits Of School Headphones

  • Comfort

Learning in a school environment requires focus and concentration. Testing the quality of headphones is stressful if students have to fiddle with the headphones every time they need to use them. Find models that are comfortable for students to help them stay focused and at ease during engaging classroom activities and testing. This directly translates to higher achievement.

As for comfort, over-the-ear headphones are often preferred due to their comfort. They are also best in blocking external noise and easier to clean compared to earbuds. Keep in mind the fact that the more comfortable the headphones are, the less likely for students to abuse them. This significantly increases their lifespan.

Check for other features affecting the comfort of the headphones such as ear pad padding, adjustable fit, weight, and leather ear pads.

  • Future Needs

Initially, students only required headphones for listening to music and audio files. However, with advancing technology, students might need headsets with microphones for use with oral test questions. Some headphones have an in-line mic or a boom mic.

Even retailers who order school headphones for sale identify the importance of planning and accommodating for future needs. therefore, when ordering for headphones, ignore old-school headphones models that will be written out after few years of usage due to advancing technology. To avoid ordering every year, anticipate the needs of the school and place an order accordingly.

Best Headphones For Students

Having mentioned the various factors to consider when searching for the best headphones for school use, consider the following top models.

  • Sennheiser HD1 Headphones 

Sennheiser HD1 Headphones

The Sennheiser HD1 wireless Headphones feature a behind-the-neck cable with stainless steel end. The earbuds are designed to produce powerful bass alongside detailed vocals. Their wearing design offers unmatched security. Without forgetting, they offer significant passive noise cancellation.

  • Bose SoundSport Free Headphones

Bose SoundSport Free Headphones

These are perfect wireless headphones of choice for students who enjoy early morning jogs or after class exercises. They provide high-quality audio without distractions, thanks to its excellent noise isolation feature. Worth noting is the sweat and weather resistant feature.

  • Apple AirPods

Apple AirPods

Students who need a discrete set of wireless headphones may consider this model. They are best for listening to audio-based books, study guides, favorite music, and other educational content.

  • Boss QuietComfort Series II

Boss QuietComfort Series II

For those who stay in a quiet dorm, the Boss QuietComfort Series II should be their headphones of choice. They are actively noise-canceling headphones with various levels of noise canceling, ranging from full, low to off. You can take these Bluetooth headphones to school for every time use.

  • Sony WH-1000XM2

Sony WH-1000XM2

These are a perfect set of headphones for students who choose to major in acoustics and audio engineering. These over-ear and active noise-canceling headphones use powerful 40mm drivers that cover a full range of frequencies.


Parents, teachers, and regulators of the education sector have individual opinions about the use of headphones in class and why they should or should not be allowed. However, if you focus on the studies, and how music may help a student concentrate, you will agree that headphones for school use should be allowed.

If the use of these gadgets is controlled and students made to understand the consequences if they don't follow the rules, the use of school specialty headphones will be positive and improve the level of education.

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