Sennheiser vs. Bose, which one is better for you?

Sennheiser vs. Bose, which one is better for you?

What is the most confusing question audiophiles usually wonder about? Sennheiser vs. Bose, which one they should go for?

Headphones are one of the must-have accessories these days. The reason behind is portability of audio gadgets. With their excessive use, we can also see the number of headphones' brands and models increasing massively.

This raise increases confusion between choosing a right brand. Sennheiser and Bose are the top-notch headphones brands. Both come with specific benefits and detriments.

This is the reason people find it hard to decide any one of them. However, in this piece, we are going to identify their major aspects.

What' s more? You will also get to read reviews of their top models for better understanding.

History of brands

Ø  Sennheiser

This German top headphone manufacturing brand has started working right after the end of WWII. It has launched its first product that was a Voltmeter.

In the very next year, they created another product that was a microphone. It is where this brand has gained its real name and purpose.

With the continual hard work and adequate strategy, it kept creating remarkable products.

They have created a number of headphones comprising huge varieties. Sennheiser is the company who has first introduced open headphones. They are also famous for bringing revolution in RF wireless technology. 

Their never-ending contribution for the audio industry has made them the leading choice of audiophiles. However, their basic aim is to provide the best quality sound to its customers.

Ø  Bose

This American brand came into existence as the result of the enthusiasm of a single person. It was the man who was keen on electronics products.

With his continuous struggle, this renowned brand Bose came into existence in 1964. Since then, it has been winning the hearts of its countless customers.

Bose believes in delivering superior solutions than ever. This brand didn' t want to fasten with a conventional technology. Rather it aims to provide a product that put customers at ease.

The introduction of Noise Cancelling technology is the result of this effort. Moreover, it has brought modern art to the sound industry.

Due to its all these achievements, Bose has been winning the award of one of the most innovative brands.  


Pros and Cons of Sennheiser

Every brand works on some defined principal. They offer certain benefits to customers while compromising on few of them. Same is the case with Sennheiser headphones.

So here, we are going to discuss a few pros and cons of its headphones. It will assist you in coming to the conclusion of the ever confusing question i.e. Sennheiser vs. Bose.


  • The high-quality sound output is the thing you should expect from Sennheiser. It believes in reproducing perfect sound. Thus, its headphones actually deliver the quality that audiophiles
  • Huge variety of headphones is another significant point of Sennheiser' s advantages. It comes with almost all types of earphones.
  • It offers open-back earphone which is a massive feature that Bose is short of. These headphones provide good sound experience and prevent over-heating of your ears.
  • You can enjoy Sennheiser earphones regardless of your budget. Its huge variety comes with different price ranges. It makes it possible for almost everyone to get benefit from these earbuds.


  • You can' t enjoy similar benefits of noise cancellation technology in these headphones as you may do in Bose.
  • Its appearance might not feel as good as other headphones available in the market.
  • As it can leak higher sound out of the headphones, you can' t use them at your office.


Pros and Cons of Bose

Here are few benefits and shortcomings of Bose headphones:


  • Bose provides one of the most remarkable noises canceling technology in the industry. Its earphones prevent sound leakage. Moreover, it can obstruct any outside noise from interrupting your audios.
  • Its headphones offer those features that can put customers at great ease.
  • Bose crafts consumer-oriented products. While manufacturing any item, it keeps in mind costumers' problems. It then tries to resolve those issues using the latest
  • It believes in creating realistic sound outputs.


  • It might not produce that much high-quality sound as Sennheiser' s headphones can deliver. It might be because Bose targets users' convenience mainly.
  • Bose headphones are comparatively pricier. With the excessive usefulness, you would need to pay additional bucks as well.

Top 6 Sennheiser vs. Bose Headphones

Sennheiser headphones

  1   Sennheiser PXC 550

Sennheiser PXC 550

Sennheiser PXC 550 is one of the remarkable headphones that come with excellent features. It comes with a lightweight and comfortable body that is portable as well.

Due to its lighter structure and wireless technology, it can be a good headset to carry while traveling. However, there is one more factor that determines the portability of any headset. It is the noise cancellation technology.

Sennheiser PXC 550 contains this technology to an acceptable extent. It can block a certain amount of outside noise. However, you might miss the remarkable noise cancellation that you can get in Bose QuietComfort 35.

This PXC 550 offers considerable tighter fit on your head. This feature makes them suitable for those who want to do an extensive workout while wearing headphones.

Sennheiser has provided its customers ease by providing touch and swipe mechanism. This feature is not present in Bose' s famous model Quiet Comfort 35.

Conversely, few users can consider it as the drawback. Why is it so? What if you touch it accidentally? It will change your song unintentionally leading to a great frustration. 

This headphone is a perfect choice for most of the Android users in term of sound quality. It is because of Android' s aptX codec compatibility. 

PXC 550 provides superior quality when it comes to phone calls quality. You can expect premium voice even with a bit noisy background. 

All in all, Sennheiser PCX 550 is a good choice for frequent travelers. It can give a well-balanced sound with great ergonomic design and lightweight body.

  2   Sennheiser HD 1

Sennheiser HD 1

This HD1 in-ear headphone is again a wireless product by Sennheiser. It comes equipped with the latest technologies to make this product stand among top-notch models.

It contains Bluetooth 4.2 wireless technology.  Moreover, it possesses AAC codec support and Qualcomm aptX support.

These features not only help in delivering high-quality sound but also bestow compatibility. In the result, you can connect Sennheiser HD1 with the number of latest devices while enjoying crystal clear audios.

In order to provide Sennheiser HD 1 with the versatile wireless trait, makers have incorporated NFC technology as well. It assists in connecting with Bluetooth supported devices effortlessly.

The body of these chic-looking earphones is another remarkable attribute. The use of stainless steel helps in providing a stronger bass response with in-depth audio projection.

Sennheiser provides comfort and eases to its customers by adding four ear adapters in the package free of cost. They come in different sizes. It resolves the fitting problem that usually makes people uncomfortable.

Besides reproducing outstanding sound, it helps in managing phone calls appropriately too. It comes with three-button remote and in-line microphone. It even informs promptly about incoming calls, battery status, and device pairing up.

You can charge its power source by using USB (included). Its battery would last for six good hours. By considering all features, we can say Sennheiser delivers all major features for customers' ease.

  3   Sennheiser HD 600

Sennheiser HD 600

This Sennheiser HD 600 headphone is specifically made for audiophiles. The major reason behind its suitability is its open-back style. It makes these earphones well-suited for professionals.

Regarding comfort, their inner microfiber padding offers adequate comfort to your skin. However, its headband is a bit tighter with big cups. These large sized cups easily adjust with everyone.

With aluminum voice coils, it provides lightweight feature along with amazing transient reaction. Its open-back style besides providing voice transparency also prevents your ear from over-heating.

Its mesh part contains high-quality metal. It eliminates the chances of mechanical vibrations. Thus, you can hear clear audio. 

The weight of these headphones is bit heavier. It means you can' t use it during an intense workout. However, they may feel good during mild physical activities. 

Its cable is easily detachable as well. All in all HD 600 has the stamina to fulfill the requirements of fanatic audiophiles without over-burdening their pockets.

Bose headphones

  1   Bose QuietComfort 35

Bose QuietComfort 35

This Bose Headphones is a wireless earphone with multiple worth mentioning features. The top of them is its noise cancellation technology. It is superb.

While wearing your headphones on, you wouldn' t even be able to hear any sound from outside. This thing can be terrible at times. It is when you fail to hear the horn of approaching the vehicle.

On a positive side, it can prevent you from hearing loud voices at airports or other noisy regions. This outstanding noise canceling feature is a thing you might not get in most of the Sennheisers' headphones.

Bose QuietComfort 35 delivers contains outclass signal processing technologies. It helps in delivering remarkable sound quality.

The Bluetooth connectivity of Bose qc35 is also outstanding. It performs it efficiently by announcing the device with which it is connecting and provides a lot of conveniences.

It comes with a set of few buttons as your control unit. You can press them up to perform any required function.

The battery time of this incredible device is also significant. It provides 20 hours of wireless audio playing with a single charge. For wired listening, you can enjoy up to 40 hours.

Moreover, the device will inform you about battery status on using your headphones. This feature can be truly helpful when you are stuck in multiple tasks. 

The headband of Bose QC 20 is a bit larger. It can not only fit well on big heads but also prevents pain due to tight fitting.

In short, this headphone is the Bose' s top-notch products. It offers all features to make it highly portable along with providing all requisite benefits.

  2   Bose SoundLink On-Ear Bluetooth

Bose SoundLink On-Ear Bluetooth

Bose SoundLink earphone is another high-quality product. It literally contains all those features that can make its users as much comfortable as possible.

First of all, it is wireless with no compromise on sound quality. Attach the cable to enjoy the wired sound and detach it when you want to go wire-free.

Its body is considerably lighter in weight to prevent you from headaches. Moreover, it's easy to use control unit provides effortless switching between audios and voice calls. 

Its headband is flexible and you can rotate its ear cups to adjust them according to your choice. The inner side contains soft cushions to feel gentle on your ears.

With its lightweight body, long battery, and wireless technology, it allows foldability. Due to all these traits, they offer portability in a true sense. 

It comes with Bose TriPort technology along with Active EQ. They both work together to deliver clear and crisp audio quality.

  3   Bose QuietComfort 20 Acoustic

Bose QuietComfort 20 Acoustic

This Bose noise canceling headphones comes with a number of top-class features. Like all other Bose headphones, noise canceling attributes are at the top.

What' s more? It is its ergonomic style. Bose QC20 comes with unique in-ear style that fits perfectly inside your ear.

It also gives a very gentle feel to your ear while constraining any sound from going out. It even provides Aware Mode option to bring you back in the real world while crossing busy roads.

In order to provide mesmerizing sound quality, it contains Active EQ and TriPort technology. It allows easy to access control unit. Handle your phone calls, audios, and modes simply by touching your fingers.

This model is compatible with many of Apple' s devices as well as Android ones.


Your favorite audio can take you in some other beautiful world. But, there is one compulsion. Are you wondering what?

You must have a pair of outstanding headphones to achieve this thrilling experience. This thing forced us to write on Sennheiser vs. Bose.

Both these brands are known as the cream of the crop in the headphones' industry. This is the reason many people get confused while buying their headphones.

We have discussed above few benefits and failings of both brands along with reviews of top products. Reading them can help you in choosing an appropriate option for yourself.

We hope our comparison will help in finding the answer when you will ever feel confused about Sennheiser and Bose.

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