How to Use Bluetooth Headphones with Your Nintendo Switch? [A Step By Step Guide]

How to use Bluetooth headphones with your Nintendo Switch


Nintendo Switch is a great gaming device, which lets you play anywhere you want to. People love this feature of Nintendo. However, if you’re traveling on a bus or the subway, you would not want other people to hear your game audio and get disturbed.

In such a situation, you can use the headphone jack on the Switch. However, the wire is a bit uncomfortable to wear since it gets knotted up every now and then. So, you can go for the other option, namely, Bluetooth headphones or wireless headphones.

But, since Nintendo Switch doesn’t officially support this feature, you wonder how you can play games on the go. So, before we tell you how you can use your Bluetooth headphones with your Nintendo Switch, let’s see what issues people face when connecting their wired headsets with their Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Switch doesn't support Bluetooth headset!

The direct pairing and connection of Bluetooth headphones is not supported by Nintendo Switch, though it supports USB wireless headsets. The gaming console’s Bluetooth is for communicating with wireless controllers, but not for wireless headphones.

Nevertheless, Nintendo Switch allows certain wireless headsets with a USB dongle to connect to the console. Since this is not officially supported, it’s possible that a future update gets rid of audio listening via Bluetooth, but this seems very likely.

In April 2018, Nintendo added the support feature for Bluetooth headphones via USB dongles. But, this only works when the USB adapter is a Type-A to USB-C so that you can plug your headset’s dongle into the port of the Switch console.

The Switch only has a 3.5mm headset port on the top so that you can use wired headsets. This is annoying for some people in certain situations like the one mentioned above when the wire gets entangled.

Or else, when the players want to dock it with the TV, they are unable to speak using the wired headsets because of the limited wire length, if the dock is near the TV. Sometimes, the player can accidentally pull the switch off the table, which can damage the wired headphones. This leaves them frustrated and asking why the Switch doesn’t support Bluetooth headphones!

use Bluetooth headphones with your Nintendo Switch

How to use Bluetooth headphones with your Nintendo Switch?

There are three ways of using your Bluetooth headphones with your Nintendo Switch. These include:

  1. Using the Switch while docked via a USB dongle
  2. Using the Switch while unplugged from the docking station via a USB-to-USB-C connector
  3. Using a Bluetooth Wireless Transmitter

    #1- Using the Switch while docked via a USB dongle

      When the Switch is docked, you must follow these steps to connect your wireless headset with your Switch:

      • Put your Switch in the dock and ensure that its screen faces the same side as the logo of Nintendo Switch on the dock’s front. Moreover, make sure that you have connected your dock to your TV.
      • Now, detach the joy-con controllers by pressing and holding the circular button that you see on the rear of the controllers, close to the ZR and ZL buttons. Hold the round button and then slide the Switch upwards in order to remove the joy-con controllers. Do the same with the other joy-con controllers.
      • Join the joy-con plastic wrist straps by lining up the icons of ‘+’ and ‘-’ on the straps and then sliding them over the fitted side track slots in order to fix them. You can play using the straps while the Switch is docked.
      • Now, switch on the Nintendo using the power button on the device’s top near the volume buttons.
      • Plug the USB dongle into the dock’s USB port on the side. You’ll find 3 USB ports on the dock; 2 on the left-hand side at the rear of the green light and one within the Switch’s back-panel. You can connect your headset’s USB dongle to any of these USB ports.
      • When the Switch recognizes your device, you’ll see a prompt indicating the USB volume control on the upper left side of your screen.

              #2- Using the Switch while unplugged from the docking station via a USB-to-USB-C connector

                When the Nintendo Switch isn’t docked and you want to hear the audio without any wire, you must follow these steps:

                • First of all, you should have a USB-to-USB-C connector for this method to work.
                • The Switch has just one USB and that is a USB-C type port. You’ll see this port at the bottom center of your gaming console.
                • You need to plug your USB-to-USB-C connector into the Switch’s USB-C port on the device’s base
                • Then, you need to plug your Bluetooth headset’s USB dongle to the adapter’s other end.
                • When your Switch identifies your Bluetooth headset, you’ll a prompt showing the USB volume control on the upper left side of your screen.

                  #3- Using a Bluetooth Wireless Transmitter

                    The third way is to use a Bluetooth wireless transmitter. To connect your Bluetooth wireless transmitter, you need to follow these steps:

                    • Connect your Bluetooth wireless transmitter to your Switch’s headphone jack, which is on the top right side of the device.
                    • Now, you need to pair your Bluetooth headset with your Bluetooth wireless transmitter by consulting the user manual for both devices. This might take two-three attempts.
                    • After pairing of these two devices, you can listen to the audio of your Nintendo Switch from your headphones.

                    Bluetooth Transmitter

                      Things to take care when connecting Nintendo Switch with your wireless headset

                      While connecting your headset, there are a few things that you must take into consideration, otherwise, your headset might not work with Nintendo Switch. First of all, ensure that your headset is verified so that it works with the Switch. You must heed both the name as well as the model number of the headset before you buy one for your Nintendo Switch.

                      The main concern is that you use Bluetooth headphones that have a USB dongle that you can plug into the gaming console or computer. However, not all Bluetooth headsets work with the Switch, though future updates might enable more headphones to connect with the console. One thing more, you must ensure that you charge your headset properly.

                      Can I connect Bluetooth headphones to both Nintendo Switch and a Phone at the same time?

                      Yes, you can connect your Bluetooth headphones with your Nintendo Switch as well as your smartphone simultaneously. You can do this by using the right headphones, for instance, one is SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless. It lets you connect your headphones to your phone by Bluetooth and to your Switch by its base station. With simultaneous Bluetooth and wired audio, these headphones allow you to hear game audio as well as use your phone chat app simultaneously. Other than this, you can look for other headphones that offer multi-point pairing, which can connect to two devices together. 


                      Thus, this is how you can use your Bluetooth headphones with your Nintendo Switch. As long as your wireless headset relies on a USB dongle instead of a direct Bluetooth connection, it should work with the Switch. However, you must still check out the unofficial list of supported Nintendo headphones on the internet, which is made by Switch fans all over the world.

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