9 Simple Tips to Keep Your Earbuds From Falling Out

How to keep earbuds from falling out?

Every one of us has experienced it before.

You' re walking down the street, really jamming out to that new song, and one of your earbuds falls out. Or you' re swimming laps in the pool, getting into the rhythm of things, and your earbud falls out. It seems like no matter what you do to try to stop it you' re always losing that earbud and that means the full, musical immersion that you' re looking for is gone.

But what if we could give you some tips on how to keep your earbuds from falling down?

  1    Find the Right Size

how to keep earbuds in

The number one reason that you may lose an earbud is because they're not actually the right size for your ears. This is why so many of the higher end headsets actually come with more than one earbud attachment. If you have a smaller ear you need a piece that fits inside easily, without being packed in. If you have a larger ear you need something that actually fills the space more, or it will easily slip and slide around, causing it to slide right out (usually during the best part of the song).

It may take a few tries to find the right earbuds. Even those that come with extra tips may not have the right size for you. By trying different options you can find something you like. Not only that, you can find something with the best sound quality.

  2   Insert Earbuds Properly

 how to keep earbuds from falling out

This may seem like an obvious one. If you don' t put the earbuds in right they come out, right? So make sure you put them in properly. That means making sure they are pushed all the way into the ear. At the same time, make sure they aren' t crammed in too far. Make sure you put the center portion of the earbud into the ear canal. The rest of the tip is pushed against the sides of the ear canal. This is going to give you the best fit and the best sound.

  3   Use a Headband or Hat

how to keep earbuds from falling out

If you can' t get just the right fit try putting something over your ears. A headband or hat will keep the earbuds from being able to come out. Even if they are a little loose in your ear they stay there. This means you may have a little less sound quality, but you' ll have earbuds that stay. You get to pick the headband or hat too, just make sure it covers the ears. If it doesn' t stay tight over your ears it' s not going to help you with much.

  4   Wrap the Wire Around the Ear

how to keep earbuds from falling out

Each of your earbuds likely has a wire attached to it. This wire connects to the device you're listening to. By wrapping the wire of the earbud around the ear you can generally keep it where you want it. This means a little more work for you. It also may look a little silly to some. But you' re going to have earbuds that stay where you want them. That might be worth the extra looks you get from people walking by on the street.

  5   Maintain Cable Management

how to keep earbuds from falling out

Keeping the cables wrapped up and together is a good way to keep your earbuds where you want them. Cables that get tangled can often pull out of your ear. That' s because the cable gets too short to reach both ears. Then, when you move your head or the device, it pulls. By making sure the cables aren' t twisted you cut down on the chance.

  6   Use a Podbudy

how to keep earbuds from falling out

If you' re really concerned about losing your earbuds this is the way to go. These devices actually connect to the cord and your ear. All you do is attach one end to the earbud. You attach the other end over your ear. Then, your earbuds can' t go anywhere. They' re actually stuck right in the ear because the Podbudy can' t fall off. No matter what you do your earbuds stay right where you put them. They even come in lots of different colors. That means you get to make a choice that fits your style.

  7   Flip it Upside Down

how to keep earbuds from falling out

While this may seem weird, you' ve probably seen it before. In fact, plenty of people wear their earbuds upside down. The actual design is made to go one way. That doesn' t mean they won' t fit the other way. In fact, for many people they fit better the other way. Flipping the earbud upside down makes it attach in the ear slightly different. That makes it harder for the earbud to fall out. In the end, it works out better for you. Of course, it may look a little strange, but what do you care? You just want to listen to your music, right?

  8   Buy Specially Made Earplugs

how to keep earbuds from falling out

Yes, we know, you' re looking for earbuds not earplugs. But if you get moldable plugs you can actually fix them over the earbuds. What that means is your plugs hold the earbuds where you want them. No more fussing with just the right spot or position. Put the earbuds in, mold the earplugs over them and voila. You' ll be able to listen to your music without worrying about losing your earbuds. As an added bonus you also don' t have to hear anyone around you.

  9   Opt for Headphones

how to keep earbuds from falling out

When all else fails, maybe you don' t want earbuds. Take a look at getting some headphones that fit over your ears instead. These may give you more immersion and less outside noise. They also don' t fall off, no matter what. So you get the sound you want and don' t have to worry about losing them.


If you need to know how to keep your earbuds from falling down you' re in the right place. It' s all about enjoying your life. No more losing an earbud swimming or walking down the street. With these tips you' ll find a way to keep them right where you want them. Before you know it, you' ll be back to jamming out all the time.

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