How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones on Windows 10 [Works GREAT in 2019]

How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones on Windows 10


It’s easier said than done:

Learning how to Connect Bluetooth Headphones on Windows 10.

People think that to connect their headphones, all they have to do is to go to their computer’s Control Panel or Settings App. Once there, as they’d tell anyone who dare ask, just search for Bluetooth settings and BINGO! You’d have your wish granted.

Is it really that easy?

Yes, albeit with some exceptions. Depending on your headset, Windows 10 might throw a whole host of problems when trying to pair with your headphone. And if that happens, you’ll need the advice of an expert to rescue you.

That’s where this article comes into play.

Before You Connect Bluetooth Headphones On Windows 10 

Here are the three checks you need to carry out before connecting your headphones:

  • Your Windows 10 device already has Bluetooth set up
  • Making sure that your Bluetooth headphones are fully charged.
  • Your Bluetooth headphones are in the range of your Windows 10 device. It would be best if you place both of them side by side.

Things You Will Need

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Your Bluetooth headphones, obviously
  • The manual which came with your Bluetooth headphones. Or, if you’ve lost it, type the model number of your headphone in Google to find an Online version
  • Connecting Bluetooth Headphones on Windows 10

#1. Turn on the Bluetooth of your Windows 10 device. Then, turn on your headphone and keep the Bluetooth button pressed until your headphone displays a flashing light. It is an indicator that your headphone is ready to pair.

#2. Open the Settings app of your Windows 10. You can also do it by pressing Windows Key. The screen-captured above should appear

#3. Once there, make sure the Bluetooth switch is in the ON position, as in the abovementioned image.

#4. Next, Click on the Add Bluetooth or other devices. Select the model of your device from the upcoming list, and click Pair.

#5. Finally, if/when both your devices are connected, a “Connected” label will appear under the device name. It is an indicator that your Bluetooth headset is up and running with your Windows 10 device.

How To Troubleshoot 

One problem which some users may encounter – especially if the driver of their Windows 10 device isn’t working properly – is that their device won’t appear in the Bluetooth section. If you happen to be that unlucky person, follow the following steps:

  • Type Device Manager in the Search Bar of your Windows 10. Double click on its icon when it appears. The abovementioned window should appear
  • Once inside the Device Manager, search for the Bluetooth Double-clicking on it will show the list of Bluetooth devices your device has paired to in the past
  • If the name of your Bluetooth headset is missing, that means the Bluetooth driver has malfunctioned. So, you might have to download and reinstall your device’s Bluetooth driver.



As you might have deduced by now, Connecting Bluetooth Headphones on Windows 10 is a cinch. Provided your luck hasn’t run out, the entire process should be over in less than five minutes. And if you run into some problems – as suggested above – you can troubleshoot them using our tips.


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