Headphone Extension Cable - Some Results You Need to Understand

Headphone Extension Cable - Some Results You Need to Understand


Perhaps you find yourself plugging in, unplugging or switching your headphones from one audio component to another. This resultant limits your entertainment time and space.  If you are faced with such challenges, then a headphones extension cable is your answer to your troubles.

What Is The Headphone Extension Cable

Your favorite pair of headphones deserves a great extension cable to enable free movement around your space whenever you are watching movies, listening to music or audio tracks. A good length of headphone extension cables and a good quality headphone extension cords does not give a chance to unnecessary unplugging or short wires shortcomings. It also extends the lifespan of your equipment’s headphone jacks.

That said, have you ever wondered what the best headphone extension cables available look like? Or what characteristics make the best headphone extension cable? Well, this article provides an in-depth review of headphones extension cables and headphone extension cords.

What Is The Headphone Extension Cable?

A headphone extension cable is a type of extension cords common in the household. Headphones extension cables also form an interconnect, which audio systems use to link one device of an audio device to another device.

A headphone extension is usually used to lengthen the length of headphone cable. Some headphones brands offer headphone replacement cables just in case your headphones get misplaced or spoil.  The best part is that you can either buy or make your own headphone extension cable according to your desired length.  This brings about the unmeasured level of convenience.

Headphone extension cables have three wires. One of the wires transmits to the left channel, the other transmits to the left channel and the third one connects the ground. This describes a female headphone extension cable and male headphone extension cable.

The Headphone Extension Cable

Why Do You Need It?

As mentioned, headphones extension cords are used to connect to one audio system to another.  It extends the length of the headphone cable adding an extra length. This allows you to move around freely within your space or studio.

  • Convenience

A lot of movement is done in the studio by the sound engineers or DJs especially when they are switching between studio elements or working the turntables. Extending the headphone cables will neither restrict them from moving around the studio nor unplug themselves from the cords, some of the challenges experienced with short cords.

  • Flexibility

There is no need to lean over to one side when using your computer just because the headphone extension for the headphones is short or when the computer and monitor or keyboard is far apart. This device allows you to listen to music, videos, audiobooks or anything else that you like by adding an extra length.

  • Additional Length

Extension cable microphone with headset allows you to set your microphone away from the camera not only to capture the images needed but also to get the best audio. Set your microphone 24 or less from the camera to get the best sound.

  •  Wide Compatibility

You can also extend your headphone cables for your speaker from any audio device such as computer, television, cell phone or radio.

Do Headphones Extension Cables Lessen Sound Quality?

Perhaps you are not sure if extending your headphone cable to your TV may affect the sound quality. The sound quality will be affected by the extending your headphone cables, the bass waves may be little or less and the highs normalcy will be affected too.   However, there is no need to worry if you are not in a serious listening sitting such as gaming or watching movies.  Headphone extension cables may degrade the sound quality, experience interferences or static noises depending on the length, quality or price.

  • Quality

A good quality extension cable will result in the improvement of the sound quality. On the other hand, a bad quality extension cable will result in the deterioration of sound quality. To get the best high-quality sound you can either buy or make extension cables.

Audiophiles recommend the use of an 18awg 99.99, copper speaker wire, and extension cables from Monoprice and Neutrik connectors. It is believed Monoprice’s extension cables work perfectly without affecting the sound quality.

  • Length

When the length of the extension is in question, the quality of the cable matters. It does not matter how long the headphones are, the quality of the extension cables will dictate the quality of the sound.  Long runs of cables of probably 15’’ to 20’’ feet may affect the high-quality sound.

  • Price

Some headphones are fairly affordable and their cables are certainly not bad.  High-quality headphones extensions cable is quite expensive but has a promise of high-quality sound. They are thick, have gold plated connectors with a rubber insulator jacket and use a copper core. The cheap extension cables can really mess up the sound quality resulting to sound degradation. The cables are thin, use an aluminum core and fitted with a plastic insulator.

Do Headphones Extension Cables Lessen Sound Quality

Our Picks: Best Headphones Extension Cable

If you intend to buy an extension cord with headphones or headphone extension cable for TV or laptop, the following guide will help you to choose the best.

  • Choose one that is well-built. A well- built headphone extension cable is strong and durable so as to deliver good quality sound without experiencing any sound interference or static noise.
  • Choose one that is resistant to tanging, kinking or twisting. A good headphone cable allows you to connect to your audio system with no worries of tangling, kinking or twisting.
  • Choose one that is of good quality.  A good quality headphone extends the durability of your audio devices and components. It also brings out a high-quality sound.
  • Choose one with flexible and durable connectors.  The flexibility and durability of the connectors assure you of reduced risk of breakage.

Apart from the features listed above, here are our top 10 brand headphones you should consider buying-



  • It has a length of 20 feet giving you the freedom to move around your space
  • It has gold plating. The gold plating reduces corrosion thus minimizing signal loss and promising maximum performance.

2.Pig Hog Solutions

2.Pig Hog Solutions

  • Headphone extender TRS ¼ ‘’ male to  TRS ¼ ‘’ female
  • It has a strong PVC exterior to offer resistance to tangles and kinks
  • It has a heavy duty molded connectors for flexibility.

3.Hosa Headphones

 3.Hosa Headphones

  • Headphone extender TRS ¼ “ male to ¼ “ female
  • It is nickel-plated to allow durability and clear signal transfer
  • It contains Oxygen-Free Copper (OFC) conductors for clear signal transfer
  • OFC spiral shield for active EMI and disabling RFI
  • Its connector has either straight or coiled cable design

4. Amazon Basics

 4. Amazon Basics

  • It is 6 feet long
  • It promises static- free performance
  • It has gold-plated plugs for durability and reliability
  • It is compatible with AUX-in port or standard 3.5mm audio jack
  • It has an oblique step down design

5.M/F Shielded Stereo Audio Extension cable

5.M/F Shielded Stereo Audio Extension cable

  • It is 6 Feet long
  • It is compatible with AUX-in port or standard 3.5mm audio jack
  • It is nickel-plated thus providing durability and flexibility
  • It has a braided shield to counter unnecessary noise interference that may otherwise affect sound signal thus demeaning it.

6. Performance

6. Performance

  • It contains OFC conductors that offer a little resistance audio path
  • It contains a PVC graphite jacket that offers flexibility and durability. It also maintains high-quality sound over long distances
  • Its 3.55 mm connectors are gold plated to allow durability and tolerance form corrosion
  • It contains a stepped 3.5mm jack plug. This means it can be used even if the portable device is housed by an external protective case



  • It contains a multi-gauge conductor that acts as a valve to control frequency gauge
  • It is gold-plated to offer signal clarity and tolerance from corrosion
  • It contains braided cables to provide resistance to interference and reduce signal loss.
  • It has a balanced connection since the left and right channel are separated.



    • The 24 AWG Oxygen-Free Copper (OFC) conductors provide signal clarity
    • Its connectors are Nickel-plated REAN to offer clear signal transfer and durability
    • A 90% OFC  spiral shield to offer a superior signal transfer and clears out any noise interference



    • The 24 AWG Oxygen-Free Copper (OFC) conductors provide signal clarity
    • Its connectors are Nickel-plated REAN to offer clear signal transfer and durability
    • A 90% OFC spiral shield to offer a superior signal transfer and clears out any noise interference

    In conclusion

    Regardless of the price, you can DIY a headphone extension cable to your liking. It is easy to assemble since the headphone extensions too are hand assembled. You will just need 15-20 feet of extension (or the desired length), connectors and star quad.

    Headphone extensions cables are here not to obstruct the movements in our rooms but make it possible for us to navigate easily around the room with our headphones on.  We are no longer slaves to short length headphones extensions or frequent unplugging, thanks to headphone extensions cables. Therefore, are you ready to embrace the new age of headphone extension cables?

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