Difference Between Monaural and Binaural Headsets: Amazing Buyer's Guide

difference between monaural and binaural headsets

Some people would say that choosing the most suitable headset is a piece of cake, however, it requires a bit of research. As you have probably noticed, there are many different types of them each one suitable for a different situation. Here you will learn the difference between monaural and binaural headsets.

Moreover, you will also find out which are important things to have in mind when buying them.

Comparison Table of Monaural and Binaural Headsets

What Does Monaural Headset Mean

As you may suppose, this one, also known as mono, consists of one earpiece and a microphone. The monaural headset means that the sound goes through a single channel.

A monaural headset with a microphone is ideal for people who work in call centers. This type of microphone allows you to talk to customers over the phone, but still be aware of what’s going on around. However, there are people who like to use a monaural gaming set, if they want to keep an ear on what other people in the same room are talking about.

What Things to Consider for Monaural Headsets

After learning the monaural headset meaning, you can decide whether this is the thing you need.

The main parameter for choosing the right headset should be your job and lifestyle. Using monaural headphones means you’ll be aware of both of the conversations on the phone and your colleagues as well.

If you wear them for a longer period of time during the day, mind the comfort and the sound quality. One may easily get tired if constantly bothered by too small or too big earpieces, as well as poor sound.

The next to pay attention to is the cost-effectiveness. Moreover, make sure that the set you are buying is future proof since the IP telephony is getting more and more popular.

What Does Binaural Headset Mean

Unlike the monaural one, the binaural headset for telephones consists of a pair of earpieces and a microphone. This one is also known as a stereo set of headphones.

This type is ideal for people who work in places where you need to exclude the background noise and focus on the conversation on the phone only. Take an online gaming session as an example. It’s important to focus on in-game audio and other team-mates, but without other sounds in the room that may distract you.

What Things to Consider for Binaural Headsets

Now that you know the binaural headset meaning, here’s what you need to know if planning to buy them. The noise-canceling feature is one of the key factors when making a decision. They provide more confidentiality.

Like we said, these ones are excellent if one works or spends lots of time in noisy environments. They are ideal for places such as busy offices or cafes. Moreover, you can use them in the gym, if you want to focus on your training session only, without listening to other people.

Monaural Headsets vs Binaural Headsets

As you can see, they have something in common, but there’s still some difference between monaural and binaural headsets. Knowing how each of the sets works and their optimal usage is of vital importance.

We’d like to add the monaural and binaural hearing are not the same thing. When the sound reaches each of the ears with a slight difference in time, it’s called a binaural hearing. This enables you to locate the source of the sound.

So, when you take all aspects into consideration, you will be sure which set is the right one for you.


We hope that our brief guide on learning the difference between monaural and binaural headsets helped you decide which is the right set for you. There’s no such thing as a universal headset. Each of them is compatible with different people with various lifestyles. As comfort is among the main imperatives of contemporary life, it’s no wonder that people take every aspect of an item before deciding to buy it.

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