Difference Between DJ Headphones And Standard Headphones

Difference Between Dj Headphones And Standard Headphones

Do you need to know the difference between DJ headphones and standard headphones? Is it real? Or it is just a way to increase sales? There is a big difference when it comes to these two types of headphones.

Both of them are used for different purpose and so they have different features. It is essential to know in what way they are two separate types.

Doing so, it will give you the best experience when enjoying the sound produced by them. 

DJ Headphones Vs Standard Headphones  

#1 - Noise Canceling 

First of all, noise canceling is at greatest importance. Why? 

Because when it comes to DJs they need to focus on the tracks when creating the music. While standard headphones have noise canceling features they can’t cancel the noise from a loud and screaming audience. 

#2 - Rotating Ear-Cups 

This mechanism can’t be found in the regular headphones but DJs need it badly. Swiveling the ear cups will allow them to monitor the tracks that they use to make the music and then listen to the output. 

Plus with the rotating ear-cups, these headphones can be folded, stored and transported with ease. 

#3 - Comfort 

What about the comfort when comparing DJ Headphones Vs Standard Headphones? 

In both types, you can find high-quality padding that is used on the headband and the ear-cups. Which means hours and hours of use without pressing down on the head or over the ears. 

But still, there are DJ headphones with special foams that give additional comfort. 

#4 - Style and Design 

The difference between DJ and standard headphones here is not a complicated thing. Both of them can have an amazing stylish design. 

The one additional thing that DJ have the privilege of doing on some models is the ability to customize them according to personal preference. This means choosing different colors for the shield and even engraving their logo. 

#5 - Sound Quality 

All of these features are important for all headphones, however, not all deliver what a person needs. Especially when we compare DJ and Standard. With standard headphones, you will get a sound quality high enough to deliver clear phone calls, music, movies, and audiobook but they are not good for DJs. 

DJs need to have crispy clear sounds with high-quality bass that comes in a balance with the mids, lows, and highs. Every detail is heard with DJ headphones. To create a unique, and amazing music piece you must be able to hear all the small but important details of the music and tracks. 

Final Words 

As you can see DJ Headphones Vs. Standard Headphones are not the same. Now knowing that fact will save you time and money. If you are looking for headphones for creating your new music you will get the best results with DJ headphones. 

However, if you need headphones for simply listening to music, audiobooks, movies, etc. there is no need to spend extra money on DJ headphones, you only need the standard version. This means the Difference between DJ Headphones and Standard Headphones is important.

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