Best True Wireless Headphones Guide: Treat Your Ears With Great Sound

Best True Wireless Headphones Guide

You will agree that wireless earbuds are indeed a magnificent gadget, but there’s something even better. There’s something truly better, and its name is true wireless earbuds. In this article, we shall introduce you to this fantastic piece of tech. You will find out how it works and what actually the difference between basic wireless and this one is. Moreover, we shall list you some of the best models currently available, to make your choice even easier.

What are true wireless earbuds?

The first thing we have to do is make it clear what the actual difference between “true” and basic wireless is.

Whereas regular wireless headphones still have some wires, at least those connecting in-ear buds, this is not the case with truly wireless. There is not a single wire, not a single cable to interrupt the pleasure of top quality sound. We could call it a unique tangle-free experience.

Tws earbuds are headphones which use Bluetooth connectivity to transmit the sound of the highest quality, with no cords interfered. This feature put the whole thing to an upper level, giving consumers more convenience and more quality.

How do true wireless earbuds work?

Okay, there's a device and two earbuds, how to get them cooperating? Well, you all remember walkie-talkie! The Bluetooth technology works pretty much the same. It sends the signal to a device, a device catches it and the music’s on! Simple, isn’t it?

Speaking of wireless earbuds, you may call one the main/lead bud (or a “master”) and the secondary bud (a “slave”). Your device (phone, tablet, laptop) sends the signal to the “master”. Once it catches it, the “master” will send the signal to its “slave”, and that’s what all the magic is about.

The best thing of all is that once you pair your device with wireless buds, there’s no need to repeat the whole process again and again. Each next time the device is on, it will sync automatically. And one more thing to add! You can use either one or both headphones, depending on your current wishes.

 “True wireless earbuds” VS “wireless earbuds”

There have been lots of discussions which ones are actually better. Whereas both of them will offer you the best sound quality compared to any of the old school tech, there are some slight but important differences. Based on that, one can decide which are more suitable.

One can simply be uncomfortable with wires, no matter how small and thin they may be. Such a person will choose “true” over regular wireless, to avoid even a single distraction.

On the other hand, some people find this complete wireless unreliable. Take runners for example. They could be afraid that the bud might get lost because there’s nothing to hold it. However, if you secure it properly, you will have no worries of this kind.

Another important factor influences your choice is the price. True wireless is a bit pricier, but you get more with them, so it’s justified.

Is it safe to use true wireless earbuds?

You can rest assured that these won’t harm you. The frequency they emit is much lower than the one which standard cell phone emits. Believe it or not, it’s a thousand times less!

You can wear tws headphones wherever you are, even when you work out. Just so you know, it’s okay to use them while driving, it’s hands-free so you can answer the phone without causing additional troubles. Naturally, the best would be not the used phone while driving at all, but if you have to, this is the best way. 

Speaking of safety, you are aware of the fact that devices with lithium-ion batteries can be potentially dangerous. Make sure you keep them in the appropriate case or so when not using them. That way you keep them away from temperature changes.

What are the best true wireless earbuds?

People make decisions which headphones to buy based on various factors. We could freely say that all of them are the best thing that has happened to the sound so far, but there are some key factors to have in mind when buying.

So, you will take your lifestyle into consideration. Are you a runner, or you prefer long drives? Are you bothered by any wires and cords, or this is not of importance to you? How long do you expect the battery of best wireless earbuds to last?

Naturally, besides all these things that define your choice, the price is also an important one. Some would say the most important. For that reason, we listed both affordable and pricier models, so that all the readers would have an option to choose between.

Here comes the list of our favorite best Bluetooth earbuds.

Best true wireless earbuds over $100

We shall start our list with two models that belong to the pricier category of true wireless earbuds. The first one is definitely our favorite model because it’s an ideal and balanced combination of quality, features, and price. We gave you two of them, so to make your choice making process easier.

1. Jabra Elite 65t features Alexa Enabled True Wireless Earbuds

Jabra Elite 65t Alexa Enabled True Wireless Earbuds

Reliable and durable battery

The battery life is up to five hours, and if you have a charging case with you, it goes to amazing15 hours. It recharges quickly, in 2 hours. Moreover, jabra elite sports has a “rapid charge” option which provides an additional one and a half hour with just 15 minutes of charging. It comes with a charging case.

Top quality connectivity

With the finest standard Bluetooth used, the range is 10 meters (up to 33 feet). It features a multi-connect option, which allows two devices to be connected simultaneously.

Fantastic audio performance

With super sensitive and wide frequency range of microphone and speakers, you will get all the sounds at their finest. These earbuds also have wind noise protection as well as ambient noise reduction, which make them perfect even in some noisier places.

Easy-to-use device

These in-ear headphones have auto-pause and auto-turn option. There are also 3 additional sets of silicon eargels in the case. The set is lightweight and small in size and it comes with a one year warranty. It has a built-in Alexa, to make it easier to control.

Overall impression

With the mature design, excellent sound quality and reliable connectivity as some of the most significant features, these headphones are a good deal. Though you will find comments that case and buds are kinda slippery and the ear-tip a bit limited, still this remains our choice number one. Even though its price is a bit higher, all you get in return is worth every single penny you invest.

2. Sony WF1000X/BM1 Premium Noise Cancelling True Wireless Headphones

Sony WF1000XBM1 Noise Cancelling True Wireless Headphones

 Modern design

With their compact, minimalistic design they fit perfectly and securely in the ear. You can wear them discreetly as long as you want to. They are available in multiple sizes, and they come with earbuds and triple-comfort earbuds as well as fitting supporters.

Adaptive sound control

Some smart devices are indeed smarter than you can imagine. So whether you are driving in your car, running through the forest or waiting for a friend at the busy subway station, they will deliver nothing but clear sound. All that thanks to Smart Listening option! Based on your current activity which is detected automatically, it adjusts the sound delivery to it.

Reliable battery life

With a charging case that comes along, you can get up to 9 hours of quality sound. If you charge it for 15 mins, you get an extra 70 minutes of battery durability. When it is not in use, the device automatically activates " turn off " option to save the battery.

Overall impression

Compared to the model we previously described, this one is even pricier. However, there are people who truly appreciate modern design and some additional features, which these earbuds definitely have, so they are ready to pay few bucks extra to get it. You will agree that Smart Listening option definitely makes this device worth buying!

Best true wireless earbuds under $100

You will agree that in most cases price dictates the quality, but sometimes it’s possible to find a good quality at an affordable price. We have chosen two models which have all the common features true wireless earbuds should have but don’t cost a fortune.

1. ArkarTech TWS 5.0 Pro True Wireless Sports Earbuds

Arkartech TWS 5.0 Pro True Wireless Sports Earbuds

 Compatibility with all platforms

Whichever device with built-in Bluetooth you are using, it’s compatible with these earbuds. It supports both IOS and Android operative systems.

Multi-mode enjoyment

The great thing about all tws earbuds is that they can be used in three different ways. When one uses both of them, it’s a stereo, when uses one it’s a mono. However, you can also share it with someone, and it’s called share mode.

Practical and reliable battery

It also comes with a charging case which allows four times to recharge while you are on the go. You get an additional 3.5 hours of playback per each charge.

Overall impression

This one, as well as many other more affordable models,  may not have all the fancy features that come with some top brands, but they do the job. For the money you pay, you can expect decent quality and pretty satisfying performance. They still have comfortability and compatibility, which indeed are the most important features of this kind of device.

2. JAM Ultra Truly Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds with USB Charging Case

 JAM Ultra Truly Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

 Multiple charges from the case

Almost all of the best true wireless headphones come with a charging case, this one as well. However, this one allows 10 times recharge, each providing 3 additional hours of playback.

Decent sound quality

If you are an average listener without high expectations, these ones will work fine for you. The overall sound is a bit muted to some more famous brands. However, you will still have satisfying performance, even when you are listening to something complex such as orchestral music.

Pleasant and modest design

The good thing about these true wireless headphones is that they are also visually appealing. You will always have consumers complaining about the absence of multiple color choice or some small details. Simplicity is what makes them attractive.

Overall impression

As with the previously introduced model, they are fine for the price you pay but don’t expect additional features that come with top brands. Some say that their main flaw is that there’s nothing that makes them so special and different to other similar models. But, as for me, as long as the product works as said in specifications, that’s enough!

Final Word

New technologies are here to serve us, consumers. Our needs and demands dictate the way they develop because the purpose is that we get the best possible products possible.

True wireless earbuds are a significant step forward in the world of Bluetooth technology, indeed. They give us maximum performance and the pleasure of quality sounds, with no wires and cables to bother us, whatsoever.

Therefore, it is always important to stay informed and we gave you a brief intro on what tws headphones are, how they work and some other useful information. Besides that, we also gave you the list of both cheap and expensive models to choose between.

Therefore we hope that our article was informative, interesting and helpful in making you more knowledgeable on this fantastic technology. Whether you are just looking for basic earbuds to have them by your side while exercising, or you are passionate for the tiniest sound and vibrations a stereo can give, tws is the thing for you.

Hopefully, this article helped you find out what are the best true wireless headphones. Anyway, it all depends on your own preferences.

Have you already had experience with some of the models we mentioned and how did you like them? Have you used some others? We’d like to find out, so feel free to let us know!

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