Best Headphones to Increase Gaming Performance

best headphones to increase gaming performance

The gaming industry is always changing and evolving. The rise of competitive online games such as Call of Duty and Fortnite has led to gaming challenges that are increasingly team-based. It is essential to use headphones when partaking in these team games as this can increase coordination between the players.

However, not all headphones will have the same effect. This article will show you the best headphones that you can purchase to add an extra edge to your game. With the competition always increasing, these recommendations could help you step up to the next level. Online multiplayer games demand a headset, and a good headset is essential for peak performance in these games.

How can Headphones Increase Gaming Performance

Headphones can make a huge difference in your gaming performance. Here are some of the ways that they can enhance your overall performance.

  • Teamworking

A headset is essential for teamwork. It allows you to communicate with your teammates and plan tactics together.

  • Concentration

A headset is far superior to speakers when it comes to concentration. They allow you to experience the game in a more profound and immersive manner.

  • Better Hearing

You can hear more nuanced sounds such as enemy footsteps far better with headphones. This gives you a key advantage which will allow you to react faster.

  • Superior Soundstage

This means you will be able to differentiate sounds better. You will come across many different types of sounds in a typical multiplayer fps game. Therefore, it is essential to be able to differentiate between them in crystal clear quality.

Things to Look for When Buying Headphones

Many headsets can be used for gaming. The wide variety of choice available can make it hard to decide what things are truly important. Furthermore, many different types of headsets can be used for gaming. Here are some of the most important features you should look out for when purchasing headphones/headsets to improve your gaming performance.

  • Sound Quality

One of the most important aspects of gaming headphones is the quality of sound. This will make a huge difference as to how effective the headphones are at improving your gaming performance. Therefore, it is critical to select headphones from reputable manufacturers. You should look for reviews that mention, “soundstaging” as this will show whether the gaming headphones provide crisp sound.

  • Cushioned Ear Cups

It is important to remember the importance of comfort in gaming headsets. You should look for cushioned ear cups as these will allow you to game for hours without causing any discomfort. This discomfort can drastically reduce your gaming performance.

  • Retractable Mic

A retractable mic is a crucial aspect of gaming headsets. They allow you to speak with ease. It means you can fully focus on the game. Retractable mics are an integral feature, and you should, therefore, ensure that your headsets have them.

  • Wireless

Wireless technology has progressed which has allowed for headphones that do not require any wires. These work mainly through Bluetooth technology. We explored wireless headphones in more depth in our previous article. Wireless gaming headsets allow you to fully focus on the game, rather than being distracted by the cluttering of wires.

  • Flexible Headband

The headband will determine the comfort level of your headsets. It is important that this headband is flexible enough. This will allow you to adjust the headband at a comfort level for your head shape.'

  • Flexible Platforms

Most people will own more than one gaming platform. It is therefore important to buy headphones that are well equipped to run on both consoles and the PC. If you regularly use multiple platforms, it is better to have a headset that is compatible with all your systems.

  • Noise Cancellation

Another important feature that is available on headphones is noise cancellation. We described the technology of noise cancellation in-depth in our previous article. This technology can effectively block all outside sounds so that you can be fully focused on the game. You can eliminate all distractions and improve your performance by selecting headsets with noise cancellation technology.

  • LED Lights

You can get headsets that have LED lights placed upon them. This can give you cooler gaming experience.

  • Versatility

You can save money by selecting headphones that are versatile for a number of roles. This means using headphones that can be used to take calls and used for regular listening. This will allow you to use your headphones for multiple purposes.

  • Mobility

Your headphones should be lightweight enough to be able to carry them around with ease. Bulky headphones are hard to carry on the go, and therefore you should look for a pair that offers superior mobility. This allows you to keep your superior gaming performance even when you are on the move.

  • Gaming Platforms

Gaming headsets can be used to increase performance on consoles and PCs. This includes the Xbox 360, the Xbox One, the PS3, and PS4. However, all of these platforms also have different types of headphones that work best at increasing performance.

Best PS4 Headphones to Increase Gaming Performance

When playing on the PS4, the headset can be connected to the DualShock controller. The performance of headsets can, therefore, vary depending on how well they can adapt to the controller. We have identified the best headsets that work well with the PS4 to deliver the best gaming performance.

If you are looking for a wired headset, then we recommend the Kingston HyperX Cloud II. This is a headset that combines comfort with performance. It is compatible with all gaming consoles; however, it has been efficiently designed to work well with the PS4 DualShock controller. The emphasis on bass works incredibly well with the relatively low-powered PS4 Controller. The sound is superior, and this allows you to have elite gaming experience. The construction is excellent, and its durable nature means you can use this headset for long-term gaming.

However, if you require more flexibility, then we recommend a wireless headset. Sony has developed a wireless headset designed to work with the PS4. It is the Gold Wireless Headset. It is a wireless headset that boats incredible performance and durability. An advantage of this headset is that it is created to work perfectly with the PS4 console.

The virtual sound processing is superior, and it is what sets this headphone apart from others in the market. The headset also works with a Sony application that allows you to finetune the sound settings. This gives you a highly personalized headset experience which allows you to maximize your gaming performance.

Best Xbox One Headphones to Increase Gaming Performance

The Xbox one is another popular gaming console. The way in which headsets interact with the console is different to the Sony, and therefore the optimum headsets are also different.

The best wireless Xbox ONE headset to increase your gaming performance is the Astro A50. It has multiple features such as surround sound and a charging dock. Astro is known for its high-quality headphones, and the A50 is a perfect match for the Xbox ONE. The price is considerably high;

However, it offers excellent value for money due to the performance boost you will get after using this headset. It is one of the most comfortable headsets on the market, as well as being one of the most feature-packed. It is designed to work smoothly with the XBOX One which means you won't run into any issues that could hinder your gaming performance.

The best-wired Xbox ONE headset to ensure that your gaming performance is maximized is the HyperX CloudX. It has an attractive price tag; however, that should not fool you from its high performance. It is a wired headset built to provide high audio quality. The ear cups are comfortable and effective at blocking out the sound. This means you can focus exclusively on your gameplay.

Best PC Headsets to Increase Gaming Performance

The PC is a hugely popular gaming device. It is different from consoles due to the fact that PCs can have different software and hardware. However, there are certain headsets that work the best for PC gaming.

The best wireless PC headset for an optimum gaming experience is the Astro A20. We already gave a mention to the Astro brand earlier, and there is a reason why the A20 is so perfect for PC gaming. It has a very high-quality build and is durable. It also has good compatibility features which makes it perfect for PC gaming. The wireless Bluetooth connection works well which means you won't experience any dropout. The sound quality is excellent, and the mic is tailored for professional gamers. This means you can significantly improve your PC gaming by investing in this headset.

The best-wired PC headset for an excellent gaming experience is the HyperX Cloud Revolver X. This headset oozes quality and has a premium feel to it. It has a lush 7.1 channel surround sound which lets you every single detail of a game. The detachable mic works very well which makes it perfect for team-based games. The comfort levels of this headset are exceptional which means you can be gaming for hours. This is a headset that can boost your gaming performance due to its high-quality sound and comfort levels. It has been specifically designed to meet the needs of serious PC gamers.

  • Sound Card

In PC Gaming, the sound card can make a huge impact on your gaming performance. We recommend the Creative Sound Blaster 7. It has a range of gamer-friendly options that can give you an edge. It is excellent at enhancing the audio of the most popular first-person shooters. This can give you a key advantage. However, it also has excellent support for older games which means you can enjoy a variety of games with a richer and more amplified sound experience.

Best Headphones for Fortnite

Fortnite is a hugely popular multiplayer first-person shooter. It is a free game that is available on all the major consoles and PC. It is a game that is based upon co-operation and therefore your headphone choice can make a huge difference.

The best headphone to help you get more kills on Fortnite is the Audio-Technica ATH-AG1X. This high fidelity headphone can be the key tool you need to unlock your potential on Fortnite. It has a rich sound quality and a slew of additional features that make it the perfect companion to Fortnite. It audio produced through the mic is clear, so your teammates will be able to understand you quickly. The ultra-high quality soundscape will give you a major boost in your chances of victory.

Best Headphones for PUBG

However, Fortnite isn't the only popular multiplayer shooting game. PUBG (Player Unknown Battlegrounds) is another hugely popular game that also requires complex team-based interactions. The games differ, and therefore the best headphone for each differs as well.

The best headphone to improve your PUBG gaming performance is the Sennheiser Game One Gaming-Headset. This headphone is favored by the elite PUBG gamers because of its clear audio output and beautiful back open-back design. The earpads are exceptionally comfortable which can give you an important edge in PUBG.

Best Sound Settings

Many gamers are not aware of the various headphone settings that exist while they are gaming. Most will choose to accept the default options. However, these default settings are not always optimum for the best gaming performance. The optimum settings will depend on your setup and the type of headphones you are using. You should be sure to have a look at the equalizer settings to find the optimum sound settings that can improve your gaming performance.


Headsets can make a massive difference to your gaming performance. Online games place a far greater emphasis on being able to hear sound effects and your teammates clearly. This guide will have showed you the best gaming headphones to improve performance and also the type of features that you should look out for.

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