Cartoon Headphones-All Information You Can Find

Cartoon Headphones-All Information You Can Find
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Cartoon headphones are not just fancy gadgets for kids who want to feel among and vogue, they are an essential gadget that can help improve the health of your child as well as make them happy.

When you want to give your child that awesome experience that is healthy and funk, then you should think no further than Cartoon Headphones. 

How do headphones help my child, you ask. 

The rise of headphones as musical gadgets among the young is not unprecedented, instead, it is a welcome development that audiologist have endorsed, only warning that its use is regulated for health reasons. 

History of Headphones

 When Nathaniel Baldwin in 1910 sent a pair of prototype telephone headset to the navy, little did we know that headset would not become a preserve of not only the military, but a representation of pop culture, giving identity to young people, old people, and children? 

Headphones have since evolved from then through different modifications to become a life partner of young people in America. 

Headphones are not just fancy gadgets for hippie young folks to wrap around their head, bobbing to tunes from their favorite artists.

It has become a necessity for everybody.

 Your children inclusive. 

History of headphones

What Are The Cartoon Headphones?

Cartoon Headphones would seem like a joke to a much older person. 

But they are no jokes to the children who need them to keep up with music, learn and also shut out noise from the surroundings. 

What then is a cartoon headphone?

 A cartoon headphone is a headphone whose external feature mimicked a cartoon character. 

It is a headphone with cartoon drawings on its body. 

That is the basic definition for a cartoon headphone.

 Just think of a headphone with your favorite cartoon character as its body, the top that wraps around your head is cased in the happy face of that cartoon character.  

what are the cartoon headphones

Is it Tom & Jerry?

Or Daffy Duck?

 Or Micky Mouse? 

It could even be Bunny.

Whichever one it is, just close your eyes and imagine:

 Micky mouse is wrapped around your head, filling your ears either with cartoon music or your favorite pop song.

The idea of cartoon headphones was so that people could form a connection with their favorite cartoon characters, building on the sentiments of emotional connection between people (not just children, but every person who has a favorite cartoon character) and the cartoon characters they find most interesting.

  • Is it just the thrill of having that cartoon character draped over their heads or foreheads? 

Not at all.  

It is much more than that.

Who Can Use Cartoon Headphones? 

Cartoon headphone, even though looks like a preserve of children, can be used by any person who has a favorite cartoon character.

Headphones are essential gadgets that everybody uses. An article by the New Yorker reported that a 2014 survey by Sol - "the music lifestyle brand" - that fifty-three percent of millennials owned three or more pairs of headphones, using them for a combined time of more than four hours daily.

These millennials - people between ages eighteen and thirty-four years old - are likely to have a cartoon character they fancy.

Children have also tapped into this "headphone" culture as well. Many a child now has headphones over their heads, head bobbing to the music. Or not.

The cartoon designs on headphones can be used by children between ages three to ten, and also by millennials who have cartoon characters they fancy.

  • Headphones for children, harmful or not?

 The researches on the effect of headphones on children vary based on decibels consumed daily, and the kind of music or sound being played.

If a child listens to soft slow songs with low pitches at 60decibels for three hours a day, he might have a safer hearing compared a child who listens to Punk Rock at 80 decibels for two hours daily.

While some believe that headphones for children can increase their rate of hearing loss, other studies have found otherwise.  

What is important however is how these headphones - cartoon headphones - are managed by the children…and their parents.

Most headphones designed for children come with a volume threshold that children should not exceed.

This is usually 85decibels.

These volume limitations are such that when the volume is being increased, a warning message or beep is given to the notify the child of the high volume they are about to use, warning them against it.

Some headphones have passwords to set the highest volume that the headphone can go. This passwords can be used by parents to limit the volume of the music or audiobooks they listen to.

Who can use cartoon headphones

  • why should you buy cat headphones?

 This, I'm sure, is a regular question a parent would ask when his or her child runs up to them with child-like innocence and glee, all smiling and excited, looking up at the parent who's bent over on his/her laptop, trying to complete a project;

Or the parent who is scrolling through his/her mobile phone, liking and commenting on posts on social media, to ask for a headphone.

And not just any other regular headphone.

But a cartoon headphone.  

A headphone with colorful cartoon drawings.

 The parent would look up from their laptop or phones, surprised at the request and the specificity of it, and then proceed to ask, not wanting to be a killjoy:

Why Do You Need A Cartoon Headphone?

The little child might be silent for a while. He might be trying to understand why mummy does not know that those headphones are super important to him or why daddy would ask such question in the 21st century.

Was mummy not aware that these are the coolest things in school now? he'll ask himself as he leaves mum alone after the request has been made.

I'll tell you why!

  • Build the connection between child and cartoon characters

The level of loyalty and love children have for these characters is one that is unexplainable.

The headphones would bring so much smile to the face of your young one that you can't even begin to imagine.

It also has its aesthetic appeal that resonates with today's pop culture.

With more than half of today's millennials and children fixated in creating their own worlds, having a cartoon character drawn on your headphone is a fashion statement.

  • They can be used for learning

Why do you need a cartoon headphone

The invent of audiobooks has made learning and entertainment sleep on the same bed.

Using what was once used exclusively for entertainment for learning, headphones can be used as another avenue to educate your child.

No longer would you have to worry about what they would gain from having a cartoon headphone.

 They can plug away with a good variety of audiobooks teaching them concepts and topics they would naturally not want to study.

  • Noise blocking headphones can help block out the noise

There are cartoon headphones that are designed for children that look like headbands with earplugs to them. They are made of soft material that is comfortable on the head of the child.

There is also velcro that the parent or child can use to tighten or loosen the grip on the head.

These headband-like cartoon headphones can be used to block out noise at night or during the day when the child wants to rest.

Noise blocking headphones are a favorite of parents these days. They shut out extra noise from outside, helping them focus.

  • Some can serve as sleep masks

Those headband-like headphones can also help to block out light at night when drawn over the eyes.

Because these headband-like earplugs are created with their favorite cartoon character, most children would be way too pleased to have them as sleeping companions at night.

cartoon headphone

What To Consider When Picking A Cartoon Headphone For Your Child?

  • The cartoon character choice of your child:

This the first criterion to be considered. You don't want to get your child a cartoon character they don't like.

    Most of the popular cartoon characters have been threaded into the design of headphones - either as standalone or in the form of headbands. 

    The choice of a cartoon character that your child easily relates with should be the headphone you should be buying - whether they are Bluetooth headphones or those with the interface.

    • The bass and volume of the headphone:

    You don't want headphones that would cause hearing loss or some form of damage to the child. Select a headphone that has a pretty low decibel.

      Now, not too low that your child struggles to hear the music or audiobook playing, but low enough that can make you rest, assured that the volume won't harm your child.  

      The standard for children is 85decibels.

      But this, however, is not that simple.

      The time spent listening to music on a headphone as well as the kind of sound you are listening to matters.

      Spending more time with the headphone, even with a lower decibel, is harmful.

      The sound of rock is very different from that of an RnB song.

      Two hours listening to Punk Rock would lead to more damage than three hours listening to slow Rhythm and Blues.

      What you need to do as a parent is control how long they listen to music or audiobooks with the headphones.

      What to consider when picking a cartoon headphone for your child

      • The material of the headbands:

      If the headband-like designs are what you prefer, please make sure the material used to design the headband is soft and comfortable for your child. 

        You don't want the headband-like cartoon headphones that would leave marks on your child's forehead.

         Also, you would do well to ensure that the material can absorb heat in the case of a sweaty child on a hot day. The materials used should be lightweight and should dry very quickly.

        Find The Cartoon Headphones You Would Love

        Getting the right cartoon headphones can be quite tasking, so we have compiled a list of online stores that offer the beat cartoon headphones at reasonable prices.

        3D Cute Animal Unicorn Earbuds

        With a cute animal head, this affordable cartoon earbuds can be purchased here:

        Orico Batman 3D cartoon

        These are fanciful headphones with batman mimicked on the head of the headphone. It has a child-friendly volume that is healthy for the child. You can buy here:

        Rigby Earbuds

        The cartoon earbuds are a delight with their colorful cartoon characters. You can purchase them here:

        Panda Retractable

        They come with a beautiful panda 3D image and a 3.5mm plug.

        MEE audio HP-KJ25-PK-MEE KidJamz KJ25 Headphones

        These are classy headphones with volume controls that are perfect for kids.


          Cartoon headphones can be a real gift that would delight your child. They help them sleep better and learn better.

          It is however imperative that the headphones and the content of music and audiobooks - for educational purposes( please have them listen to audio books) - be regulated so that they don't go over boards with them.

           This colorful gadget is like prescribed drugs: they can be both useful and harmful, depending on how well you follow the prescription.

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