Best Bluetooth Beanies with Built In Headphones 2019

Best Bluetooth Beanies with Built In Headphones

The 21st century is definitely the most innovative century till date. And one of the most innovative inventions that this century has churned out is the Bluetooth Beanie. It combines the comfort and style of a beanie and then adds a Bluetooth enabled feature on it. With the Bluetooth beanies, you can do almost anything you can do with a regular Bluetooth headset: listen to music, attend calls and so much more.

The Bluetooth Beanies offer not only great quality of Bluetooth accessories but also offer comfort, warmth, and style to the person putting it on. You can wear these beanies everywhere; to school, college, and even when going out with friends. It is the perfect way to keep you warm and entertained at the same time.

When venturing out into the market, you might get confused between brands and product because they all look great and you cannot decide. For this purpose, we have compiled reviews of the best Bluetooth beanie brands available.

Product Reviews

1. Mydeal Wireless Bluetooth Beanie Hat


Mydeal Wireless Bluetooth Beanie Hat


  • Wireless range: 33 feet
  • Bluetooth: Version 4.1
  • Battery: Li-ion; 60 hours standby, 6 hours music
  • Washable: Yes
  • Material: Only acrylic.
  • Compatibility: With almost every device.
  • Price: 40$


Mydeal Products is one of the most well-known Bluetooth accessory makers in the industry. Their products are famously known for their outstanding quality, durability and lengthy battery timing.

Their Bluetooth Beanie Hat is a stylish product meant to be worn as either a fashion statement or keep you warm during the winter. It has been manufactured using 100% acrylic in a double knotted fashion.

The Bluetooth V4.1 technology embedded in the beanie offer an easy way to connect to other wireless devices. The device works well with most cell phones as well as other media devices that can connect via Bluetooth. The highlight of the whole product is the user-friendly control panel which is present on the beanie.

The control panel allows you to rotate music as it is being played as well as control the volume settings. You can also manage your phone calls with the controls as they allow you to pick up and decline calls as they are received on your device.


  • The device uses the latest Bluetooth version, 4.1; providing easy and fast streaming of music.
  • A User-friendly control panel is present on the beanie which helps to control the playlist and manage incoming calls.
  • Battery-time on this wireless headphone beanie is very impressive; clocking in at 20 hours of standby time.


  • The speaker quality is just average. They do not provide enough bass or sound quality that may be acceptable to some people.

2. Soundbot SB210 Wireless Smart Beanie Headset

Soundbot SB210 Wireless Smart Beanie Headset


  • Bluetooth: Version 4.1
  • Remote connectivity: up to 33 feet
  • Compatibility: All Bluetooth enabled devices
  • Washable: Yes
  • Material: Acrylic, Rib knitted.
  • Microphone: Built-in
  • Warranty: provided by the company
  • Price: 22$


Soundbot is known famously for being one of the most innovative and feature-centric brands on the market. Soundbot produces A-grade products which are not only great in quality but also highly innovative and convenient for use.

The Soundbot SB210 HD Stereo headphone hat is one of the most unique products of its kind. The beanie headphones are made from 100% acrylic which has been rib knitted together. Soundbot has also made it highly waterproof; therefore susceptible to rain or any spills.

It uses the latest Bluetooth V4.1 for easy access and music streaming. It can be connected to any Bluetooth device that can play media. Other than that, what’s great about the product is the easy and handy control buttons on the side which help control music and control your playlist as well. The company also provides a hassle-free 1-year warranty with the product as a sort of buyer protection policy.


  • The Soundbot Bluetooth hat headphones are made from 100% acrylic and also washable with any washing machine.
  • The product can be used to answer calls due to the built-in microphone present in within the hat itself.
  • The device is protected by a company warranty. The warranty is for an entire year.
  • The user-friendly interface on the side of the hat helps in managing music and answering calls without having to go to the device itself.


  • They only come in one size so it might not fit everyone with a smaller head size.

3. Rotibox Bluetooth Beanie Hat

Rotibox Bluetooth Beanie Hat


  • Bluetooth: Version 4.1
  • Material: 100% acrylic, washable and double knitted.
  • Battery time: 60 hours of standby, 6 hours of music.
  • Wireless range: 33 feet.
  • User-friendly control panel: present
  • Microphone: carbon, built-in.
  • Compatibility: with most devices.
  • Price: 40$


When it comes to high-quality products, there is none other that comes to mind than Rotibox. Rotibox has a history of always being able to live up to the standard it has set. Their Rotibox Wireless Bluetooth Beanie Hat is a pair of high-quality Bluetooth hat headphones.

The product has been made using genuine acrylic. The fabric has been knitted in a dual layer or a double knitted fashion in order to ensure warmth and comfort during chilly days. You can wear the wireless beanie as a fashion statement as well if you do not live in an area where it gets chilly as often.

It incorporates a set of user-friendly controls built squarely on a control panel. The control panel offers convenience to users as they can use it to control their playlist and answer calls. You can also use the built-in microphone to answer calls and even decline them using the buttons on the control panel.


  • It is machine-washable and made from 100% acrylic; making it comfortable to wear and use.
  • The battery lasts for a long time; up to 60 hours on standby and 6 hours of continuous music streaming.
  • Rotibox offers a 1-year warranty with the product in order to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • You can use the headphone hat to answer calls; all thanks to the built-in microphone


  • It may not be compatible with some devices and may not connect to a lot of media devices as well.

4. Pococina Bluetooth Beanie Music Hat

Pococina Bluetooth Beanie Music Hat


  • Bluetooth: Version 4.2
  • Material: Stretchy polyester and acrylic
  • Washable: Yes
  • Warranty: Available; 1 year.
  • Battery: Li-ion; 6 hours of play time.
  • Compatibility: With almost every media device with Bluetooth enabled.
  • Control panel: Present, 3-button.
  • Price: 20$


Pococina has a reputation in the industry for being one of the best producers of Bluetooth and wireless products. They have been able to command respect due to their excellent quality of materials used, their sheer dedication towards customer service and high-quality products.

The Pococina Wireless Bluetooth Beanie is a high-quality Bluetooth device that keeps you warm during the winter and can keep you entertained at the same time. The headgear provides comfort and warmth thanks to the acrylic and polyester blend used for making the hat itself.

The device also features a handy and convenient control panel at the side. The control panel has only 3 buttons which can be used to control the sound coming from the hat. This is a somewhat average feature since 3 buttons are not sufficient for all kinds of work.


  • It is highly compatible with a lot of devices.
  • Pococina provides a 1-year warranty with the device in order to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • The Bluetooth beanie can be washed using a washing machine; making it convenient.
  • The built-in microphone helps to answer calls on the fly.


  • It is only available in one size, so people with a not-so-average size will have fitting problems.

5. Tenergy Wireless Bluetooth Beanie Hat

Tenergy Wireless Bluetooth Beanie Hat


  • Bluetooth: Version 4.2
  • Wireless range: 33 feet
  • Control panel: 3-button with LED lighting
  • Battery: LiPo battery with 60 hours of standby.
  • Warranty: 2 years extended warranty available.
  • Material: 60% acrylic and 40% polyester.
  • Washable: Yes.
  • Microphone: carbon, built-in.
  • Price: 16$


The last, but definitely not the least on our list is the Tenergy Wireless Bluetooth Device. Tenergy offers a great variety of products to choose from, with each product offering something different and unique from the other.

Their Bluetooth beanie is a remarkable product which offers great sound quality as well as convenience. The device is Bluetooth enabled and allows you to connect to any other Bluetooth enabled media device for playing music or even answering your calls.

It is compatible with most mainstream devices and has no problem connecting to them. The Bluetooth Beanie also provides the convenience of managing your phone calls by using the beanie’s control panel to answer or decline calls.


  • The product is shipped with a 2-year extended warranty.
  • Pococina provides a compact control panel with the device in order to aid the user in controlling the playlist.
  • You can use this Bluetooth beanie with almost every other media device.
  • The materials used with this hat make it comfortable and warm.


  • One earpiece might stop working after extended use.


We have reviewed our top picks for the best Bluetooth Beanies in the hope that it might aid you in picking the best one for you. All of the products above are of high quality and whichever you choose to purchase; it will definitely prove to be worth it. Bluetooth Beanies are innovative devices and prove to be a great source of convenience and entertainment.

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