Are Expensive Headphones Worth It?

Are expensive headphones worth it?

Choosing the right pair of headphones is about more than just getting something that makes your music sound great. It' s also about headphones that give you style and great features. With all the options out there and the lower and lower price tags you may be wondering 'are expensive headphones worth it?' The truth is that there are plenty of reasons to choose high end headphones, from style to a name that offers long warranties. Quality, however, is something that you'll find in equal measure with cheap and expensive options.

Budget Doesn' t Mean Bad

If you' re looking for great headphones and you come across the word budget it shouldn' t automatically change your mind. Just because something is good for your budget doesn' t mean that it' s bad in any other way. In fact, there are several great sets of headphones that are considered 'budget.' That' s because many companies are starting to see how important cost is to their potential customers. They' re starting to build bigger and better options with lower and lower price tags. 

High-End Means More Features

Okay, so if budget doesn' t mean bad and you can get high quality with a low price tag, why would you want to spend all that money on expensive headphones? The main reason is that you' re going to get more features out of those more expensive headphones.

Things like better audio quality, style, great comfort and fit, functionality, build quality and noise cancelling are often available in high-end models but not necessarily in the budget options. If you want something that combines all of the top features you' re going to have to pay for it.

Are expensive headphones worth it?

  • Clear & Crisp Audio Quality – With a high-end pair of headphones you' re going to get audio that' s exactly the way the artist expected it to be. The sounds will come through super clear, almost like you' re right there while they' re recording, and there won' t be any lag or drag out of instruments or sounds. The notes end exactly when they' re supposed to end. It' s going to sound better than you may have even heard before, especially if you' ve been using budget options.
  • Style – The look of your headphones is always going to be important to you and you' ll get a better style if you spend a little more. In order to get decent quality in budget headphones most companies will sacrifice a little in the looks. With high-end options you' ll get a look that' s more on trend and fits your personal style. The style may also mean different color options and slightly different methods of attaching over the ears, around the neck or anywhere else. 
  • Comfort and Fit – The comfort and the way that the headphones fit over (or in) your ears is another important feature you' ll get with more expensive options but not so much with lower priced options. That' s because you get higher end materials and you get a more ergonomic design with that extra cost. Some higher end options even use memory foam to get a super comfortable level of support around the ear. You may also have a more comfortable band around the neck or cord.
  • Functionality – How the headphones work and what all you can do with them is another important aspect. This is where you' re going to see things like ability to connect to different devices and the overall abilities of the set themselves.
  • Are expensive headphones worth it?Build Quality – The quality of the headphones goes up when you spend a little more as well. That' s because the company uses higher end materials and makes sure that they' re going to last a lot longer. You don' t want your headphones to break the first time that you use them, after all. With high-end options you' ll have durability that means you can use these headphones the way you want to and they' ll last.

  • Noise-Cancelling – You want to be able to hear your music but not hear anything else that' s happening around you. That' s where noise-cancelling is so important. It means that you' re going to have the ability to get fully absorbed in your music, your show or anything else you happen to be listening to. You may need to keep an eye out on what' s happening around you it will be so good. 
  • Connectivity – You may get more options for how to connect a device when it comes to higher end systems. Bluetooth technology is starting to be more popular but not all systems allow you to use it. Budget versions may not. NFC technology is another method that may not be offered with lower end or budget headphones.
  • Warranty – You want a good warranty because that' s where you know that the product you' re getting is going to last. The longer the warranty the more you know the company is standing behind the product. You' ll be able to get longer warranties with better products.

Expensive Headphones Are Totally Worth It!

Expensive headphones are going to require an investment that you don' t necessarily have to make. You could choose to buy budget headphones and still get something good. But if you're considering expensive headphones vs cheap you will definitely get the features you' re looking for even better with the more expensive option. There' s no reason for you to sacrifice when it comes to getting the music that you want and making sure that you can hear it the way the artist originally intended it to be heard.


If you' re wondering "are expensive headphones worth it" the answer is a resounding YES! Headphones come in all different shapes and sizes. They come in all different styles and in different price points. While you can get something good with budget headphones, you' re definitely going to get something a little bit better when you' re willing to spend a little more money.

Don' t sacrifice when it comes to your favorite songs. Those headphones are going to last you a long time, so spending a little more up front is going to make sure you don' t need to replace them with something bigger and better. 

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