Are Beats By Dre Headphones Good Or Worth Buying?

Are Beats By Dre Headphones Good Or Worth Buying

Dr. Dre is an American rapper and musician. He founded Beats electronics in 2008. This company mainly deals in different musicals tools like speakers, headphones, and others.  After a little over 10 years, Beats has become one of the best headphone brands in the world in terms of products. This article will help you answer the decade-old question; Are Beats by Dre Headphones Good?

There are people who swear by it and the company has left no leaf unturned for marketing. However, are they actually good? This article will help you deal with the inside out of these headphones. You will learn everything there is to know about them and learn if they are worth the money.

Keep reading and you will also find out why they are so expensive and what makes them a designer. You may also just find out the flaws in the headphones so that you have a final and complete picture.

Who Makes Beats by Dr. Dre headphones?

Andre Romelle Young is an American rapper and record producer. He is professionally known as Dr. Dre. In July 2008 Dr. Dre launched his own line of headphones and earphones. He launched several different types of earpieces for music which are popular. Several companies including Hewlett Packard shook hands with Dr. Dre to bundle up with him. Over the years, this very company of headphones has made him the richest man in hip hop. 

Hence, since 2008 in the shape of Beat by Dr. Dre stereo systems or beats by Dre car system, we know them. 

Where are Beats by Dre Made?

The original formation of the company was in 2006. This was two years before they launched. Beats partnered with Monster Cables. The company was then based in California. It was there where the first beats came out.

Finally, in 2014 Apple and beats decided to sign together. Apple bought beats in the largest purchase it made yet. However, once again after the launch of Apple Music, beats came back to its owners and stood independently.

Why are Beats by Dr. Dre So Expensive And Popular?

#1 - Expensive

  • Because of the rapper:

One very honest reason why beats are so expensive is that of the popularity of Dr. Dre. Their marketing is cheap because of the already recognized Dre.

  • Branding and Packaging:

MKBHD points out in one of their YouTube videos that Beats was the first set of headphones that focused on packaging and branding. This feature lets them get away with charging up to $300 for a pair of headphones.

  • Sound quality:

While there are several different tactics in the market that let the company charge more for their product, there is some truth too. Customers swear by the sound quality of some models and make them wanting more. They are also popular in the studio for professional purposes. The Beats by Dr. Dre car speakers are most popular in this regard.

  • New technology:

When the Headphones came out, they were one of a kind. The headphone technology did not yet use Bluetooth and wireless noise-canceling technology in their design. This made these headphones stand out with higher demand. The demand was high which is why they could get away with practically any price that they put on their product.

  • Quality base:

One of the things that make these headphones very expensive is their exceptionally base. The company reportedly worked for about 2 years to get it right before they launched their first set of headphones. The quality base made the time worth the wait and people were almost shocked to listen to that kind of sound from wireless. Beats by Dr. Dre bass is popular

  • Noise cancellation:

Another reason why Beats by Dr. Dre are able to put a high price to their product is that they came up with noise cancellation. Headphones never had this quality of reducing the background sound. These headphones played with this technology and got it right.

  • Early manufacturers:

The monster was the earliest manufacturer of Beats. The company overpriced with less quality. However, with Beats in the name, they were able to keep their price and launch something new and good quality in the market.

#2 - Popular

Usually, if a product remains expensive for several years after it is launched, the demand goes down. In this section, we answer why beats are still popular if they are expensive?

  • Dr. Dre:

First and foremost, the reason of popularity is Dr. Dre himself. People always go after celebrity line of products. The question of how good it is for later. However, the name Dr. Dre suggested that they will be new and amazing and increased the popularity. Beats by Dre Mixr DJ headphones are an example of name selling.

  • Celebrity endorsements:

For those people who did not know Dr. Dre, there were celebrity endorsements. Dr. Dre approached celebrities who were seen using them, or they marketed the product. Beats EP and Beats pro have sold out on free celebrity endorsement.

  • Vibrancy in colors:

Keeping quality aside for a second, one thing that attracts people most is vibrancy. Beats by Dr. Dre comes in several different vibrant and stylish colors which makes them highly popular among people who listen to music. And even for those who do not listen to music.

  • Designer label:

One very important feature that makes these headphones popular is that they are a designer. The designer label is the perfect way to show off any product that you have. People tend to buy it because of the small ‘b’ symbol. The small symbol speaks for the money itself.

  • Quality:

Other than different strategies a very important reason why these are expensive headphone is the quality. The details are later in the article. However, overall, we can say that the quality is commendable. The sound quality allows people to enjoy music in a newer light which makes them highly popular.

  • Apple affiliation:

Dr. Dre originally made beats because he was upset that Apple was giving cheap headphones with their phones. The rapper wanted people to hear music with the intended quality. This inspired him to make them connectable to apple which is rare.

  • Wireless:

Beats were the first ever wireless headphones. They are the original product of a kind. Their wireless signals are very strong. This new technology allows them to have more popular among all the other brands. 

Why Beats headphones are bad?

Not everything in this world is perfect. The following are a few reasons why beats may not be for you.

  • Overpriced:

There are some qualities in these headphones that make them exceptional. However, being overpriced is not one of them. These headphones are said to charge for their name rather than what they provide to their customers. The excessive money makes them a deal-breaker for most people.

  • Brand name:

Most people argue that beats are more of a fashion accessory these days. Initially, when they came out they had a newness to them. However, with time their quality deteriorated and they became a status symbol. With the decreasing quality, these headphones lost their charm.

  • Uncomfortable:

Even though beats are the first noise-canceling headphones, they still lack in comfort. Customers argue that they are highly uncomfortable especially for people that like to or have to spend long hours with them on.

  • Cheap outer body:

Let us forget the insides and the mechanism of the headphones for a second. Customers argue that beats do not have a strong outer body. The only thing intriguing is the color of the headphones. The body material is cheap and not durable at all.

  • Short battery life:

Another reason why people do not like beats is that they have a very short battery life. These very first wireless headphones have very short battery life and most of the time goes by charging them.  This feature makes the customers annoyed.

Are Beats headphones really as bad as Reddit says they are?

Reddit has always been more critical for the headphones than any other website on the internet. They seem to always have something to critique on the headphones. However, they are not necessarily as bad as Reddit puts them.

Reddit seems to an emphasis on the price versus the product which is the right thing to do. This does not make them wrong. However, you will find a little bit of exaggeration on the headphones.  There are a few aspects of the headphones that make them one of the best in the market. A fine example of this is the treble and bass that they provide. 

Are Beats by Dre headphones worth buying?

There are several different reasons why beats by Dr. Dre are NOT worth the money. The reasons vary from person to person. See if they are worth it for you;

  • Social status:

While this may not be a solid reason which makes them worth the money, it is an important reason. Social status is very important and most people like to carry expensive items to ensure that their status is on the right track. Beats by Dr. Dre make for a good status symbol because of their money. However, that is only what they are for most people, merely a status symbol.

  • Uncomfortable:

Another reason why beats are not worth their money is because they are highly uncomfortable. People who like to use them for long hours may not find them suitable. In fact, customers have reportedly complained of a severe earache with long hours of usage because of lack of comfort. Paying a high price for headphones and not have comfort is a major turn off. This is why they might not be worth the money.

  • Lack of durability:

Another reason that we think that these headphones are not worth the money is because of their lack of durability. Any product in the market that is expensive will either have a good body. If not, they at least have a warranty. Beats has neither of them. So even if we ignore the inner mechanics, there is no way we would want to spend over $300 on a pair of headphones that do not even have a strong body.

  • Cheap equalizing:

While beats have a great bass which makes people run after them, they have a major flaw. The flaw is the equalizer in the headphones. Users say that a cheap set of headphones provides some sort of equalizing of sounds between the two earpieces. However, beats do not provide any equalizing of music. This adds to being uncomfortable and makes them not worth the money that they demand their product.

  • Short battery life:

One of the worst things about beats is that they have very short battery life. Beats headphones are rechargeable and they work wirelessly. However, customers constantly complain about having to spend more time charging them than using them. If you are paying so much, you would at least expect a long and good battery life.

  • They serve a single music kind:

Many people argue that the bass of Beats by Dr. Dre is actually good. We do not disagree with that. However, the problem is that the bass is only good if you are listening to pop or rock. In other forms of music, the bass overpowers and ruins the music quality entirely.  Seems like the product was for only one genre of music and others would have to suffer. Beats by Dr. Dre sound quality loses here.

  • No microphones:

People use headphones for other than listening to music. Many of them prefer a microphone with their headphones so that they can record as well. Beats by Dr. Dre does not have a microphone on their headphones. The lack of options in this regard makes it not worth the money that you spend on buying this item.

Which Beats by Dr. Dre should you buy?

There are several different models of beats by Dr. Dre. The following are few that you should get for your required purpose.

  • For Studio: The Beats Studio Wireless is a special design to ensure that you get all the important features for the studio.
  • For working out: Beats by Dr. Dre Powerbeats is the perfect headphone set for you to work out in. They last for up to 12 hours and are lightweight.
  • For cold outdoors: If you like to listen to music in the cold outdoors then the Beats Solo 3 is the best for you. They are great music plus they are a little heated to help you keep warm.
  • For traveling: As a regular journey, your perfect partner would be the Beats studio 3 wireless headphones. They have longer battery life and they keep you on guard as well.
  • For noise canceling: If you would like the perfect pair of noise-canceling headphones, then Beats solo 2 are a great option for you.

Where can I get real but cheap Beats by Dr. Dre Headphones?

Getting real Dr. Dre from a service shop nearby is the easiest way. However, if you want to save a couple of bucks, then here are a few places to know where you can find Beats by Dr. Dre car speakers and others.

  1. Amazon: Amazon has several different third party sellers that sell it for quite less. You can also enjoy Beats by Dr. Dre on sale.
  2. eBay: eBay is another great online website that will help you buy the perfect pair of real Beats. You may get refurbished or used ones on this website
  3. Stores on holidays: If you are looking to buy Beats then look around the holidays. They will usually have a discount on Boxing Day or even black Friday.
  4. Wal-Mart: Wal-Mart is literally a place where you get everything. Head to the nearest Wal-Mart and you just might find beats by Dr. Dre wholesale prices. Additionally, you can use your discount vouchers and coupons for a few extra savings.
  5. Local stores: If you get them from local stores you might actually save a lot of money. They are more expensive in malls and bigger places.

Are Beats earbuds worth it? 

Unlike the headphones, beats earbuds are actually worth their money. They have a sleek and perfect sound quality that is enjoyable. These headphones are light in weight and also come with long battery life. They are actually a great way to enjoy quality music. However, they are still not the most comfortable ones.

Which Beats by Dr. Dre headphones have the most bass?

Beats Pro is your choice for the best bass. They give the best studio quality sound that matches with the bass.

How do you charge Beats by Dr. Dre headphones?

The charging process of Beats is very easy. Just follow these steps;

  1. Find the charging place under the left cup
  2. Plug it into your headphones and then your computer. You can also plug it on USB outlet
  3. Wait for it to charge

How can you fix the Beats headphones if one side does not work?

You can check with the following if beats by Dr. Dre’s one ear is not working

  1. Check the connection
  2. Check the audio source
  3. Configure settings
  4. Change the cable

If either of these troubleshooting methods does not work then take them to a professional.

What is the cheapest place to buy Beats by Dre headphones?

There are several places mentioned. But the best place is the local store on a holiday for a further discount.


After reading this article you might have made your mind up about Beats by Dr. Dre. There are several good qualities to them and they might even be better than your regular headsets. We have pointed out the obvious and our experience with them in this article.

 You can try them out for yourself too. In conclusion, we think that Beats by Dr. Dre is just average. They are definitely not worth the money. However, they have several different deal makers and breakers.

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