Top 7 Best Bed Headphones: How to Pick the Best Bedphones

Top 7 Best Bed Headphones: How to Pick the Best Bedphones


It is often said that music speaks to the soul. Listening to your favorite soothing music when sleeping is therefore, one of the surest ways of getting a peaceful night’s sleep. It is therefore, not a surprise that this trend is gaining popularity with each passing day. But the fact is, you will need a good pair of bed headphones if you are to truly enjoy the experience.

Good quality headphones are supposed to offer the best musical experience while ensuring comfort. Truth be told however, that this is still a very new niche, so getting headphones specifically made for use in bed will require a substantial investment on your part. This does not mean all is lost though. You can still get a very good set of headphones for bed use so you can listen to some music or audiobook before you fall asleep.

Before we delve into the best bedphones however, we feel there are some important things that need to be covered first. 

Who really needs bed headphones?

Well, this is a tricky question to answer, because every person has their own preferences, and are driven by different reasons and factors. The simplest answer for this question however, is ‘anyone that would like to enjoy some music without disturbing the person next to them’.

Here are some reasons why someone would want to go get a set of sleeping headphones:

  • Audiophiles who can’t live without music. Yes, there are people who cannot function without music. They live for the thrill of quality sound pounding in their ears. If this is you, you are definitely going to benefit from a pair of bedphones.
  • People with sleeping problems. Do you toss and turn every night before you fall asleep? Having a set of headphones in bed is going to help you fall asleep faster. Apart from listening to music, you could listen to white noise or natural sounds like rainfall, ocean waves, or birds singing. Research has shown that these sounds help calm the mind so you can fall asleep faster and enjoy a deeper, more restful sleep.
  • People living in noisy neighborhoods. If you are living in a noisy neighborhood, investing in a pair of good bedphones can really go a long way in ensuring you are always fresh and full of energy in the morning. Living next to a subway station, airport, or beside a busy highway is the perfect recipe for loud, distracting noises all night long. Good headphones for bed, preferably ones with excellent noise isolation, will be a worthy investment. 

Tips to Help You Choose the Best Bed Headphones

Now that you are ready to begin your search for the most ideal bedphones for you, let us look at some considerations that you need to make before settling for any specific pair. Doing this will save you disappointments in the future so, it is better to try on a few before parting with your hard-earned money. 

1. Comfort

This is by far, the most important consideration anyone thinking of getting some headphones for bed use needs to take. After all, you’ll be using them in bed. You need to be absolutely comfortable, otherwise it will defeat the purpose of getting them in the first place.

Unfortunately, there is no way of telling which set will be comfortable for you and which ones will not just by looking at photographs. That means that if you are serious about getting the best, you are better off making time to visit your brick and mortar store. Yes, for this, shopping online just does not cut it.

In case your favorite online retailer is offering a great discount and you do not want to miss out, still go to your local store, find a pair that you love, and then go buy them from the online retailer. This way you will be safeguarded from any disappointments in the future.

Basically, what you want to look out for in terms of comfort is the style – over-ear, on-ear, or in-ear. We will cover more on this in the next section. You want a set of headphones for bed that you can use even when sleeping on your side because it is inevitable that you will change position a few times through the night. If they are not comfortable for side sleeping, you are in for some rude sleep distractions.

2. Style

Not all styles of headphones are suited for use in bed. You most probably already know this – or you will, when you start looking for one. Over the ear headphones will most probably be too bulky for bed use even though they deliver the best audio quality, and also the best fit. They are going to be extremely difficult to keep them in place, especially if you prefer softer pillows. Sleeping on the side will also be near impossible with these on.

Over the ear headphones will not be much better. In fact, they may be worst because they have a smaller area to distribute the pressure. In-ear headphones on the other hand, maybe pushed in too deep into your ear canal when sleeping on the side for comfort.

Your best bet therefore, is to get a set of headphones made specifically for use in bed. They guarantee the best fit and comfort but will cost significantly more than standard headphones. If you only need a set for use before you fall asleep and don’t mind a little discomfort, you could go for the other styles too.

3. Sound Quality and Regulation

Quality of sound is most probably not going to be your top most concern when getting a pair of bedphones. You will be listening to low volumes anyways, and that will hide most sound imperfections. What you want to look out for however, is the noise isolation and sound leakage. Getting a set that has good noise isolation is important if you are sleeping next to a snoring partner or you live in a noisy neighborhood. You also do not want to disturb the person sleeping next to you as they are asleep, so get a pair that has no sound leakage.

4. Wired or Wireless

The decision to go for wired or wireless bed headphones largely depends on your source of music and your budget. Wireless bed headphones are perfect for use in bed because they have no wires that will tangle up as you toss and turn. They are however, going to be more expensive than wired counterpart because of this extra feature, and won’t work with devices without Bluetooth feature. If you opt for wired headphones, just make sure that most of the cable is hidden under your pillow to prevent it from disturbing your sleep.

5. Budget

Lastly, you ought to know how much you are willing to pay for a pair of bedphones. Think of this as an investment for your health, because a good night’s sleep is as important as a healthy diet when it comes to your well-being. Do not get a pair that will add to your troubles, but also don’t go for ones that will break your bank. You should be able to find common ground and get the best possible pair you can afford. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should you wear headphones when going to bed?

Different people use bed headphones for different reasons. Some may use them to entertain themselves while others may use them to try to battle with insomnia.   Whatever your reason, you need to buy the best sleeping headphones that have a noise canceling feature. This will help you block all the external noise while still enjoying your music.

  • What kind of Headphones are the best for sleeping? 

There are many different brands of sleeping headphones in the market today. I would recommend sleeping headphones that have a band and also a noise cancellation feature. These headphones will assure your comfort while still blocking the external noises.

  • Is it right to wear headphones when in bed with your spouse?

If your spouse is comfortable with that, then I don’t see any reason for you not to wear them when you are in bed with your spouse.

  • What style of headphones is the best for a sleeping headphone?

It is important that sleeping headphones should be comfortable during use. Due to this reason, headphones that have a band are the best. They should also be light in weight. To top up, I recommend the wireless once that they will give you room to turn in the bed without any tangled wires.

  • What are the best sleeping headphones

I would recommend any sleeping headphones that have a noise cancellation feature and also wireless. This will help you use the headphones with ease and not to worry if your cables will get tangled. Also, headphones that have a headband are the best as comfort is assured. 

Our Pick: Top 7 Best Sleeping Headphones

#1: Cozyphones Sleep Headphone

CosyPhones’ sleeping headphones are designed to help you listen to your favorite tunes as you battle with insomnia. Besides assisting you to fall asleep, you can use them when meditating, relaxing or traveling.

Cozyphones Sleep Headphone

Image Credit: Amazon

Cozyphones have ultra-thin speakers that are emended in a breathable lycra headband. This band helps the headphone stay comfortably in place while sleeping. This eliminates the aces that come from resting on earbuds overnight. The headphones come with a traveling band that helps you carry them when on the move.

Even better, sleeping headphones use a standard 3.5mm headphone jack that makes them compatible with many mobile devices like iPod, IPad, Sony, Samsung, and HTC. This headphone jack is also compatible with all MP4 and MP3 Players – there are no limitations of what device to use.

#2: Panasonic RP-HS46E-K Clip-on earphone

Panasonic RP-HS46E-K Clip-on earphone has an ultra-slim clip-on design that gives you comfort when you wear for a long time, or even when sleeping on your side. The clip-on design helps the headphone to stay firmly on your ears while you sleep or when engaging n any other activity.

Panasonic RP-HS46E-K Clip-on earphone

Image Credit: Amazon

These headphones have a negligible noise isolation ability that helps you to converse while still wearing them. However, this feature is not a good option for people who want to shield noise distractions while they sleep. They have 30mm drivers and 20hz-20kHz frequency response.

Even better, Panasonic headphones have a standard 3.5mm jack pin that makes it compatible with phones, laptops, and MP3 players.

#3: Mountain Sleep Headphones

If you are looking for sleeping headphones, mountain sleep headphones can be a good choice. They have ultra-thin speakers that are built into a breathable band. You can maintain a clean band since it is detachable and afterwards position the headphones as desired.

Image Credit: Amazon

Image Credit: Amazon

The soft lycra band helps in securing the earphones in place and also bringing about comfort while sleeping. Even better, the band is lightweight and breathable to prevent overheating and sweating. Besides bringing about comfort, the lycra band helps the earphone to stay firmly on the head while relaxing, meditating or even working out.

The mountain sleeping headphones have a noise-canceling feature that helps to block all background noise and lets you listen to music without any external noise destruction. Due to this reason, these headphones are recommended to people who want to sleep without any destruction.

Mountain headphones have a braided cord that is both durable and long helping you to reach your music device with ease. It uses a 3.5mm jack pin that makes it compatible with many devices such as phones, MP3 players or any other audio device.

#4: Pokevi Bluetooth Headband Headphones

Pokevi Bluetooth headphones use Bluetooth technology to pair with audio devices without using a cable. These headphones can work with an audio device that is as far as 33 feet away.

The headphones have their speakers built in a soft and breathable headband that will help you listen to your favorite tunes even if you are sleeping on your side. The headband is secure, and it gives you the freedom to use it while you are engaging in other activities like exercising.

Repokevin Bluetooth Headband Headphones

Image Credit: Amazon

The Pokevi headphone’s headband has a 3-button control system that gives you a hands- free operation. You can answer your calls, regulate the volume of your music and switch from one song to another at the comfort of your bed.

Just like most sleeping headphones, you can remove the speaker drive and the batteries when you want to clean the headband.

#5: Actop Sleep Headphones

The Actop headphones have a 3-in-1 design that lets you use the headphones as an eye mask, travel neck pillow or as bed headphones. Due to these amazing features, they are the best for traveling.

Actop Sleep Headphones

Image Credit: Amazon

The headphones are light in weight and are washable. They come in navy blue and dark colors that give you an option to choose from. These headphones are comfortable when worn for a long time and also have a perfect sound isolation feature.

#6: Blue Ear Bluetooth Eye Mask Headphones

Blue Ear Bluetooth headphones are designed to keep your eyes relaxed as you listen to your favorite tunes. The headphones band is made from ultra-thin and soft velvet material to keep you comfortable during use.

Blue Ear Bluetooth Eye Mask Headphones

Image Credit: Amazon

Even better, these headphones have an onboard control panel that gives you a hands-free control. While still using the headphones, you can answer calls, adjust the volume and also switch from one song to another.

These bed headphones have an excellent noise-canceling feature. This helps to minimize the background noises that might interrupt your sleep. You can clean your headphone’s headphones whenever you want. Simply remove the speakers and the control panel then you are good to go.

#7: Keymao Bluetooth Sleeping Headphones

If you are looking for headphones that do not have nagging and tangling cables, Keymao Bluetooth headphones can be perfect. These wireless headphones are paced in a soft, breathable headband that makes you comfortable during use. It also has a three-button control panel that lets you control your playlist hands-free.

Keymao Bluetooth Sleeping Headphones

Image Credit: Amazon

Besides from being comfortable, you can use your headphones as a balaclava for hiking or a facial band to spice up your style. They have a long lasting battery that can give an extended playtime.

Getting a good pair of sleeping headphones is going to have an immediate positive impact on your sleep patterns and quality. You should therefore take time and choose one that you are going to love. The worst thing you can do, is hastily pick a pair just because they look good. So, take time, find several with features that you want, read what other users think about them and narrow down your list. Finally, test them out. If you do this, you are guaranteed the most peaceful sleep you’ve had in a long time.

We would like to know what pair works best for you, so leave us a comment below.

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