Skull Candy Headphones - Should I buy it?

Skull Candy Headphones

What is a SkullCandy? Is it something candy-like or an object related to your brain? Almost all of us have heard this name somewhere while browsing randomly. However, not all of us have bothered going into details or reading more about it.Well, to all such people, SkullCandy is a brand known for its headphones’ range. You can see numerous accessories with its striking logo. Though it is a well-known brand, should you actually go for it? Are buying SkullCandy headphones worth your hard-earned money?  

It is the most common question that might arise in your mind if you are planning to buy new headphones. Well, if it is the case with you, the good thing is we are going to cover this matter here. Therefore, you can get a satisfactory answer to your confusion regarding this headphone’s brand.    


SkullCandy is an American brand. Now you must be expecting numbers of intriguing products from this company? It is one popular brand. Therefore, we can look ahead to something attractive from it.

Rick Alden laid the foundation of this company. It started working back in the year 2003. The charismatic brand name and interesting logo became the reason for grabbing people’s attention. Besides, the owner put an adequate concentration to its marketing aspect. Consequently, we can witness an immediate rise in the popularity of this brand even during its starting time period.

SkullCandy started to become equally famous among different classes of people. However, the bar for athletes, teenagers, and youngsters was higher. Moreover, the brand promotions at crucial events also played a significant role behind its attractiveness. However, we cannot deny the fact that SkullCandy has brought some amazing products on the market.  


The most eminent feature of its headphones is their appearance. SkullCandy provides some outstanding looks to its products. In the result, everyone particularly young people loves to wear them.

Sound Quality:

Now coming to the sound quality, as it is what headphones are evaluated upon. You can expect SkullCandy’s headsets to provide good volume with adequate quality. However, it is just nominal for an average crowd.


The prices of Skull Candy’s products are not very high. We can categorize them at a medium level on the scale for its cost.


You can a good variety for headphones from this brand. It covers different categories for these accessories that contain varying features to fulfill users’ requirements.

SkullCandy – Should I buy it?

Huge numbers of headphones’ brands are present out there. In this diversity, are SkullCandy headphones good brand? We would say the answer to this question depends on your requirements. It is because of the diversity in users’ necessities.

However, there are few aspects that may assist in finding the right answer for this query.

Firstly, what is the strength of SkullCandy products? It is their trendy looks and pleasing appearance. Thus, we can rather categorize their models as fashion headphones. They look good to wear on almost everyone in every situation. This is the reason they are particularly popular in the routine customers’ market.  

What about its sound quality? It depends on the model you are looking for. Undoubtedly, SkullCandy has some products that deliver adequately good sound output. Yet, we can’t declare them outstanding. Its headphones can deliver heavy bass and loud sound. Thus, if you are more into the looks and less into sound quality, you should buy the SkullCandy.   

What else can affect the answer? It is none other than its price range. Fortunately, they are not very high-priced headphones. You can go for them if you have some tight budget. However, few people also have a problem with their prices. Why? They believe when Sennheiser and Bose are giving elite sound quality in the same range, then why to choose SkullCandy?

What is more about them? They are readily available in every other market. Therefore, you can easily replace its parts or exchange them.  

wireless headphones

Which one is best for you?

There is a number of SkullCandy products available in headphones’ categories. In this section, we will discuss one model from each category:

1. Wireless headphones:

SkullCandy Crusher 360 is a wireless headphone. It comes with the following attributes:

The appearance of Crusher 360 is very attractive. It comes in Black and tan color combination that gives cool looks. It contains circumaural earpads with comforting padding. Therefore, you can wear them as long as you want without feeling any discomfort.

The overall sound quality of crusher 360 is accurate. On the other hand, when you hear the sound with the bass, it somehow becomes terrible for sensitive listeners. Its bass makes earcups to vibrate. Because of its hepatic bass, it actually looks like feeling the sound. But, you can only make them flat and accurate by turning bass off.

The good thing is the bass range is widely adjustable. You can change them with your requirements. The battery life of SkullCandy crusher is exceptional. It may play audios for hours by just charging for 10 minutes. Moreover, it comes with Bluetooth connectivity.


  • It looks stylish
  • It feels comfortable
  • The sound is good when using it in wired mode


  • It is a bit pricier.


2. Wired Headphones

Lowrider On-ear headphone of SkullCandy exists in wired category. It comes with the following attributes:

The most eminent feature of this headphone is its foldability. You can fold them up and even put inside your pocket. This feature makes it highly portable. The appearance of this headset is colorful that would be fairly appealing to students. However, adults might not find it appropriate. It comes with rotating earcups. Thus, you can adjust their position according to your comfort.

Regarding sound quality, they are the right choice. They deliver accurate sound. It also provides fairly loud sound. However, it sometimes gives heavy bass that you may not find appropriate. As it is wired headphone, it uses cable for its connectivity.


  • It is portable because of its foldability.
  • The headphones are very comfortable to wear
  • It gives good sound quality for the price


  • It might give the heavy bass
  • The headphone might leak sound

3. Icon Wireless

Icon wireless on-ear headphone is relatively a newer pair of headphones. It is an advanced version of its previous classic pair. The previous version was wired. The manufacturers have brought the wireless version for better portability.

The design of this pair is very sleek and light. It is created in a way to facilitate athletes. Thus, they do not find it hard to wear headphones during their sports. The Bluetooth wireless technology further adds to this attribute. Now, you can pair it up with any other gadget to enjoy your music.

The sound quality of this pair is just right. Like other headphones, it also makes you feel the music. Furthermore, it provides 10 hours of battery life. It is enough to carry out the whole day. It even comes with microphone option. Thus, you can also take calls.


  • It is lightweight
  • It is portable and easy to carry
  • With wireless technology, they are easier to use


  • It doesn’t cover full ear

4. Wireless Earbuds  

SkullCandy Ink’d Earbuds comes under the wireless category.Following are its attributes:

The appearance of Ink’d earbuds are very sleek and slim. Their cord is also very thin. With these attributes, it won’t feel heavy on you. You could hardly feel its wire with the collar style shirt. Its band is flexible. It also contains attached control to make its access easier.

It delivers well-balanced sound quality. You would not feel any bass or treble push. It just delivers adequate sound with clear treble and midrange.

The battery life of these earbuds is 7 hours with almost high volume. It is enough to pass the whole day with a single charge. It uses advanced Bluetooth technology for its connectivity.


  • They look stylish
  • It is available in the affordable price range
  • The headphonesare lightweight and flexible


  • It might appear low-priced by its looks.

5. Sport Earbuds

Method Sports Earbudscomes with following attributes:

These beautiful gray colored earbuds are fairly light in weight. It contains thin wires. Its earbuds fit nicely inside your ears. Moreover, the most eminent fact is, it comes with sweat-resistant features. All these things make it suitable for you to wear them during workout session or sports.

Regarding sound quality, it gives decent quality. However, the bass might feel heavier. However, the vocals and Highs are just right. These earbuds exactly gives what you pay for. It uses Bluetooth 4.1 for its connectivity that is reliable and advanced technology. It gives the battery life of up to 9 hours.


  • It gives sweat-resistant attribute
  • They are available in low price ranges
  • Its in-ear style prevents sound leakage
  • It is lightweight


  • Doesn’t come with volume control option on remote


Skullcandy is one of the most popular brands for manufacturing headphones. However, we can say, their priorities are a bit different from other top-notch brands like Bose, Sennheiser, and others. Should you buy Skull Candy? In this write-up, we have tried to answer this common query.

The Skullcandy headphones are good for their appearance and low cost. However, few of its models also provide other versatile features with good sound quality. If you are not an audiophile and searching for appearance and adequate sound quality, then go for SkullCandy.

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