What Should You Know about The Call Center Headset?

What Should You Know about The Call Center Headset?
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Do you need high quality, but yet price-friendly call center headset? Look no further! In this article, we will explain why you should get higher quality headsets so your employees and clients are both happy. After that, we will present some of the best quality headsets and call center headphones, so stay tuned and let’s get started.

Almost every major company or institution has their own call center. From the biggest telecommunication companies to the police and hospitals. Every one of them needs to be able to talk to their clients, to answer their questions and help them with the issues they might have.

Therefore, call center employees always need to be focused on the customers and their needs. In order to do that, they need to feel comfortable at their job. That’s why a quality headset is needed.

Why Choose Headsets?

Being a call center operator can be a really stressful job. Hours and hours of endless sitting and talking to the people, while at the same time trying to stay sharp and concentrated so you wouldn’t make mistake. That’s why it is very important for you as an operator to be comfortable in your workplace.

It is proven that call center operators are more productive when they are using headsets. They are more relaxed, their hands are free and their necks don’t get stiffed because of being in one position for hours. They’re free to move around if the headset has enough of the cable or wireless connection.

Apart from that, it is easier for both the operators and clients to hear each other via headset, because it is less likely for them to make mistakes. And when there are no mistakes, clients are happier.

Why choose headsets

Important Characteristics Call Center Headsets Should Have

Now when you understand why the headphones are so important in call centers, let us talk about what kind of attributes you should be looking for when you buying a headset for your call center.

  • First of all, if there are a lot of people working in the call center, you should be looking for a headset with noise cancellation so your customers wouldn’t hear your colleagues talking.
  • You need to make sure ear-pads are comfortable, especially if your employees are using the dual headsets.
  • All headphones, both wireless and cable connected, must have a stable connection.

These are the main criteria you should consider when buying a new headset. More detailed characteristics will be covered when we make a distinction between different types of call center headphones.

What Types of The Call Center Headsets Are Available to Me?

There are lots of types of headphones available out there. From wired USB or 2.5mm jacks to Bluetooth and wireless headphones. From mono to duo headphones. From 20$ to 500$. All of those have advantages and disadvantages.

  • What are the advantages of the wired call center headphones?
Probably one of the biggest assets of wired headsets is that you don’t have to charge them at all. Another thing is they offer a much stable connection because their call center headset adapter is directly linked to the device, so you wouldn’t have to worry too much about that.
And of course, there is a benefit of a lower price than the price of the wireless headsets. You can get high-quality wired headphones for the same price as just average quality Bluetooth ones.
    • What are the advantages of wireless call center headphones?
    The advantages of Bluetooth device are at the same time the disadvantages of the wired device and vice versa. First, with wireless headsets, you can walk freely if needed since there isn’t a cable to restrain your movement, so you don’t have to be close to the phone.
    • The main disadvantage of the wireless headphone is less stable connectivity

    What Types of The Call Center Headsets Are Available to Me

    While wired headsets provide a direct link to your telephone or PC, non-wired headphones rely on a Bluetooth or wireless connection, which could lead to a temporary loss of connection. This happens rarely with more expensive Bluetooth headphones, which is another disadvantage. And of course, there is a necessity to charge it. More expensive models have a higher quality battery and can last longer.

    Another criterion which is used to separate different types of call center headsets is whether they have one or two earpieces. Those with the one earpiece are called mono headphones, and those with 2 earpieces are called duo headphones.

    • Mono headphones are useful if your employees need to talk to each other while they are working

    In case they need to share information on a regular basis, or if they need to complement each other’s work. These headphones are the best choice if your call center doesn’t have too many operators and they cost less than duo headsets.

    • Duo headphones are much more used

    With them, operators do not have to worry about crowded space or everyone else talking at the same time. These headsets provide completely private conversation between the customer and the operator. Their biggest setback compared to mono headphones is the comfort, because duo call center headphones are less comfortable.

    There are also some other types, like call center headsets for the hearing impaired people.

    What Call Center Headset Should I Get?

    In the previous part of the article, we explained why call center headphones are important, what are the most important characteristics you should keep in mind when buying the headset and what types of call center headsets there are.

    Keep in mind that it depends on your needs. So you can say that there isn’t the best call center headset, but only the best one which suits your specific needs.

    What Call Center Headset Should I Get

    The best call center headsets under 50 dollars

    •  Mpow V4.1 Bluetooth Headset 


    This model offers clear conversations and noise reduction microphone, with a stable Bluetooth V4.1 connection. The headset is very light and comfortable, with the battery which can last around 13 hours. Also, it has a one-touch control button, which can be used to accept or reject calls pretty fast.

    •  VXi Blue Parrot USB Envoy Office Headset 2031U 

    VXi Blue Parrot USB Envoy Office Headset 2031U

    This model offers high-quality conversations. It comes with a USB plug and it is compatible with UC, softphone and dictation applications.

    •  Wantek Corded Telephone Headset Dual 

    Wantek Corded Telephone Headset Dual

    This model offers clear conversations with noise reduction microphone and acoustic shock protection circuit as a protection for your hearing. It is also very light with a headband which could be adjusted to fit anyone. It has very soft ear cushions so they can be used the whole day if needed without any trouble. It is very durable, made of high-quality plastic. But be warned, it is only compatible with certain phone models.

    • Sennheiser 504547 Culture Series 

    Sennheiser 504547 Culture Series

    It comes with integrated call control and USB plug, which is optimized for Microsoft Lync. It has a noise reduction microphone, which can be rotated by up to 340 and ActiveGard, which is used to protect the person who wears it from acoustic shock. It is very comfortable with its large cushions and it features call control buttons.

    • Phone Headset RJ9 Call Center Headset 

    Phone Headset RJ9 Call Center Headset

    This model offers complete voice clarity for every type of use. It comes with the noise reduction microphone and a quick disconnect plug, so you can walk around without having to remove the headset. It is also very comfortable, with an adjustable headband, a microphone that can rotate up to 330⁰ and very soft leather cushions. It is compatible with RJ9 and it also has an extra 3.5mm jack to allow connection with more devices, like mobile phones.

    • Plantronics 85619-101 Black Wire C320 

    Plantronics 85619-101 Black Wire C320

    This model offers lightweight headband, which is adjustable and comfortable. It comes with the controls to easily accept or reject calls, change the volume or mute, with the addition of the lights which show you the status of each. It has a noise reduction microphone and dynamic EQ feature.

    • The Best Call Center Headset Comparison Table Under $50

    The best call center headsets over 50 dollars

    • Logitech USB Headset Mono H650e

    Logitech USB Headset Mono H650e

    This model comes with laser-tuned drivers and noise-canceling microphone so it offers minimum distortions and very clear conversations. The headband is adjustable so it offers a lot of flexibility and earpad comes with a built-in equalizer. It is optimized for Microsoft Lync 2010.

    • Sennheiser CC550IP 

    Sennheiser CC550IP

    It comes with a noise-canceling microphone which can be rotated by up to 300 and with ActiveGard technology to protect your hearing. The headband is completely adjustable and pads are very comfortable, which allows the smooth and comfortable working process.

    • Jabra Pro 920 Duo 

    Jabra Pro 920 Duo

    This cordless model comes with a noise-canceling microphone and Jabra Safetone technology for hearing protection. Effective range is 120m, with overall talking time of 8 hours. It can be fully charged in around 3 hours. It is very light, weighing only 27g. Jabra IntelliPower system ensures minimal energy consumption. This is an excellent choice for you if you can afford it.

    • Plantronics CS540 

    Plantronics CS540

    This is a wireless headset of very high quality. It comes with a wideband audio quality which includes technology that completely removes all interference around you. It comes with acoustic protection and noise reduction microphone. The range is up to 350 feet and the battery can last up to 7 hours (talking time). There is one thing to note: This headset is NOT Bluetooth compatible.

    • Sennheiser DW Pro 2 Wireless Headset 

    Sennheiser DW Pro 2 Wireless Headset

    For those with a wider pocket, this model could be very useful. It offers you the ability to move freely up to 400 feet and comes with excellent connectivity, allowing you to switch between different devices hands-free. Of course, it is one of the best call center headsets with noise cancellation microphone, which allows crystal clear conversations. There is no doubt that this is one of the top wireless call center headsets in the market.

    • The Best Call Center Headsets Over $50 Comparision Chart

    How Should I Take Care of My Call Center Headset?

    After seeing how costly these headsets are, you must be wondering how should you take care of your headset. No worries! We have several tips to help you with that.

    First of all, you should clean your headset after every use if possible. Make sure to remove any hairs, dirt, sweat, makeup, etc. from your headphones, because all of these could potentially contribute to the headset not working in the future.

    Next, you should try to change the main components every half a year or so. That includes ear cushions, microphone tube, ear tips, and ear gels.

    Never try to forcefully remove cords! You should only disengage the device via an adapter, or it can lead to wires being fried.

    Try not to drop the headset. There are a lot of small parts which could easily break if you are not being careful. That said, whenever you are done with your work, you should put away the headset in your drawer or some special box or simply hang it on a hook.

    You shouldn’t keep your headset in very warm temperatures. Plastic can melt, so it can completely damage the headset.

    Also, we’ve already mentioned cleaning sweat. It is important to do it because if the headset is sweaty enough, the wires can fry and then the headphones will malfunction. That’s why you should keep your headset away from wet places.

    How Should I Take Care of My Call Center Headset


    1. What is noise reduction technology?

    Noise reduction technology is used to reduce background noise, which results in crystal clear conversations between the operator and the customer.

    2. What are the advantages of wearing a headset?

    It will make your work much easier. Since your hands are free, you are able to answer calls faster. Another benefit is that your body feels much more relaxed when it is not in a stationary position, so you being able to move also helps your health. And third, conversations with the customers are much more private, which allows you to think clearly and help the client.

    3. What is the difference between mono and duo headsets?

    Mono headsets have one earpiece, which allows you to communicate with your colleagues with ease. Duo headsets have 2 earpieces, which allows completely private conversations with your customer.

    The Call Center Headset


    There you go! We’ve mentioned everything you need to know about call center headsets: why they are important, what types of headsets exist, what is the best, but yet price-friendly headsets and some tips on how to take care of your headset.

    Now you are ready to get the right call center headset for you and your employees.

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