Lightning Headphones:Why did Apple Give up 3.5mm Headphones and Choose Them?

Lightning Headphones:Why did Apple Give up 3.5mm Headphones and Choose Them


Do you remember one of the most prominent moments in our history of using iPhones? It was when Apple finally decided to ditch the 3.5mm audio jack port, in its iPhone 7. So what replaced the most used 3.5mm headphone plugs and jacks? The answer is the Lightning headphones technology.

It incorporates a part connector and a cable, specially designed to be used in iPhones and iPads. It' s designed to be capable of being inserted from either side, so there' s no wrong side to it. It beats the iPod' s old 30 pin connector as it is slimmer and more compact. Furthermore, it' s capable of transferring data and power quite faster than its counterpart.

Are you hooked yet? Don' t worry if you need more convincing as the real deal is yet to be discussed! Stay tuned to know more about why Apple chose this technology!

What is the Lightning adapter?

Lightning adapter

Now, after reading this article if and when you' ll be convinced to switch you probably won' t need this. However, for those of you who' d like to stick with their 3.5mm wired headphones, this product is for you. This adapter allows you to connect devices that use a 3.5 mm audio plug to your Lightning devices. Most adapters work well with any device that embeds a Lightning connector including iPod touch, iPad, and iPhones etc.

The Lightning technology is not just limited to sound. Its adapters are capable of converted Lightning to SD Card Camera Reader, VGA Adapter, Digital AV Adapter, and HDMI. After the iPhone 7 series when the 3.5mm port got removed, Apple phones started to include ear pods with Lightning connector and 3.5mm to lightning adapter. Apple does care for their customers after all.

Apple decided to abandon the older technology not merely because of sizing but other quality reducing features too. The new kit aimed to allow existing iPhone users to take their time in their transition from the famous 3.5mm plugs to the Lightning connectors. Therefore, iPhone 7, iPhone 8 and iPhone X all had the adapters included on upon their launch.

Still, there are many custom made adapters out there, from famous brands and enthusiastic consumers. Some of them even incorporate better features. It is something to consider for those of you, who still want to stick with your 3.5mm plug headphones.

What are Lightning headphones?

The Lightning headphones are headphones specifically designed to work with Lightning technology. They have a Lightning connector instead of a 3.5mm plug. Furthermore, Lightning headphones incorporate some advanced features. This makes them super compatible with the Lightning technology of Apple. They allow for better sound quality, more power, and advanced EQ all through the digital potential of the Lightning technology.

Lightning technology allows fast transferring of data and charging of your Apple device. All this, while also being capable of transferring audio signals through it. As a result, customers are heavily starting to rely upon this technology. In turn, manufacturers design headphones with Lightning technology embedded by default.

Lightning headphones

Why lightning headphones? - Why should you get one?

Lightning technology is simply the future. The fact of the matter is that Apple devices will probably never look back at the 3.5mm technology as they consider it an obsolete one. Lightning technology has many advantages over it already. As you progress in the article, you'll read about more advantages than I have already discussed.

If you' re about to switch from Android or other OS types to iOS, then take note that Apple' s latest phones use this technology for most of its functions now. This includes a very paramount one, listening to music. Most companies like W&B and Audeze already make personalized headphones for Lightning technology. The consumers report a positive day-to-day impact on their experience due to the increase in quality of audio and ease of multitasking. It' s like almost impossible to switch back after experiencing such a thing.

Using adapter for your 3.5mm plug is all good. However, there are some features which do not active due to the adapter. The lightning headphones fundamentally include features which support the Lightning technology. Therefore, a feature like EQ advancement and simultaneous power charging will be unavailable.

The advantages of Lightning headphones

1) High-Quality Sound

Compared to the normal headphones incorporating 3.5mm plug, there' s a huge boost in sound quality with using the Lightning headphones. The sound quality is similar to that of Studio Quality Recording rather than the conventional CD Quality Recording. This is because Lightning Technology uses digital audio signals. It allows you to exceed the conventional 16-bit (CD-quality) band to high-resolution 24-bit band. These are similar to Hi-Fi recordings professionally produced in the studio.

It' s also possible that Apple will soon further use this feature. How? They can develop a library full of high-resolution audio, on the Apple Music and iTunes store. Such a library would only be good with Headphones using Lightning Technology.

Lightning technology also allows the headphones to properly utilize lossless uncompressed audio files. These include heavy sized FLAC, ALAC and WAV formats. On the other hand, the conventional headphones don' t make full use of these formats. The quality difference would be very noticeable who' d listen to such a format side by side on both the technologies.

2) Thinner iPhones

There were many reasons Apple ditched the 3.5mm connector. The visible difference was that it allowed Apple to slash the thickness of newer models of iPhones. Don't forget that less thickness also means lesser weight. This made them more stylish and appealing to use and even helped in increasing the battery size. It was possible because the Lightning port is around eighty percent smaller than the normal headphone port.

3) More power

These headphones are capable of drawing power from the mobile phone, thanks to the Lightning technology. This allows for powering these headphones to activate noise-cancellation without battery. This, in turn, makes the Lightning headphones more compact.

Furthermore, the Lightning cable is capable of pushing the headphones to their limits. It does that by providing more power compared to the standard 3.5mm jack. This brings out the true elements of the headphones that make them sound more amazing without any other change. In addition to all these top features, you have the possibility to charge your iPhone while listening to music.

4) Better EQ

Lightning headphones are personalized to work with Lightning technology. They feature iOS apps, with consistent firmware upgrades. This gives you more control over the various frequency responses, bass, and overall balance. Moreover, it helps to limit annoying distortions in sound.

The manufacturers design the DAC and amplifiers to be pre-embedded in headphones rather than iPhones.  This allows for a higher quality transmission of sound waves. Thus, the firmware upgrade and headphone hardware, combine to produce harmonized top-notch sounds.

5) Digital potential

The world is shifting from analog to digital for UI control. The technology revolutionized the design and making of headphones. They now incorporate advanced sensors, amplifiers, DACs, and chips for firmware upgrades. All of it allows for overall adaptability and support for the users from the companies and thus, getting them the best out there day-to-day.


Lightning Technology is undoubtedly the future of Apple devices. While providing admirably better sound quality, it' s capable of powering the headphones through your device. This allows for amendment in headphones' designs.

These amendments include active noise cancellation without the need for a battery. Moreover, you get DACs, amplifiers, sensors and fast charging without disconnecting the headphones. Therefore, the Lightning technology works best with Lightning headphones.

Their price bracket is also quite forgiving. Good Lightning headphones are available under $150 compromise on the wide array of advanced features. I can assure that these headphones are a quite significant improvement over conventional headphones.

This is why I suggest keeping up with Apple technologies is the best bet here. As this allows you to not miss out on future perks provided by this hardworking company, all while enjoying the current advanced features.


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