Is Wearing a Gaming Headset Better for Gaming than a Speaker?

Is Wearing a Gaming Headset Better for Gaming than a Speaker

Speakers vs Headphones is a “war” that’s been going on since the beginning of gaming era, but we are here to help!

Have you ever played a game so intense and just felt like you were in there, making that important moves and winning the game? If you did, you surely know the feeling that something was missing through the game.

Headphones vs speakers gaming

You might just play on regular speakers and that didn’t let your game demonstrate its full potential.

So, you thought that using a gaming headset would improve that experience, or would it? If you have that dilemma, headphones vs speakers for PC gaming, stay with us and gain knowledge for the ultimate gaming sound experience.

Better sound quality for gaming

First, let’s talk about which one of those products will give you better sound quality.

If they are high quality, gaming headset will let you experience moving of other objects, footsteps, crawling and noises like little insects etc.

With the vibration option, they will even simulate bumping in a car while riding, shaking the rifle while shooting and much more! You can feel the atmosphere of the game, set up your configuration and you will hear movement and shooting just from the right corner and you’ll be able to react as fast as in real life. Pretty cool, right?

If, however, your hearing is damaged, and you need aid for hearing things, then, unfortunately, headphones are not for you.

Good speakers can make your whole room a gaming place, movie scene or something else you want. But again, they are too loud and, to be honest, no one in the family is interested in your game except you.

Quality gaming experience is guaranteed, and if you decide to invest your money in headphones you won’t be sorry.

Headset helps to concentrate than speakers

When we talk about speakers for pc, first thought of almost everyone is loud music and angry neighbors. When it comes to gaming, it’s very similar. You play your game loudly and keep your family up until you finish your session.

Headset helps you concentrate more than speakers which are very useful, especially in multi-player games. If you play on speakers, your sound will be dragged out through every corner of the room, but in case of playing with headphones, you’ll keep all the sound for yourself and focus it on you, which improves your gaming experience. Headphones can really give yourself to the game and make you feel like you are inside.

Pros and cons

Advantages and disadvantages of speakers over headphones:

  • Are often a visual highlight
  • Also available at low prices
  • Not as flexible as headphones
  • The environment might feel disturbed by the volume
  • Headphones are a great accessory

More privacy

PC gaming speakers can allow you to hear your teammates loud and clear but also you won’t have a problem with hearing gunshots and vehicle moving. But speakers don’t give you privacy, am I right?

In party sessions, it’s very important that you hear your team members well and communicate so you can give your maximum – as an individual and as a team. Headphones help you communicate with the team in difficult conditions. For example, if your house is filled with guests, family, and friends, you and your online friends might need a little more privacy to finish your game. Just plug your headphones and you are good to go.

Headsets help communicate with team

Headphones offer you one more feature beside sound, and that is a microphone. And not just some microphone, but a very high-quality sound catching microphone that is also being used for streamings and video recording. It’s great because new quality microphones catch only your voice and ignore the noise in the background, which will keep you in your team by not annoying your teammates.


The headset also provides comfort which is a key to longtime playing without any disturbing. Comfortable headset is as important as comfortable underwear. If you get bothered all along that game, you will stop playing. But not with a good headset. You’ll enjoy every part of the game.

Headphones are great to use for their main purpose but also for something else – accessories. You can find a lot of headphones that will fit your look and impress anyone who sees you.

And, you can’t have comfort with speakers because they take up a lot of space.

No room size limit                            

Another great thing about the headset is that it has no room size limit, you can wear them with yourself or enjoy your game from your chair in the room without disturbing other family members with space-taking or sound.

Besides, you must buy a microphone when you get speakers, which is just another thing to pay that you need for gaming.


In the light of everything that we previously mentioned, it’s more common to see a gamer with headphones rather than with speakers. Gamers tend to fully get in that “gaming mood” and headphones are just the perfect thing for that.

When the speakers vs headphones for gaming theme come up in a conversation, there are always lovers of one and another side. The truth is, headphones give you much more satisfaction during the game, they are cheaper than speakers, they don’t take much space and they are a great accessory, easy to fit in the look. A great thing about headphones is their price.

They are not overpriced, and if you compare their price with the price of best gaming pc speakers, they pay off a lot more. Treat yourself with a pair of pc headphones and enjoy your ultimate gaming experience!

Anything that produces sound and is being used wrong can cause your hearing to be damaged. Hopefully, you won’t exaggerate and hurt yourself. You can set limits of sound enchantment and protect yourself that way. Use them for entertainment and fun, not for showing off.

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