How to Fix Xbox One Headset Not Working? [A Step By Step Guide]

How to fix Xbox One headset not working?


There is nothing more frustrating than having an Xbox one headset not working while being unable to figure out to the root cause. Whether it is Xbox, PC, any other console, a properly working headset is an integral part of your gaming experience.

How to fix Xbox one headset?

Are you struggling with a silent Xbox One headset? It is also likely that your headset mic has given up while the headphones work perfectly. Or perhaps your headset is picking up unwanted noise and/or keeps buzzing.

These are all the symptoms of an Xbox headset not working properly. Ultimately, this may ruin your entire gaming experience especially if you play multiplayer games that require you to communicate with team members constantly.

This article aims to guide you with the entire troubleshooting process so that you could find the root cause of your headset’s malfunction. If you find your Xbox one headset not working, we have curated a number of fixes that may help you.

These include:

General troubleshooting methods

A headset malfunction could mean that either your Xbox one mic is not working properly, or there is an issue with the headphones.

In case you have your Xbox one headphones not working, you may use the following general troubleshooting methods:

  • Disconnect and pull the lead of the headset off from the controller. Now, firmly connect it again and see if it works.
  • Verify that the headset is not on mute by checking the mute button on the headset.
  • Check your audio levels in settings > device & accessories > your controller > audio settings on your Xbox one console.
  • Try using a different controller in order to verify if there is a problem with your hardware.
  • Make sure that your Xbox one controller is up to dare with the latest firmware.
  • Ensure that you are using a dedicated Xbox one headset with the Xbox One controller.
  • Look for any sign of defects on your Xbox One console hardware including the cords, controller, and headset.
  • Check if your controller is properly powered.
  • Unplug the power and reboot your Xbox One console.

    Take a look at your profile settings

    Often at times, profiles are set to prevent the chatting by default. This is especially true if the parental controls are on. So check your profile’s privacy & safety settings.

    In order to do so, follow the steps below:

    • Sign in using your Xbox account
    • For your reference, consider opening the guide
    • Select the Settings button
    • Under the Account button, select the Privacy & online Safety button
    • Now, select the View details & customize button.
    • Now, move on to the Communicate with voice and text section
    • Select the audience that you want to allow communication with. You may either select a particular group of friends, or everyone. This will depend on your communication preferences.

      Update the firmware on your controller

      Often at times, if you Xbox controller firmware is not updated, your Xbox headset will stop working properly.

      In order to make your Xbox one headset compatible with the controller, the controller’s firmware will have to be updated. Do note that you cannot really make full use of your headset unless and until the firmware is updated.

      There are three ways to update the firmware. These include:  

      Updating the firmware through PC via the Xbox Accessories application

      • Launch the Xbox accessories application
      • Make sure that your Xbox One controller is connected to the PC via a wireless adapter or USB cable.
      • After your controller is connected and there is a new firmware available, a message saying ‘Update Required’ will pop up.
      • Install the update, and check if your Xbox One headset works.

        Updating the firmware through USB

        In case you wish to update your Xbox Controller through USB, follow these steps:

        • Sign into your Xbox Live account on the Xbox One console.
        • In case a system update is available, install it.
        • Now, plug your headset adapter into your controller.
        • Then, plug the bigger end of the USB cable into the Xbox One console.
        • The small end of the cable goes into the controller at its top
        • Now, you may see instructions to update the firmware. In case the instructions do not appear, click on system.
        • Go to Kinect and devices
        • Choose Devices and accessories
        • Choose your controller
        • Go to Device info
        • Select Firmware version box
        • Now, select continue and your firmware will be updated
        • After the update, check if your headset works now

          Update the firmware wirelessly

          In case you want to update your firmware wirelessly, follow these steps:

          • Sign in to Xbox Live on your console.
          • In case you see an update available for the system, install it.
          • Now, plug your Xbox headset adapter into the controller. In case you Xbox one headset adapter is not working, the updates will not get installed properly.
          • Make sure that your controller is wirelessly connected with your console.
          • Open the guide first.
          • Now, select System.
          • Go to Kinect and devices.
          • Select Devices and accessories
          • Now, select the particular controller that you wish to update
          • Select Device info button
          • Now, select the Firmware version box
          • To update, select Continue
          • Now, check if your headset works properly.

            Go for a hard power cycle on your Xbox One console

            Generally, this step should be performed only in case you have gone through all the above-mentioned methods.

            In order to perform a hard power cycle, follow the steps highlighted below:

            • Press on the Xbox button in order to open the guide
            • Click on System
            • Now, choose Settings
            • Then, move on to the Power and Startup section
            • Choose Power mode and startup
            • Now, choose Power mode
            • Select the Energy Saving button
            • Now, hold the Xbox button for about 10 seconds in order to do a hard power cycle. Then, press again in order to restart your Xbox One console.
            • Try the disc once again. After your Xbox One console reads it, set it back to the Instant-on power mode.
            • Check if the problem with your Xbox headset still persists. If it does, and you have already performed all of the above methods, it is likely to be a hardware fault.

              Take a look at the chat mixer

              Often at times, it turns out that settings in the chat mixer are preventing you to listen to other people. In case your Xbox one headphones are not working, check the volume levels in the chat mixer.

              To do this:

              • Go to the Display & Sound section in settings
              • Select the Volume button
              • From the volume options, slide the Chat Mixer slider to the center so that it does not mute any sounds.

                Once done, see if your Xbox one headphones have started responding.

                Check your Xbox one headset on other devices

                In case your Xbox headset mic is not working but you can hear, you may test it out on another platform. For instance, testing the Xbox headset mic on a laptop would be a nice idea. A simple test on Skype may let you know if there is a hardware problem with your headset.

                This, however, requires your Xbox headset to be compatible with other devices.

                Get your headset replaced or repaired

                In case none of the above-mentioned methods work, it is highly likely that your Xbox headset is not working due to a hardware fault. In this case, you will either have to get it replaced or repaired.

                This may depend on your budget though. Mostly, getting a headset repaired is cheaper than buying a new pair. However, a repaired device does not always perform at its maximum level of output. As a result of this, your gaming experience may get affected.

                The best option would be to invest in a new Xbox one headset that can support your gaming experience for a good while.

                In case you wish to go for a cheaper option, consider buying a used or refurbished one from eBay. You may end up with a great deal if you are lucky.


                There can be a wide range of reasons why your Xbox headset is not working properly. Whether it is a problem with the mic or the headphones, your gaming experience will be affected.

                With a hindrance in communication during gameplay, you will not be able to enjoy yourself to the max. Hence, your concerns are totally valid.

                The troubleshooting/solution methods that are included above are easy to apply and take you through each and every possibility. In case your headset still fails to respond, it is likely to be a hardware problem.

                This is when investing in a new pair should be your prime option. In case you would like to share your experience troubleshooting your Xbox headset, feel free to comment below!

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