15 Actionable Ways to Choose The Best Gaming Headset in 2019

15 Actionable Ways to Choose The Best Gaming Headset in 2019



You should not undermine the significance of high-quality sound. The high-end gaming experience is not limited to frame rates and resolutions. The speakers do not always provide you with all the immersive sounds, effects, and dialogues that enhance your audio experience. You have spent plenty on gaming platforms, displays, and graphics cards; why not invest in sound quality. Top-quality sound and audio effects are critical for an extraordinary gaming experience. There is no better way to enjoy the enhanced gameplay than choosing or buying the best gaming headsets.

Arkartech V-3 Portable Headset, Stereo Bass Gaming Headsets With Adjustable Noise Cancelling MIC and In-Line Volume Control

You can find cheap ones, and there are expensive pieces also available. You need to focus on your needs and requirements and don't end up buying the wrong product.


How To Choose The Best Gaming Headset?

Therefore, we have created this post to guide you how to get your hands on the best gaming headsets.

So, let’s start!


Speakers or Headphones

You might be thinking about buying top quality speakers, but for that, you also need to have plenty of space where you can put them.

If you don't have enough space, then we recommend spending your money on gaming headsets. 


Is The Gaming Headset Comfortable To Use?

If you are planning to play for long hours, then you must be sure that your gaming headset is as comfortable as possible. For acquiring the knowledge about the comfort level of best value gaming headsets, you need to look at the materials used in them along with the combination of headband and ear-caps.

These headsets are available in different sizes on the market. For example, ear-cap styles include in-ear, over-ear, around-ear, and on-ear. You can go for anything as per your need and comfort level. The luxurious feel of the ear-caps material is leather, but it can sweat and start to smell after an extended period of use.

Spongier ear-caps will not create this type of issue, but they might not be that comfortable either. There is also a need for wearing a headset that looks stylish. Lightly weighted headsets even matter a lot during long hours of playing as they don't compromise on comfort.

Therefore, we can say that optimal comfort has a significant role and functionality in a gaming headset.


Is The Gaming Headset Compatible With Your Game Platform?

The first thing you need to think when purchasing a gaming headset is that which platform and what types of games you play. Not every headset supports different gaming platforms such as PC, PS4, Mac, Mobile, Xbox, Tablets, and others. For instance, multiple headsets are compatible with the PC platform while others are compatible with Mac too.

One of the main difference in the headsets are the different jacks. However, some platform provides the headphone adapters that have a standard jack on them so you can use any headset with or without a microphone. Hence, you need to check all the specifications before buying your favorite headset.


Is The Gaming Headset Compatible With Your Game Type?

For choosing the best gaming headset, you need to select the game types, which you want to play. After that, you have to choose the best quality headset that is compatible with your game types as well. Not every headset is ideal for every game.

Generally, any wired headset can fit into standard 3.5mm jacks on the game controller. Therefore, you don't have to buy any particular headset for PS4 or Xbox One. Most wireless headphones work with PS4, Nintendo Switch, and XBOX but sometimes they do not work with microphones.


Superior Sound Quality of Headset

Whether you play regular games at home or are taking part in a competition, or want to improve your gaming skills, gaming headsets have plenty of importance. You have to hear all the sounds in the games with as much clarity as possible.

You have to know the direction of the gunfire, or footsteps behind you, or different sounds coming from different angles. The game action and various other situation indicators require high-quality sensitive gaming headsets.


You have to purchase the best gaming headphones that deliver you superior quality sound. You must receive a frequent response without any noise and with all sensitive directional information so that you can easily guess which way to go.

It enables you to determine your next move. There are plenty of best gaming headsets that you can buy that offer excellent results when it comes to audio positioning. These pieces not only enhance your experience but also improve your game-play.


Gaming Headset With or Without a Microphone

There are varieties of favorite games in which you need to communicate with other players or create a team. It allows you to set various goals. You will be able to select your armor, automobile, or map by speaking and for this, a microphone is a must.

Therefore, you need a microphone whether built-in or a separate unidirectional piece for communication. It must be equipped with high-end noise cancellation with crystal clarity. 

An excellent way to make conversation with other player is to purchase a high-quality headphone that comes with a microphone. It will enable you to manage both the items at once efficiently. By using this type of best value gaming headsets, you will feel very comfortable and enjoy playing your favorite game.


What Microphone Is Best for You?

Multiplayer gaming requires you to communicate with other players during the game. For this, you need a high-end mic with noise cancellation features. There are plenty of headsets that come with a built-in microphone that enables you to communicate effectively with another player during the game-play.

The best gaming headset features a movable (Detachable) microphone. With such a design you can pull it down when not using it and pull it back up when you want to speak. Another excellent feature that is not very common in gaming headsets is a remote button.

It is attached to the wire that allows you to turn the microphone on or off as per your requirements. You can also control the volume up and down button by using this remote. The remote can also enable you to take control of treble and bass.


Should You Go With a Wired or Wireless Gaming Headset?

The best value gaming headsets available on the market come in two types.

One is wired while the other one is wireless.


The wired headphones are more affordable gaming headsets. You will find these models producing clear sound, and they are long-lasting as well with plenty of other features to offer.

The quality of sound is better than wireless models because you may face the signal disturbance or any sound interference in wireless pieces. There is also an extra burden to charge the wireless unit whereas; there is no need to charge the wired headset.

A wireless headset is more expensive than a wired one, and it also restricts your movement while playing games.


How Durable Is The Headset?

When you have decided to buy a gaming headphone that caters your requirements then you need to keep it for a long time as well.

Therefore, for choosing the durable and best value gaming headset, you need to check various as aspects. Its materials, connection types, sound quality, styles, weight, platform, comfort, and price are all important factors that you must consider.

The high priced products are not compulsory to equate the high durability, but the quality of the material also matters a lot. The top quality materials used in the construction is always long-lasting and more durable.


Open or Closed Headsets-Which One You Need?

Choosing the right pair of headphones is a must if you want to enjoy your game to the fullest.

If you would like to hear the adjacent sound that is outside the gaming sound without any disturbance, then you must go for an open gaming headphone. 

If you do not want to lose your concentration on the game and don’t want to disturb anyone around, then buy for a closed gaming headset.

It is recommended to the competitive players to choose the closed design gaming headset where they can’t hear the noisy environment and get distracted.


How You Test Gaming Headsets?

The gaming headsets have the big drivers that make you feel the real bass and positional sound. These gaming headset drivers enable you to hear the sound from different angles. It will allow you to judge the direction from where the sound is coming.

The performance of the gaming headset matters a lot. For instance, after purchasing the gaming headphone, you must examine the sounds you hear in the games. These sounds include environmental noise, aircraft sound, weapons, and the quality of speech.


Connection Type

You can attach your best gaming budget headphone that is fully compactable with your platform. The headphones have multiple connection types like a standard jack 3.5mm, wired USB, wireless USB, and Bluetooth connection.

The two widely used and top-rated connection types are standard jack 3.5mm and USB.

If your PC has a high-quality sound card that can produce high-end sound, then you can choose the analog connection without any issue. Otherwise, the USB connection is the best option for experiencing clear sound.

Wireless or Bluetooth connections are not consistently producing clear sounds. The primary cause is the signal disturbance along with the restriction of movement.


Spare Parts/Accessories

All gamers want to enhance their gaming style and want to improve the gameplay too.

For this, you need to get good quality gaming headphones that last longer. They must also come with original qualities spare parts.

There are plenty of models that come with these accessories. You can replace the ear pads to prolong the life of your headset. A specialized or technical person can substitute some other connected cables as well. These spare parts are affordable.


How Much Must You Spend on a Gaming Headset?

Price is always a significant factor for purchasing any item like headphones or microphones.

There are two perspectives to spend your money on the gaming headsets.

One is you can buy it under your budget and the second is to go for the high-end models that come with all bells and whistles.


If you play games at home for fun, then a low budgeted headset is suitable for you. However, if you take your gaming seriously, then the price is not a compulsory factor. You need to buy a top-quality product. There are plenty of low budgeted models available that offer a good quality sound. You can also purchase expensive pieces that are wireless-designed and also deliver an excellent long-lasting clarity sound.


Which Gaming Headset Should I Get?

There are several best value gaming headsets that you can choose.

There are companies like Astro, HyperX, Turtle Beach, Sennheiser, AKG, Audio-Technica, Bose, Arkartech, and others who are known for the quality they offer to their customers.

Arkartech Company is one of the best companies that produce individual gaming headsets, Bluetooth headsets, and music headsets. Its gaming headphones have multiple features like comfortable to wear, compatibility significantly, ergonomic design, wired or wireless, more adjustable headband, high-quality sound, and user-friendliness.

These headphones are compatible with every platform. They come with a noise-canceling microphone, LED light, volume control, and over-ear Bass stereo. These headsets can work with a laptop, mobile, pads, smartphones, and Mac as well.



Top-quality sounds and audio effects are essential for high-quality gaming experience; whether you want to hear everything about the competition in Fortnite: Battle Royale or wish to indulge in the exhilarating experience that God of War provides.

Of course, it’s not all about gaming. You can also use your piece for listening to music or watch movies without invading the privacy of others. There are plenty of features to consider while choosing the best gaming headset. It all depends on what you want from it.

Do you look for any other aspect or feature before buying your favorite gaming headset? Please drop your comments or suggestions and update us on anything that we might have missed out.

Happy gaming!

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