Choosing The Best Drummer’s Headphones May Not Be An Easy Feat

Choosing The Best Drummer’s Headphones May Not Be An Easy Feat


Music helps to soothe you and if you go for drummer’s headphones it could be quite electrifying. It can be exciting if you are a part of any band, especially if you are a drummer. When you bang your sticks on the drum and you try to create a perfect beat, it would be so pleasing to hear the exact rhythm and note in your awesome drummer's headphone. You can also feel the plethora of energy within you seeping out.

Headphones for drummers

Most of the drummers have the challenge in choosing between in-ear and full-size headphones; they know very well that both are so great. In-ear headphones are highly preferred in drumming as it helps to reduce high sound and reduce noise. However full-size models are best if you will be using headphones just to listen to music, not drumming only.

So are you in search of best headphones for drummers of 2018? You can have the list of best headphones for drummers so that you can easily find the perfect one. There are a lot of challenges that drummers often face. When a drummer starts playing the drum, the amount of noise is extremely high. As a drummer, they do not have any other choice to step back from the noise. Another option for drummers is to cover the ears lest you end up damaging them – but how will you play drums if you cannot hear the symphony.

Headphones for Drummers – Marvelous Features

Headphones for drummers comprise of multiple features so that the wearer will definitely enjoy comfort and protection for his ears. With the help of this, drummers can easily play drum without any worries. The choice between in-ear headphones and over-the-head headphones usually depends on the drummer’s preference because it is all about comfort.

In-ear headphones are most effective as they are perfect to block out the outside noise, but most people feel that over-the-head headphones are much comfortable for the long time period. It’s up to you, you can choose anyone from these two.

Drummers can easily find a range of headphones according to their listening needs, latest improvements and noise cancellation technology. There are several best headphones for drummers are available, and the popular names include Bose QuietComfort 25, Beat by Dre EP, Sennheiser PCX 550 and JBL T450 Bluetooth on-ear headphones.

Headphones for drummers – marvelous features

Drummers Need to Have Good Headphones

A detailed study was conducted on drummer’s headphones and it was found that drummers may suffer from several diseases and hearing issues if they will not use good headphones. As drummers are highly exposed to all levels of sounds and continual music, that’s why they must have a good headphone that will help them out.

Some Major Reasons Why Drummers Need Headphones

The basic premise to why drummers need a good headphone is understood. Some of the major reasons are stated below which help them to play drums without any fears:

  • Get familiarized with the rest of the band

We all have noticed in TV shows or concerts that how drummers are so far from the stage. Further, they are little away from the lead vocalist so that the singers can sing the music more effectively.

The drummer is so far away from other musicians, so the problem is that he is unable to be in sync with his partners. Though, if the drummer opts for the best pair of headphones, he can easily produce good music and he will be easily in sync with the tune of other musicians.

  • Hear music not a crowd

Usually, there is a lot of loud noise during concerts. This may happen due to the enormous crowd. Sometimes the drummer is not able to hear music properly. Thus, he needs to have a superb pair of noise cancellation headphones.

  • Save eardrums from damage

drummers need headphones

Another major reason for purchasing good drummers’ headphones is to protect hearing capacity. The sound created at concerts and large events is so noisy and ear-piercing that it may cause damage to eardrums. Prolonged exposure to music damages the hearing ability; thus every drummer needs to have good headphones in order to protect their most vital sense – hearing.

  • Helps to keep time

It’s very important for musicians to be in sync with the beats. The major challenge which a drummer might face is to produce music which is being followed along the same pattern by other teammates. Good-quality drummers headphones help to create outclass music and the drummer can easily be sync with the beats of other musicians on stage.

  • Reduce isolation

The major purpose of using drummers’ headphones by musicians is to cut down the noise; only then, he will be able to create music for the audience as per the beats. As the drummer is far from the center stage and it may be difficult for him to be in tune with other guitarists. In this situation, a good pair of headphones helps a lot by easily cutting down the isolation.

  • Easily listen to recordings

Drummers’ headphones play a vital role in on-stage performances and recording sessions. The good pair of drummer’s headphones helps to play music according to records created by the band. In this way, you can give the best experience to your audience.

  • Able to listen to all instructions and directions

As there is too loud noise on stage and passing instructions would be a difficult task. A good pair of drummer headphones comes to rescue you and you can easily listen to the instructions and directions. This will support you to play music easily and effectively.

Regardless of whether you just started drumming or you have long years of experience, you need to be careful about the beat. As other band members, you must keep the beat steady while at the same time dealing with constant loud noise levels around you.

Every drummer wishes to improve hearing ability and enjoying drumming more. Excellent drummer headphones help to keep the quality of sound good, noise isolation and you can have comfort as well.

Some major reasons why drummers need headphones

Different Types of Drummers’ Headphones

There are different types of drummer headphones available from the market in a variety of colors, shapes, and brands. Here are some famous drummer headphones that you can take a look at:

  • Alesis DRP 100

The product has multiple features as it has a 6ft cable and 1/8 inches jack. These drummers’ headphones can easily be used on your iPad, iPhone etc. It comes with a protective bag in order to make sure that you can travel with headphones easily and carry them anywhere.

These drummers’ headphones are not so expensive, and the ear cup tightness will never bother you. If you are going to practice drums and play for hours, then these headphones are best for you.

Alesis DRP 100 has a good sound and the quality is too good for the ears. It has 32 decibels which help in noise reduction. By using these drummers’ headphones, you will not be able to hear anything when your headphones are on. The headband is totally sweat proof which is hygienic and will not bother you during performance, practice, and recordings.

Alesis DRP 100

  • Vic Firth Stereo

These headphones have tightly fitted ear cups and the band is fully covered with leather. By using these drummers’ headphones, you feel comfortable. They are easily adjustable, and it also allows you to use it for several hours.

Vic Firth Stereo

  • Sony MDR7506

These headphones come with two close-fitting ear cups that you can easily fold. It has a 9.8 cable and a jack. These headphones are the little bit expensive, but it also comes with higher sound quality. Further, it has a long cable so that you will not face any problem while standing.

Sony MDR7506

How to Choose the Best Headphones?

Choosing the best drummers’ headphones is not an easy task. You might be confused while selecting drummer headphones. All drummers’ headphones have different specifications and features. You must purchase drummer’s headphones after considering the following characteristics:

  • Comfortable

The first thing to begin is the comfort factor. Every drummer is seeking those headphones which are completely comfortable during listening to music. As a professional drummer, you are going to spend hours with your headphones, it is important that they are comfortable.

  • Durable

Another most important factor is durability which you must consider for every purchase. Go for those drummer headphones which are long-lasting as you are going to use them for practice, recording and live performances.

  • Sound Quality

This is another important feature that helps you to differentiate between two headphones; drummers are in search of optimum sound quality. You must opt for the pair whose sound is totally clear. The job of the drummer is so difficult, and he must take care of the tempo of the beat.

How to Choose the Best Headphones


Music generally speaks to the soul and powerful music touches your heart. A drummer plays a significant role in the band and he must invest in purchasing a good quality of drummer headphones. You can also choose good quality headphones according to your budget.

The most important thing for you is the ear protection so do not waste your time and purchase the best quality of drummers’ headphones today. As good headphones will help you to hear the full sound and you will also get motivated.

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