Best Headphones for Binaural Beats In 2019: The Definitive Guide

best headphones for binaural beats reviews and guide

Binaural beats are special tunes that serve as a certain kind of holistic meditation helping your brain change the wavelength and improving your sleep, focus, activity, and much more.

How to achieve this meditative state without much sacrifice or practice? It can't be any easier now that we have binaural beats.

All you will need are some of the best headphones for binaural beats (that we will be telling you more about) and a comfy chair to sit in.

In this article you will learn more about what the binaural headphones are, are they essential, safe, how to choose the best ones and what some of our favorites are.

So, Let Us Begin!

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Our Pick For Best Headphones for Binaural Beats

What Are Binaural Headphones

One of the most common thing for a person who just started learning about binaural beats must be “What are binaural headphones?”. You might have found yourself wondering the same thing.

These headphones are headphones that can play different sounds through both sides. Therefore - stereo headphones, but with some other features as well.

Best headphones for binaural beats would, of course, have to prevent any sound leakage, since that could ruin the overall experience or even the proper functioning of binaural beats. If the different frequencies happen to mix together, the brain would not be able to perceive the difference in frequencies, thus this kind of holistic therapy will not work.

Moreover, binaural headphones are not those headphones with special effects, since the sound that you will be listening to needs to be as natural as possible. Once you start listening to this kind of beats, you will realize how calming and serene it is. Therefore, effects will not do it any good.

In the text to follow, we will be talking more about what are the best headphones for binaural beats and everything will get much clearer, so stay with us to learn more. 

Why You Need Headphones For Binaural Beats

First of all, let’s discuss binaural beats a little.

These recordings are actually one same tone in two different frequencies that, if listened to properly, would make an illusion of a 3- dimensional sound.

The frequencies would differ very little, for example, 10 Hz. When your brain perceives this difference, it does the job and creates this aforementioned illusion of 3- dimensional sound.

One of the most common questions that appears when the topic of interest is binaural beats and that you are probably asking yourself too is “Do you need headphones to listen to them?” and “Do binaural beats work without headphones?”.

The simplest answer is “yes, you need them” and “no, they do not work”. Let me elaborate that a little.

Now, the very reason behind the importance of binaural headphones in listening to binaural beats is that each ear should receive different frequency and for it to happen ears would have to be completely isolated from one another.

You will now easily relize that, if you are not using any headphones for listening to binaural beats, the sound would just scatter around the space you are in, frequencies would combine, and the overall impression and purpose of these binaural beats would be lost.

Therefore, the usage of binaural types of headphones for listening to binaural beats is essential if your intention is to listen to it properly.

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How to Choose the Best Headphones for Binaural Beats

Basically, there are few considerations that you need to make in order to find the best headphones that perfectly suit you.

  • Enhancement

First of all, you need to consider the enhancement. Generally, you don’t want to put those on your ears that enhance the sound. Namely, this kind of headphones can exaggerate the midrange or boost the bass in a way that frankly isn’t natural.

Therefore, aim for those that produce more natural sound. The idea of music is to listen to it exactly how’s made, right?

  • Comfortability

Secondly, you need to think about comfortability. Most likely, you will spend a lot of time wearing those, and you surely want to make the best comfort out of it. If you are searching for some sleep headphones, then even better. You want something lightweight and cozy, surely.

  • Wireless

If you are searching for the best headphones for sleeping, then you should consider some wireless lightweight headphones.

  • Open-back or closed-back?

You need to know that there are two different kind of headphones- closed-back and opened-back headphones. Try to look for those that are closed-back, as they offer the minimal sound leakage.

What to Look for When Choosing the Best Headphones for Binaural Beats

There are several things that you need to look in when choosing the best headphones for binaural beats. Since you are already searching for an exceptional sound, make sure that you will receive the best sound quality that a pair of headphones for binaural beats can offer.

  • Prevent leakage with breathable headphones.

Furthermore, search for those that are closed and prevent sound leakage, yet breathable. As we said, you will be wearing them for a really long time sometimes, so you don’t want any kind of discomfort around your head.

  • Noise canceling headphones.

Moreover, if you are searching for the best headphones for the meditation, you will need something that will provide you with as much comfort while listening. When we say comfort, we mean not only of them being cozy, but them canceling all the sound coming from your environment.

  • Invest a bit more into brainwave entertainment.

As these are used for brainwave entrainment, you would like to invest a bit more into a better quality and those that will perfectly suit your purpose.

    Binaural Beats Headphones Buying Guide

    It all comes down to picking the right headphones. It’s easier to say it than do, indeed. Then, you will just need to stick to the most familiar brand that is already tested by someone you know.  Or, you can simply follow this guide and find out your matching headphones. Price will define your choice, as most commonly, the quality will come with it.

    • Pick the right brand.

    First of all, we suggest you picking the right brand. There are a lot of brands that will offer even better price as the market is starting to grow big and the competition needs to fight for its customers, but we would recommend you going with the brand that is well-known for providing great quality.

      For example, there is no mistake going with the headphones coming from great manufacturers such as Shure, Bose, Sony, etc.

      • Define how much you are willing to invest.

      That brings us to the second point of this buying guide- price. You need to consider how much money you are willing to invest in the best experience. Best headphones for binaural beats come with the price, so be prepared to invest a bit more into them.

        We have done some research for you and came up with the list of the best headphones for listening to binaural beats.

        Best Headphones for Binaural Beats

        Here is a list of some of our favorite and best headphones for binaural recordings. They will provide comfort, clarity of sound, good noise-canceling and much more that a perfect binaural beats headphones should have.

        Read on to find your favorite.

        #1.     Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Professional Studio Monitor Over-Ear Headphones with a Detachable Cable

        Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Professional Studio Monitor Headphones

        Beloved by some leading audio engineers and professional headphone reviewers, these are one of the best that you can find on the market, at this price point category.

        • Exceptional clarity.

        What you can expect from these headphones is an extraordinary clarity with a great bass response. Thanks to their clearness, they can be used as meditation headphones.

        • Durability.

        High-quality earpad and headband extends the longevity of this one. You can be sure that it will serve you for a really long time. Crafted by the best professionals in this industry, the quality and durability are guaranteed.

        • Comfort.

        Although they seem bulky, they are quite comfortable. They even have 90-degree swiveling earcups for easier and better one-ear monitoring.

        Pros and Highlights:

        • Clear sound
        • Durable
        • Affordable price point category
        • Detachable

        Cons and potential flaws:

        • A bit bulky

        #2.     Audio-Technica ATH-M20x Professional Studio Monitor Over-Ear Headphones

        Audio-Technica ATH-M20x Professional Studio Monitor Over-Ear Headphones

        These are another great example of professional studio headphones coming from Audio-Technica. They belong to cheap price point category, yet they are paying great value for the price.

        • Advanced build quality.

        With exceptional build quality, these are optimal for mixing and studio tracking. With such quality, they will excel in the durability nonetheless. 40 mm drivers are there along with neodymium magnets to improve the quality even more!

        • Great sound insulation.

        The circumaural design will surround your ears and give you not only the comfort that you deserve but provide you the excellent sound insulation as well.

        • Cable exit.

        Cable exit is highly convenient and will not bother you while moving. That makes them extremely comfortable and perfect for those that are performing little dance moves while listening to music.

        Pros and Highlights:

        • Advanced build quality
        • Insulation from “outer space”
        • Comfy
        • Cheap

        Cons and potential flaws:

        • Lack of treble quality

        #3.     Sony MDR7506 Professional Foldable Headphone with Large Diaphragm

        Sony MDR7506 Professional Foldable Headphone with Large Diaphragm

        Sony. What do we need to say more? They have already proved their value on the market. This model is one of Sony’s newcomers. People seem to love it, and there is a good reason for it.

        • Lightweight and foldable.

        Being quite light and foldable, you can carry them around from gig to gig.

        • 9.8-foot cord.

        Their cord ends in a gold-plated plug and it is quite long! Although it is not detachable, you can go really far away from the source.

        • Closed ear design.

        With this kind of design, you will be hearing only the sound coming from your headphones. You will be insulated from everything else.

        Pros and Highlights:

        • Super light
        • Easy to use
        • Great at reducing external noise
        • Brilliant frequency response

        Cons and potential flaws:

        • A bit uncomfy. Expand them to remove the pressure

        #4.     Shure SRH840 Professional Monitoring Closed-Back Headphones

        Shure SRH840 Professional Monitoring Closed-Back Headphones

        These are one of the best stereo headphones for binaural beats that you can find on the market. True, they are a bit pricey, but that amount is a trifle for those willing to invest a bit more into the top-notch headphones.

        • Perfect for studios.

        Being optimized for critical listening and studio recording, you will be able to use them for professional purposes.

        • Great design.

        The circumaural collapsible design is what Shure can be proud with. This innovative design is surely something that adds to the overall value of these headphones.

        • Detachable cord.

        As you may know, those with detachable cord offer much more portability. Being so compact, you can carry them wherever you go.

        Pros and Highlights:

        • Great for professional purposes
        • Rich bass
        • Extended highs
        • Design like nowhere seen before

        Cons and potential flaws:

        • None thus far

        #5.     Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Headphones with Noise Cancelling

        Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Headphones with Noise Cancelling

        One of the best wireless headphones for binaural beats comes from Bose.Even though they might cost a bit more, if you want to enjoy that real binaural experience, you will not make a mistake with these.

        • Rechargeable battery.

        The battery on Bose QuietComfort can last up to 20 hours when listening on the go or just not being attached to a cord.

        • Balanced performance.

        No matter the volume you enjoy the most, these headphones will provide you with a clear and high-quality sound.

        • Mobility.

        If you decide that you want to listen to something while charging or so, it will not make you connected to a spot. 9 meters long cable will let you move around freely.

        Pros and Highlights:

        • Noise canceling feature
        • Wireless
        • Long lasting battery
        • Alexa built-in

        Cons and potential flaws:

        • Noise canceling doesn’t work on phone calls

        #6.     AKG K550MKII Sealed Headphone

        AKG K550MKII Sealed Headphone

        Another exalted brand in the music industry, AKD, brings us these sealed headphones, perfect for binaural listening. They might cost a bit more, but for a brand and quality, it surely pays off.

        • Clear sound with subtle bass.

        Even though subtle bass is not for everyone, if you are looking for binaural listening headphones, it is a huge plus. You certainly do not want a lot of artificial effects tearing down the serenity of binaural beats.

        • Comfortable and lightweight.

        What we are all looking for in headphones is that they are comfortable and to feel like we do not even have them. These go a step beyond and provide you with the feeling of having soft pillows around your ears.

        • Foldable design.

        A foldable design would let you easily store them once you are done with using them. If ever, that is.

        Pros and Highlights:

        • Subtle bass
        • Good treble
        • Detailed and balanced sound
        • Pillow-like ear cushions

        Cons and potential flaws:

        • No detachable cable

        #7.     Sennheiser HD 380 PRO Wired Headphones

        Sennheiser HD 380 PRO Wired Headphones

        Sennheiser is yet another trusted name in the music industry and German quality and precision can guarantee it. That is why these Sennheiser binaural headphones have found themselves on our list and we consider them best headphones for meditation.

        • Higher frequency clarity.

        The clarity of all frequencies is something that is just a must for binaural listening. Providing this, you will not make a mistake with Sennheiser.

        • Comfortable.

        With soft pads all on them, you won’t even notice that you are veering them, even for hours.

        • Perfect for ambient noise.

        Being closed all around, meaning that they cancel outside noises well and provide clarity of sound, they are one of thebest headphones for yoga and meditation, thus our favorite meditation headphones recommended.

        Pros and Highlights:

        • Sound isolation
        • Quality of the sound
        • Comfortable
        • Lightweight

        Cons and potential flaws:

        • Bass clear, but not that rich

        #8.     Shure SE215-CL Sound Isolating Earphones with Single Dynamic MicroDriver Shure SE215-CL Sound Isolating Earphones with Single Dynamic MicroDriverWhen it comes to earbuds, we surely recommend Shure. It is a brand that provides high-quality and comfortable earbuds and we like to call these “best headphones for binaural beats sleep” since they are so small and easily let you lay down and enjoy yourself.

        • Sound isolation.

        Sound isolating sleeves let these headphones block up to 37 dB of noise, which means that nothing will interfere with your listening experience, even if you find yourself on the street with them.

        • Different sizes.

        These magnificent Shure earbuds come in different sizes so that they can fit your ears and provide additional comfort, no matter if you are sleeping with them, or on the go.

        • Soft design.

        The design of these headphones would allow you to put them behind your ears so that the cable would stay out of the way. Nevertheless, it will not make them uncomfortable.

        Pros and Highlights:

        • Small
        • Comfortable
        • Light
        • Come in wireless version

        Cons and potential flaws:

        • Do not fit well overear when wearing glasses 


        Here, you will find the answers to some most asked questions about binaural beats and the proper listening to them.

        #1. How to listen to binaural beats with headphones?

        How you should listen to binaural beats is rather simple.

        • Use the right headphones

        What you have to do is use the special binaural recording headphones. Keep in mind that they need to be stereo headphones, meaning that they should play a different sound on both of your ears since that is the very point of binaural beats.

        • Make yourself comfortable

        If you are stressed out or uncomfortable, the beats will most likely not work. Just get into your favorite chair or sofa, take a warm blanket, or whatever makes you feel nice and comfy.

        • Be patient

        If you are willing to make this work, we suggest you be patient. Give it some time to work. You will notice that most of the tracks are long and it is truly hard to stay away from your phone for more than 15 minutes nowadays. But this is the idea. Lean back, close your eyes, and enjoy. Patience is the key.

        #2. What are benefits for binaural beats sleep or using sleep headphones?

        The benefits of binaural beats for sleep is that these so-called beats would change the brainwaves and focus of your mind, thus resulting in calming you down, relieving you from everyday stress and anxiety and providing you with a good night’s sleep.

        What you should keep in mind is that they cannot work instantly and you would have to be patient before you can see and feel the results.

        #3. Is it safe to use headphones for binaural beats sleep?

        Yes, it is. Binaural beats can help you with many things. What they do is change the focus of your brain to help you concentrate, feel more cheerful, easily fall asleep, calm down, be more productive, etc.

        However, it is important to use binaural beats sleep headphones and keep in mind that they are not an instant sleeping pill, but they would take some time to work, change the brainwaves, and make you calmer and anxiety free providing good and quality sleep.

        Please, keep in mind that a child should not listen to binaural beats since children’s brain is not developed enough to perceive the difference in frequencies.

        #4. Can you use earbuds for binaural beats?

        Yes, you can. The point is that the different frequency of the same tone should reach both ears separately. That is why it is important to use the earbuds (or headphones) with a stereo property, meaning that they play a different sound on both ears.

        #5. Do you need headphones to listen to binaural beats?

        Yes, you do. Simply speaking, the point of binaural beats is to trick your brain in creating an imaginary 3- dimensional sound that will induce brain activity and make you more active or calmer, depending on the type of binaural beats you are listening to.

        This is done by listening to one tone of two different frequencies, one for each ear. The only way to achieve that is to isolate the two frequencies completely, and that is when the headphones step in.

        #6. Do binaural beats work even with earphones?

        Headphones are the only way you should listen to binaural beats and for it to be effective. In order to properly isolate the two frequencies and for them not to just mix up together and create a mess, you would have to use the headphones.

        This is when your brain steps in, creating the illusion of 3- dimensional space and hopefully helping you focus, calm down, or giving you more energy.

        Final Word

        In the light of everything aforementioned about best headphones for binaural beats, we may conclude that these are some of the best quality headphones that can be found out there.

        After explaining what they are, what to look for when buying one, and providing you with the list of what we found the most suitable examples of headphones, we really hope that this article answered most of your questions. What are the best headphones for binaural beats in your opinion?

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