Can Noise Cancelling Headphones Damage Hearing?

Can Noise Cancelling Headphones Damage Hearing


Noise canceling technology is incredible. In headphones, it can allow you to switch off from the world. Sleeping with headphones can be a great way to shut off outside noises. However, many people have concerns about the potentially damaging effects of headphones. We have seen the emergence of some false information in this regard.

In this guide, we will show you whether noise-canceling headphones can actually damage your hearing. We will also answer the all-important question which is; are noise canceling headphones safe?

Noise Canceling Headphones Block Most Sounds 

It is important to note that noise canceling headphones can block most sounds. Although, the efficiency of blocking will depend on the specific model. The technology has advanced to a point where most common sounds are easily blocked out by noise canceling headphones.

The headphones come equipped with a microphone that can detect a range of sounds. They reduce background noise by producing a sound wave that cancels it out. They can also block out very loud noises that may come suddenly. This can help you to avoid potentially stressful situations.  Therefore, one of the best benefits of noise-canceling headphones is that they deliver on their promise.

Can Noise Cancelling Headphones Damage Hearing

Noise Canceling headphones allow you to keep a lower volume

There are genuine dangers that headphones can pose to your hearing. These dangers occur when listening to music at very high volumes for an extended period of time. One of the benefits of noise-canceling headphones is that they allow you to listen at lower volumes. This lower volume is more comfortable and means your hearing will not undergo any damage.

Rather than damaging hearing, noise-canceling headphones help you to protect your hearing. It is important to remember that when using any headphones, you should try and reduce the volume. You should never go past the level of 85 decibels. The risk of long-term hearing damage increases the longer that you listen to music at high volumes. However, in extremely high volumes damage can start to occur in just 15 minutes. Therefore, it is critical to listen at safe wells as well as taking regular listening breaks.

Health Effects of Noise

One of the most significant benefits of noise-canceling headphones is that they actively block out different types of noise. This can be convenient for when you are commuting or conducting other daily activities.

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However, it can be even more critical to those who would otherwise be exposed to loud noises. Loud noises can lead to stress and other health problems such as higher blood pressure and headaches. Even lower levels of noise can lead to increased levels of the stress hormone cortisol. This highlights just how significant a factor that noise can be in the development of various health issues. Noise-canceling headphones can help to prevent these noise-related health problems from occurring.

The innovative technology helps to block out both sudden high levels of noise and also lower levels of regular noise. This ensures you can protect yourself from the potential ill health effects that can arise from prolonged exposure to noise. 

Noise Canceling headphones do not emit any radiation

We mentioned above that noise canceling headphones work by producing sound waves. There is some misinformation about how these waves actually work. Contrary to popular belief, noise canceling headphones do not emit any radiation whatsoever. Therefore, you should have no worries about these headphones causing any issues to your health.

Active noise control technology works exceptionally well without any adverse health consequences. There are no substances whatsoever that are emitted from these headphones. You can, therefore, have peace of mind that sleeping in noise canceling headphones do not pose a health risk. The only risk comes from volume, the technology itself is incredibly safe and has been robustly tested. This is why pilots on planes regularly use noise canceling technology. There is conclusive evidence that noise-canceling headphones are not bad for your ears.

  Situations where you should not wear noise canceling headphones

Noise canceling technology is incredibly and powerful. However, the fact that it works so well means that noise canceling headphones are not appropriate for every setting. There are certain situations which you should watch out for. In these situations, you should not wear noise-canceling headphones since these headphones can reduce your awareness in these specific situations.

You should never wear noise-canceling headphones when you are driving. This is an activity that requires full focus and attention. You need to be able to hear outside sounds; therefore these headphones pose a safety risk in that specific situation. You should also not wear noise-canceling headphones when you are running in the streets. In areas with a high amount of traffic flow, it is essential to be able to hear the sounds of traffic. Noise canceling headphones completely block this sound and can, therefore, reduce your situational awareness. 


You will now have a much better understanding of the safety risks associated with noise canceling headphones. You will be aware that noise canceling headphone technology is completely safe. Also, they can actually benefit your hearing since you can listen comfortably at lower levels. Therefore these types of headphones are the best type to purchase if you want to protect your hearing. You can sleep in peace with these headphones without having to worry about any damaging health effects. This incredible technology can be used for so many purposes with the added peace of mind that it won’t cause any issues to your health.


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