Why Singers Wear Headphones When Recording or Live Performing?

Why singers wear headphones when recording or live performing

You might have seen that most of the singers wear the headphones while recording their songs. Even if they are going to perform live, they wear headphones with them. You may be curious to know why is that? If yes, then you have come to the right place. In this guide, we will share in detail that why singers, vocalists or guitarists wear the headphones while recording or performing live sessions.

In this guide, we will cover these basic questions.

  • Why singers wear headphones while recording?
  • Why wear headphones when performing on stage?
  • Why drummers wear headphones?
  • Why guitarists wear headphones?

Why singers wear headphones while recording?

Singers record using headphones to avoid noise, and perform using in-ear monitors to be able to clearly hear themselves sing over loud music. A lot of people ask us this question that why singers wear headphones while recording? Generally, the singers record their songs alone. They need to hear what they have already prepared, so they will be needing headphones. Singers can't put the song on Loudspeaker as it'll then mix with the mic. The only choice left is the good headphones or the in-ear monitors.

All of the world's best singers focus on their studio equipment. They try to get the best musical instruments so that they can create hit songs for their audience. And, this strategy is fair enough, if you have your own studio and you don't have good musical components. Then, it's really difficult for you to stay in the market of the music industry. The reason why singers wear headphones while recording? is that the music industry is highly competitive industry and you need to be the best of best in every aspect if you want all of your songs to be sensational hits among your audience.

This guide covers why singers wear headphones when recording or live streaming. If you want me to summarize this in just two lines. In studios, there are music monitors who check, mix and manage the whole song project. The good studios have an in-ear monitoring system, where the singers or vocalists, the guitarists, and piano masters are given with the in-ear headphones also known as in-ear monitors. In these headphones, the user can listen and then evaluate his performance, which has made the process of singing more reliable. Here is the guide about in-ear monitors and its working.

In-Ear Monitoring

Actually, in the fast emerging tech world, the field of music is also progressing with heaps and bounds. Not just the new singers are taking place in the market, but the good musical gadgets have also taken the place. These music gadgets and tools have made the life of the musicians much more reliable. Now, the piano, guitars, and fluke are of better quality with better specs.

Why wear headphones when performing on stage?

The complete in-ear monitoring system consists of the rack-mounted transmitter, bodypack receiver, and earphones or headphones. The receivers can only receive the date from one transmitter. On the other hand, one transmitter can broadcast the data to the multiple receiver packs.

Using this feature, all of your squad can listen to one identical monitor feed. The audio feeds are sent to the transmitter using the mixer. The body pack receiver is worn on the belt or at the guitar. All you need to do is plug the headphones into this bodypack receiver.

Studio headphones for recording

There are two main types of recording headphones for the studio, which are open and closed back headphones.

  • Closed back headphones
    • Provide the best noise isolation.
    • Usually the High-quality headphones.
    • Not best for the mixing purposes.
  • Open back headphones
    • Best for mixing purposes.
    • Sound quality goes down.
    • Not good isolation.


New best headphones or headsets are the one important addition to this field. Headphones are not only used by the singers, but the guitarists, the fluke man, and the co-singer use the headphone. But why is that? Are they listening to something? Or they don't want any disturbance or external isolation? This article is written just to answer these questions including Why wear headphones when performing on stage? and why singers wear headphones while recording?.

During the recording sessions and live performances, the singer uses in-ear headphones which you may call as earphones. In such cases, the In-ear monitoring is used. The volume is allowed at the low level so that it can eliminate the possibility of intermixing of noises. The in-ear monitors are piped to the relevant persons. These headphones are also known as fold-back headphones.

Example of Band

Let's assume that you are working on a song with a band. The song includes the drummers, guitarists, piano and fluke experts. Everyone has to play his own part, now we can't give them the headphone piped with a single file. Each one in the band will have his/her own mini-monitor mixing station. You would be able to hear what you need individually.

I'll just call these mini In-ear monitors as headphones or earphones. Singers wear these in-ear headphones to hear pre-recorded session of their songs. So, the vocalist will need only his voice. He needs to hear himself so that he can perform perfectly on the stage. Any disturbance can lead to the flop or bad song. Just like the vocalist needs his own headphone, the drummer will need his own music. The keyboard player will need to hear the electric guitar for better performance. The guitarist will have his own headphone, which will help him hear and adjust as the music goes up and down.

Simply, everyone in the band will have his own in-ear monitor or headphone for them. Every member can adjust his track as he wants it to be.

Why guitarists and drummers wear headphones?

1. Why drummers wear headphones?

Just like the singers use the headphones while recording and their live sessions, one may also ask this question that why drummers wear headphones? The reason why drummers wear headphones is that they can listen to the sound of an already recorded drum. By wearing these headphones, the drummers can perform up to their potential. The noise cancellation also provides a huge edge to the drummer. Drummers wear headphones so that they can push themselves to perform exactly with the singer and guitarists.

2. Why guitarists wear headphones?

Guitarists can directly listen to how they are performing using the in-ear monitoring. Our second part includes that why guitarists wear headphones? In this technique, the singer's headphone is attached to the bodypack. The performer can listen to his voice without any interference using the headphones. By wearing headphones, the guitarists or the drummers can be his own judge of how he is performing. Guitarists wear headphones which help them is evaluating himself and can push himself to give a good push.

There are some other points that include the headphones with external noise isolation. By wearing the headphones with active noise cancellation, you will be able to hear your crystal clear quality sound. The concept of wearing the headphones is the same whether they are guitarists, drummers or singers.

Most of the people may ask that what headphones are best for studio purposes. Our answer is that it all depends on your choice whether you want them for good isolation purposes? If yes, then you should go for closed back headphones for recording the tracks. In other cases, if you want the headphones purely for mixing purposes, then what should you do? If you want a headphone for mixing then you should go for the headphones with the open back headphones. Open back headphones have less isolation power than closed back headphones. But, the open back headphones do have better mixing then the closed ones.

Why do singers wear headphones while singing?

The reason for wearing the headphones is quite simple. The in-ear monitors or headphones are used by the whole squad of the singing studio, the singer needs to hear himself to perform better on the live stage. Singers can adjust their voice according to the situation.

What is the use of in-ear monitors?

In-ear monitors are the special type of headphones that are usually used in the music studios. These headphones are used by the singers in live performances and recordings. Other studio members including the audio engineers, piano keyboard, audiophiles, and guitarist also use the in-ear monitors or headphones during performances. In-ear monitors are also used in modern cinemas. Singers, drummers, and guitarists wear headphones when recording, it helps in increasing productivity.

How do singers hear themselves on stage?

Above mentioned in-ear monitors send the voice directly to the performer which can be any member of the studio squad. Using these headphones, the performers can listen to the audio. Along with the mixer, the transmitters are used on one side. This transmitter sends the audio signals to the receivers so that they can hear the audio.

Studio Headphones short guide

If you are a singer or you own a music studio, you are gonna need the good studio headphone for your need. A high-quality headphone can help you in making the best songs. The studio headphone should have some properties that we have pointed down.

While testing the studio headphone of your needs, you must remember that the headphone should be high-quality with high durability and flexibility. The following things should be checked while buying the studio headphones of your need. Impedance, sensitivity, drivers that also include the dynamic drivers should be checked. Other drivers include Balanced armature drivers, planar magnetic drivers, hybrid drivers, and electrostatic drivers. In addition to the drivers, ambient noise reduction of the headphones and voice quality should be checked.


In this article, our experts have discussed the topic "why singers use headphones while recording". The studio headphones are the major factor that can make a huge difference. If you want to start your singing carrier, then you should get the best musical gadgets for you to live up in the market. The best gadgets plus your talent can help you in your musical carrier.

Hope you all loved our article. If you have any questions, be sure to ask us! We would love to help you in selecting the best product of your choice. Keep Enjoying!

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