Why Do Noise Canceling Headphones Make Some People Sick?

Why Do Noise Canceling Headphones Make Some People Sick?


Noise Canceling HeadphonesDespite noise canceling headphones is a wonderful invention since the noise canceling feature helps to depend on the model and brand effectively cancel out and filter out various decibels of sound.

Noise canceling headphones are not without controversies, from issues concerning users complaining about how they had motion sickness after using their noise canceling device. The main question on a lot of people’s mind is, do noise canceling headphones make people sick?

Do Noise Canceling Headphones Make Some People Sick?

Various reports raise doubts about the safety of these devices.

To are supposed to be noise isolating headphones and active noise-canceling headphones, and they are supposed to protect the ears from real noise from heavy equipment and also give amazing music playing experience.

Noise-canceling headphones seem to come in handy especially when we are on a trip and for long hours.

Some people buy these noise-canceling headphones to help them concentrate despite how awesome using noise canceling headphones are, it has been found to be the root cause of many pain and infection there are various reports on many forums that points to the fact noise canceling headphones make some people sick , people have been reporting suffering from several types of ear  infection and pains after using them for a while the question remains are noise canceling headphones safe. 

Will using noise-canceling headphones make you sick, if it does what are the reasons using noise canceling headphones cause pains and discomfort, also how to reduce the risks of experiencing discomfort and the most important tips on how to choose the right noise-canceling headphones to buy.

Do Noise Canceling Headphones Make Some People Sick?

Are Noise Canceling Headphones Worth It?

Noise-canceling earpieces have lots of uses

They work by canceling out ambient sounds by creating some interference removing the effect of surrounding noise.

It is used quite commonly on airplanes and or library this earpiece is recommended for people that work in heavy noise polluted areas and operate machinery that causes large amounts of noise pollution.

  • This device helps you concentrate

Noise canceling headsets help to reduce the effects of noise pollution and help you focus also help protect you from hearing loss which is, the result to overexposure to noise pollution.

According to reports or one hundred thousand people are people living with permanent hearing loss due to noise at the workplace this makes the need of noise canceling devices critical, as they serve as a unique and saddled tool to protect you from noise pollution.

  • They help you avoid playing music too loudly

Are Noise Canceling Headphones Worth It

Playing music too loudly has been reported to be one of the root causes of hearing problems and a lot of people reportedly according to world health organization (who) about at least a billion people expose themselves to hearing loss due to playing music from their devices.

In a press release by Dr. Etienne Krug, who director of the department for management of non-communicable diseases, disability, violence and injury prevention, he claimed that people need to take simple precautions to avoid losing the hearing permanently, since hearing loss is most times irreversible.

According to statistics about half of the young people are under risk, the risk of exposure to this dangerous lifestyle is explained in the report.

He explained the risk of playing music loudly by claiming the average level, music is played on personal devices is within a range of 75 and 105 dB, and that that just 15 minutes of playing music at 100 dB is similar to the same level of loudness an industrial worker gets by working 8-hour day at 85 dB.

This can be reduced by using noise-canceling headphones to hear the music clearly at a low volume since they block out the high level of noise this help to reduce exposure to this high level of noise since you can hear the music perfectly at that low volume. Because most people play music at high decibels because of the presence of external noise, this makes people to subconsciously keep on increasing the volume unaware of high the volume they are playing music is.

  • Noise reducing headphones can reduce stress

Using noise-reducing headphones help protect you from stress that comes with noise pollution

Various reports have pointed out the effects of noise pollution on blood pressure and stress levels, the journal of the acoustical society of America released a study which showed the heavy effect of noise pollution.

A study showed that in the sampled children, it was discovered that they had a very high amount of cortical (the body’s stress hormone) when compared to children of the same age in a quieter leaving area.

According to the WHO consistent evidence shows that noise exposure does not only harms cognitive performance; And it's slightly associated with impaired well-being and motivation, which shows the dangerous effect pollution has on our bodies without us even realizing it.

Also in 2006 reports showed that people with constant low-level exposure were more susceptible to suffering heart attacks.

  • Effects on concentration

Effects on concentration

Noise no matter how easy it is for us to concentrate is a heavy distraction which can be avoided with the right and proper use of noise cancellation headphone.

When used properly they help you increase your productivity since you can do away with noise pollution and unnecessary distractions around you and make it easier to put your full focus on what you are doing, making you more effective.

  • Sleep

Another use for noise cancellation earphones is to improve sleep, according to who "nuisance at night can lead to an increase in medical visits and spending on sleeping pills" also, according to the national sleep foundation, 62% of Americans facing problems of sleeping at least few nights a week. One of the leading causes of these problems is noise. From various sources this can be avoided by using noise cancellation headphones to reduce your exposure to it, making the presence of noise pollution to have less or no impact on your sleep

Noise-canceling Headphones Safe?

Noise-canceling headphones despite the advertised advantages and features of Noise Canceling headphones, some posts and articles online shed light into the reported on how noise-canceling headphones made some people sick, The question on the mind on potential new users is, are noise-canceling headphones safe? It will be a great loss to shelve out about $350 out on a noise-canceling headphone and end up with pain, motion sickness nausea; some people reported having infections like tinnitus.

Noise-canceling Headphones Safe

More concerns were raised on the safety of these headphones, especially the Bose Q3 after it was brought to light that Bose noise canceling headphones caused motion sickness. This assertion was made in the journal's health column which pointed out the fact that the headphone can cause motion sickness, one user reportedly experienced uneasiness during the use of the device also ended up throwing up afterward.

A doctor explained that the technology might have caused the uneasiness behind the noise canceling device that the vibrations the ear is exposed can be compared to low-level blast explosions making it possible for the device to make the user feel dizzy.

Despite these complaints reports points and supports the claim by the noise canceling makers that the devices are not only safe to use but using them improves your health.   It protects and shields you from varying levels of exposure to noise pollution which comes with a lot of advantages to your health, making free from some of the complication s that come with being exposed to noise.

Also, noise-canceling headphones do not emit low-level radiation like your phone, so it does not pose any danger to your health when compared to that of using your phone.

Noise-canceling headphones are specially designed to protect you from noise pollution, and distraction and the best do not compromise the music integrity of music output.

Despite complaints by some users of by these devices that noise canceling headphones made them sick. It is relatively safe to use especially when used properly and following some rules to enable the user to get the best results from its use.

Also, the risk posed by noise pollution and the distraction and reduced productivity due distractions cause weigh less when compared to the few cases of bad experiences by some users. Later in the post, we will share tips on how to select the right notice canceling headphones that will serve you well to prevent you from having one of those noise canceling headphones made me sick stories.

Noise collecting headphones are very safe to use, but it cannot be ignored that some people have recorded bad experiences after using a noise canceling device; they may not be the case for everybody.

There are claims noise canceling headphones because hearing damage. There are various reports of people that fell a great deal of pain after using noise-canceling headphones, All you need to do is search for does noise-canceling headphones make you sick? And you will see various bad experiences of some people with these devices

These are some of the reason some people that experience some of the pains reported by some uses of noise-canceling headphones is that they use it without playing anything, this cause some pains after a while in some people

Also, according to a Q&A by NYTimes one of the reasons, given why some people experience pain while using noise canceling headphone is the technology behind the device itself, the device is said to have a small built-in microphone that samples the ambient sound. Then the device creates an inverse audio frequency, which is intended to sonically “cancel” out the original noise. This system sometimes also produces a slight hissing sound.

The sound coupled with the process that cancels out noise may make some people feel queasy.

pick the right Noise canceling headphone

How To Reduce The Risks to Get Sick?

Some tips can help to reduce the possibility of pain in the course of using a noise-canceling headphone, following some tips and you will be able to use these earphones without falling sick.

  • Care must be taken to pick the right Noise canceling headphone

 The most important way to ensure that you get the best user experience is by first making sure you buy the right product that suits your need and authentic and of high quality one of the best ways to do this to search online for the list of the best noise canceling headphones.

Then searching for reviews on the online, this will give you an insight into the user experience of the product by people that have used it.

  • Try to avoid using these headphones without playing music

A user complained about how he felt an intense pain while using the headphone without playing anything.

  • Picking the right Noise canceling earpieces

The best way to pick the right noise canceling headphone is to research and read more on the type of models available and their specific features then, you need to know the difference between terms like, when shopping for headphones you have to be very sure of the type you need.

How To Reduce The Risks to Get Sick

Do You Need To Cancel Out Noise Or You Just Want To Reduce Your Exposure To Noise?

Which brings us to the two options which are noise canceling or noise isolating?

The Noise isolating option just relates to the prevent noise from getting to you, by creating a form of barrier between your ears and the source of the noise while noise cancellation uses some form of antic noise mostly.

Digital signal processing (DSP) technology to protect you from the source of the noise instead of creating a barrier it acts ion the noise instead and cancels it out.


This knowledge will help you to make a more informed decision.


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