What To Look For When Buying Headphones For Swimming?


Swimming is an intense water workout which not only helps you burn calories but also makes you have fun. You can make it more enjoyable by listing to your favorite music. Your favorite playlist also gives a little push to your workout to make it healthier. An intense swimming workout would increase your tempo. You can conveniently do your laps while listening to good sound quality music by wearing the headphones for swimming. 

Yes, you read that right. With the advancement of technology, swimmers can enjoy their favorite soundtrack using waterproof headphones for swimmers.

Headphones for swimmers are available in different variety and designs. There are different mp3 player and headphones for swimming, wireless headphones for swimming, and Bluetooth headphones for swimming. 

We have prepared for you a detailed buying guide which would make it easier for you to choose the best headphones for swimming.

What to consider?

Diving in the pool is a superb option for you when you want to cool yourself down in summers. When it comes to choosing the best headphones for swimming for yourself, we have prepared the best guide for you. This guide would help you choose the best swimming headphones. Whether to keep in mind the sound quality, water resistance or memory storage, we have the best advice for you.

Read on to explore the best features of headphones for swimming.

Water resistant vs. waterproof headphone - Do you know the difference?

Isn't it annoying when the water sloshes in your ears? You don' t want the unwanted water spilling inside your ears.  There are two types of headphones for swimming, water-resistant and waterproof headphones.

Water resistant vs. waterproof headphone

You might be wondering how they both differ. Isn't it the same? Water resistant headphone is designed to seal the water. They can get splashed from the water and won't get damaged. However, they are not waterproof. You cannot use them underwater.

They are not suitable for water sports activities. It is not a good idea to try them to wear them for swimming. You can use them above water. Water resistant capability means that the headphones are protected from dealing with accidental water spills. It does not mean that you can use them in deep waters. They are suitable for light lake viewing.

Waterproof headphones are unaffected by water. No matter how deep in the water you go, they won't stop working. If you plan to do rough water activities, it is suitable for you to buy waterproof headphones.

Whether you are planning to buy a set of Bluetooth headphone for running in the rains, or you want wireless headphones for swimming, it is best to purchase waterproof headphones. You can enjoy your favorite tunes and make your workout aggressive. Good music keeps you going to the swimming pool. Therefore choose the best waterproof headphones to make your workout more enjoyable.

The level of waterproofing - How deep can it withstand?

All devices come with a different level of waterproofing capabilities. It is essential for you to check the optimal level of waterproof ability of the headphone you plan to choose. IP rating is a measure of how deep the headphones can withstand the water. If IPX is mentioned on the device, it means that it is water protected.

For the best possible water protection choose the Bluetooth headphones with IPX8. They give you the best-quality sound to enjoy your favorite tunes. We have listed down the various IPX levels which show the level of waterproofing of Bluetooth headphones:

  • IPX0 shows zero protection
  • IPX1 means protection from water which drips or drizzle.
  • IPX2 means protection from water which is vertically dripping.
  • IPX3 means protection from spraying water
  • IPX4 implies protection from splashing water
  • IPX5 means protection from water coming from a nozzle.
  • IPX6 means protection from water which comes from a strong jet
  • IPX7 implies protection from the water up to 3ft.

There are headphones which can handle the water up to 12 ft. These headphones are ordinary and don't have the Bluetooth feature in it.

Sound quality - Treat your ears with a tremendous underwater sound

Whether you want to relax outside the pool or want to enjoy your laps, you want a good sound quality from your headphones. You want to hear an audible sound of music while blocking the external noise.

Therefore, make sure that you choose the headphones which give you a premium sound quality. They should tend to block the unwanted noise outside the pool while you are enjoying the calmness of underwater. It is the sound quality of the headphones which increases your enjoyment.

The seal of the bud - Find a tight-fitting one to avoid your buds falling out

Do your headphones fall off swimming headphonestoo often? Do you find it hard to keep them stable in your ears? Isn' t it annoying for you to put the headphones back in place while swimming? If you want to avoid your buds from falling out, make sure that you choose the headphones which fit your ears perfectly. If you buy headphones which don' t fit you properly, they won't do the job well. You won't be able to block the water out of your ears.

You might find it hard to fit the headphones for swimming to your ears. Most brands offer you different sizes of headphones. You can try and see which ones are best for you. The fitting of your headphones for swimming is essential. Headphones also play the role of earplugs. They keep the water away from your ears.

Whether you are an occasional swimmer or you love to enjoy the adventures of water often, having music headphones for swimming would enhance your swimming experience. Make sure that you choose the headphones which are comfortable and soft on your ears.

Always consider the construction of the manufacturer. Has the manufacturer crafted headphones which easily mold to the shape of your ear? Are they comfortable enough? Do they give you a good fit? A snug fit of headphones gives you an ultimate swimming experience. There are different brands which offer a stable fit with flexible fitting options. You can also adjust the fitting according to your needs.

Battery life- Consider a long battery life to avoid recharge often

The battery life of headphones differs from brand to brand. There are various options available for you to choose from. It is best for you to choose the one with the most extended battery life.

It is a must to have a long battery life for your headphones to enjoy to the fullest. You don' t want to be in the hassle of recharging it over and over again. The battery life of headphones for swimming lies between 8 hours to 50 hours.

Memory storage - Does the amount of storage meet your needs?

Different headphones available have separate storage space. If you are music freak and want all your favorite soundtracks in your mp3 player to choose the set of mp3 headphones for swimming which comes with the maximum storage capacity.

A scientific design - Provide as little water resistance as possible

A common misunderstanding among people is that waterproof and water resistant headphones are the same. There is a difference we have already explained above. It is better for you to purchase headphones which are waterproof. They are safer and healthier for you to use underwater.

Price - How much do you want to pay for?

Price is an essential factor to consider while purchasing good-quality headphones for you. You cannot ignore your budget at any cost. It is advisable for you to do your research by comparing the price of different brands. The rates differ from brand to brand and so does the quality. However, bear in mind, an expensive pair of earplugs does not mean superior-quality.

For this reason, this post will assist you in finding the best underwater headphones for swimming. It is true that headphones for swimming which have a higher price come with better features. Also, there is no point in buying expensive headphones if you don' t need the additional features. It is a good thing for you to consider which features are important to you.

The best way for you to evaluate the best headphones for swimming for yourself is to check the price and value. Carefully examine the features of the product you are planning to purchase. Make sure that they have the qualities you are looking for. Moreover, check the worth of the headphones you choose to buy.


Do you want to make your swimming a memorable experience? Do you want to crush your swimming laps? Our guide would help you choose the best headphones for swimming. The waterproof headphones market is not huge. However, when it comes to performance, battery-life, memory-storage, they give you the best swimming experience. You can even use them for other water sports activities. They come with a range of amazing features which lets you listen to your favorite tracks while working out. They are also a good choice for runners.


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