Are you assembling a home theater or a gaming room? Did you plan out the area and the equipment you are going to use? I know that the first thing that comes into consideration is getting an HDTV and a gaming console. But how about headphones?

For a true hardcore gamer or TV enthusiast, a theater is not complete without acquiring a high-quality headphone. But with so many types on the market is very difficult to choose one that will give you the best sound effect. Then what type you should go for? How to choose?

One of the best types of headphones that both movie lovers and games will benefit from is the 7.1 surround sound headphones. Sounds familiar? Well, yes, 7.1 surround sound speakers but with a lot more privacy! These headphones will give you high-quality features that you will be the only one to hear.

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Are you still wondering how to wear headphones with glasses?

Wearing glasses while wearing headphones, however, is both uncomfortable and irritating, which is something I am sure that all of you bespectacled folks are intimately familiar with.

Discomfort, headache, and the resulting frustration are only some of the possible consequences. Yet still, there are ways for us to mitigate these issues, so wearing headphones and glasses at the same time does not need to be so problematic.

Let us see how we can solve this headphones-glasses conundrum.

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