What is Kleer Wireless Technology? Is it Better Than Bluetooth?

Kleer vs Bluetooth, what is the difference?


At present, there are a huge number of wireless technologies which are being used for connecting various devices and audios. All of the wireless technologies come with a set of their own advantages and disadvantages. One of such particular technologies is Kleer; it has been quite popular for a while now and has successfully made its way to a lot of products.

You might have missed a majority of releases surfacing the Kleer wireless technology given how all the attention is given to Bluetooth. But this is high time you should start paying some attention to Kleer technology as well.

What is Kleer wireless technology?

Kleer is also known as KleerNet, it is basically a wireless system that has the ability to stream wirelessly, and it operates in a number of ranges such as 2.4 GHz, 5.2 GHz, and 5.8 GHz. Moreover, Kleer wireless technology is mostly used in headphones and portable devices.

The most notable part is that it is competent enough to stream 16-bit audio/ 44.1 KHz. Furthermore, Kleer audio transmission has less to no disturbance and more resistance. As compared to Bluetooth or other wireless technologies, Kleer technology has longer battery life and is capable of delivering excellent performance.

Besides that Kleer wireless technology is extremely robust thus allowing several listeners to use similar wireless transmission. Unlike standard Bluetooth, Kleer wireless technology provides high-quality audio with some additional perks. You will get a crisp and clear channel reception with this latest technology.

Kleer Vs Bluetooth

Bluetooth has recently gone through a lot of noteworthy improvements; however, Kleer technology still has an upper hand when it comes to technological advantages. Few of the Kleer advantages over Bluetooth are as followed:

  • Great battery life
  • Low bandwidth use
  • Consumes extremely low power
  • The low latency of sound
  • Requires a sole transmitter to be able to support up to 4 Kleer-enabled devices
  • Have high resistance to wireless interference

        If you are looking to create a strong, top-notch home-based theater system without having to face all the problems related to wires and their management then you must go for Kleer wireless technology. All you need to have are Kleer wireless headphones and there you can enjoy songs or a similar movie with multiple listeners. Apart from that from a single music source, you can listen to your favorite show while sitting in different rooms just. All the products those are using Kleer technology are compatible with each other, hence you don’t have to confine to a specific brand’s ecosystem.

        As compared to Bluetooth, Kleer is still not so famous among people; however, it is quite popular in enthusiast and audiophiles. If you look closely into the features of Kleer you will realize how powerful it is. There is no doubt that Bluetooth rules over mobile markets and other personal audio markets, on the other hand for the Kleer to work properly you’ll most probably require a compatible adapter or a transmitter.

        The only problem that makes Kleer less attractive as compared to Bluetooth is that it doesn’t come integrated into the hardware of tablets, smartphones or other devices. People prefer buying devices those are portable and have hardware that already has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth in them.

        If you want to have a new experience and want to enjoy the benefits of the Kleer wireless technology then you do have some options. There are many products available on the market from renowned companies such as:

        • SMS Audio
        • RCA
        • Sennheiser
        • Sleek Audio
        • RCA
        • Focal

            There is no doubt that Bluetooth is older than Kleer technology, but the fact is that Kleer delivers better performance. You cannot depend on Bluetooth because it’s not reliable, on the other side Kleer excels when it comes to reliability. In addition to that Kleer audio transmission is outstanding, it is known for delivering CD-quality sound. With Kleer wireless latency you don’t have to worry about the quality because it provides the best audio recordings whereas Bluetooth doesn’t.

            The best thing about Kleer is that it has the capacity to adjust in lesser space as it has the ability to reduce the size of the battery required for powering the transmitter. Additionally, it is able to send a signal over larger distances as compared to Bluetooth or any other technology.

            Other Kleer advantages over Bluetooth are as followed:

            • The earbuds of Bluetooth are heavier and larger as compared to the Kleer
            • Bluetooth requires a lot of power
            • Bluetooth uses a larger and heavier battery whereas Kleer require small sized and lighter battery
            • The Kleer wireless headphones are able to operate for more than eight hours by utilizing a coin-cell battery, however, with the same battery Bluetooth radio can only operate for an hour or even less

                Atop if you are in search of good Kleer wireless headphones then you ought to buy Sennheiser Kleer RS 180. If you are a pro then you must know that Sennheiser is famous for delivering the best sound quality. Moreover, these headphones are extremely light in weight and have a comfortable design.

                What to expect from Kleer wireless technology?

                #1- Requires Low Bandwidth

                Bluetooth requires 20 MHz, Wifi requires 40 MHz and the requirement for the Kleer is 3MHz. This lower requirement makes it easier to find a clear channel thus resulting in reduces interference.

                #2- Consumes low battery

                As compared to Bluetooth or wifi, Kleer chipset requires a lot less power.

                #3- Four Listeners

                You can easily connect four Kleer transmitter-receivers to the same source, using the same bandwidth. It is ideal for sharing with friends and family.

                #4- Sound transmits perfectly

                When you’ll use Kleer technology, there will be the lossless transmission of sound. This is one of the most important features that are directly related to sound quality. There won’t be any loss of quality when using Kleer because the sound comes without any compression.

                #5- Low Latency

                You might need a little latency to achieve transmission of the sound by Kleer wireless technology.


                All in all, Kleer and Bluetooth are somewhat similar, but Kleer offers better wireless range as compared to Bluetooth. As mentioned above Kleer technology is a wireless system which delivers CD-quality wireless streaming. It can be used on various portable devices, headphones, wireless speakers and a lot more.

                Apart from that, it runs in an outstanding 2.4 GHz range, atop it provides 16-bit audio and has the ability to stream 44.1 KHz. Moreover, its performance is way better than Bluetooth, and besides that, it has a long battery life. Other than this several listeners can enjoy from just one source, it is tough and highly capable. Famous manufacturers like Sennheiser have Kleer in many of their headphone models. The best part is that unlike Bluetooth you do not need to pair it with anything.

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