Invisible Bluetooth Earpieces: The Ultimate Shopping Guide 2019

Invisible Bluetooth Earpieces The Ultimate Shopping Guide

Ever since Apple doled out the Iphone7 and its ear sets without the wires, the buzz for these micro wireless sets have increased tremendously all over the world. Invisible Bluetooth headsets have been around for long, but mostly as specialised spyware. People just recently came to appreciate them as a great hands-free alternative for driving and lifesavers for jogging sessions. It can be a real tick off when those wires keep running around your neck and torso, and they get damaged easily the moment they hook onto something and get pulled back forcefully. Invisible Bluetooth headsets can be used on just one ear, and they produce good sound quality, even as much as the regular on-ear headphones, depending on the brand, size and model. The technology here is powerfully dynamic, and they keep doling out wonderful new features to these little bugs as time goes on.

These micro Bluetooth earpieces are the best choice for people who need to stay connected while driving or even at work. You just chug it into your ear and keep using your hands efficiently, saving a good deal of time. They’re much safer for driving purposes. Any activity you need music for but you still have to use your hands, like jogging, cleaning, cooking, they’ll be much better for you than wearing heavy on-ear headphones or stuffing your phone in your pocket and hanging wires all over.

Features To Look Out For When Buying Invisible Bluetooth Headphones

#1 - New Versions

A lot of people haven’t caught up yet, but Bluetooth recently capped out a faster and more reliable 5.0 version, which is already available in invisible earpieces. Older Bluetooth versions will only lead to unsatisfactory performance and poor playback. It’ll also present connectivity problems when you try to pair it to your most modern gadgets and devices. Bluetooth versions ranging between 4.0 to 5.0 or the most current version as at the time you choose to make the purchase are the most ideal for invisible Bluetooth earpiece. A lot of people also tend to purchase older versions of the earbuds from the different brands around. While this isn’t so bad, it doesn’t make much sense to buy predecessors when successors are getting doled out with better features and specs, and are almost always within the same price range, or slightly different.

Some headsets with the latest Bluetooth versions are:

#2 - Battery Life

Invisible Bluetooth Earpieces battery life

A small price has to be paid for the micro size of the invisible Bluetooth earpiece; a poor battery life. Charging components and batteries have to be very small for exceptionally small gadgets and devices. Brands and technologists are still working non-stop to find a permanent solution to this problem, but for now, the best battery life a micro headset can sport ranges between 3-6 hours of talk time and music playback. The batteries of invisible Bluetooth earpieces are rechargeable and a micro USB charging device is supplied on purchase. This device is plugged into the USB port which will definitely be located on the body of the ear piece. These little bugs should never be overcharged, because they’re volatile due to their tiny sizes. They should be charged at the appropriate current specified on the purchase pack or user manual, if available.

Invisible Bluetooth ear pieces with the most impressive battery lives include:

#3 - Call Quality

Invisible Bluetooth Earpieces call quality

Invisible Bluetooth ear pieces have varying call qualities based on the technology they’re made with. A lot of them are not exactly fantastic for call reception, again, no thanks to their minute sizes. The call transmission elements in these devices are exceptionally tiny, therefore the call quality, on most of the buds, is a bit on the average side. I can’t say it’s exceptionally great or particularly bad.

On the bright side, technology is dynamic and new systems keep getting capped out every day. There are some Bluetooth ear bugs that have exceptional call and sound quality, with ultra-thin built-in mics and powerful transmitters, emitting immaculate playback on both counts. Some of the best include:

#4 - Comfort

This is a very important feature to look out for when buying micro Bluetooth ear buds. These aren’t like the on-ear headphones, which rarely sit uncomfortably on anyone’s head. These little bugs go right into the ear funnel and that can get quite uncomfortable if you haven’t selected one that suits you well. Some of the ear tips are pointy and jot out conspicuously, while some are flat and well-levelled. For me, the flat tips are the best because they offer little to no discomfort and you rarely ever know they’re there. It’s easy to dump an ear set after a short while of use due to the discomforting fit.

Invisible Bluetooth Earpieces comfort and size

#5 - Size

The size of the earpiece is a major factor as well. Most people want buds that are barely visible, which is why they are referred to as invisible ear pieces in the first place. The size of the piece greatly determines the call and sound quality, along with the battery life. A too small bud may not be fantastic, because there’ll be literally no space for high-tech elements to go into it. The bigger-sized buds generally produce better playback, but some tiny buds are built with so much intellectual property technology that they deliver outstanding playback, despite being pea buds.

Some of the best tiny-sized buds for great playback and battery life include:

#6 - Price

Invisible Bluetooth earpieces range in price from 15 dollars to over 50 dollars, depending on the brand and model. Don’t be intimidated into believing that the lower priced ones aren’t any good, because some of them are really great. Different stores online can sell the same model at different price ranges, so it’s best you fish around as many trusted stores online as possible, and even trusted drop-shippers, so you can get a model at the lowest bargain available. The higher the technology and the more sophisticated the design, the higher the price.

Maintaining Your Earbuds

  • Maintenance

Invisible Bluetooth earpieces are really tiny and can easily be swallowed by a toddler or a dog, or it can roll into somewhere and it’ll be impossible to find. It’s best to always keep it in the purchase pouch. It can also be squashed under the weight of a person’s feet if kept carelessly too. Ensure it sits snug in your ear so it doesn’t fall off, especially as you jog.

  • Cleaning

These products should not be cleaned with water, but isopropyl alcohol. Use cotton wool to dab some of the alcohol lightly and clean the outer surface of the buds. Any bridges or clamped corners should be cleaned gently with a soft brush.


Invisible Bluetooth earpieces are the revolution. They’re the safest bet for drivers and joggers, and literally anyone who needs their two hands unrestricted by wires. Great care should be taken to closely monitor the features before you make a purchase. What’s the Bluetooth version? Does it have a good battery life? How clear is the call quality? Does it sit snug and comfy in your ear? Is the size as close to invisible as you want? And most importantly, check your budget and browse for the best bargain you can find. You’d be sure to get just the right little bug you need.

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