How To Troubleshoot Bluetooth Problems on Windows 10



Imagine this scenario.

You’ve spent a considerable amount on your Bluetooth headphones. You are about to watch your next favorite movie on Netflix. Suddenly, it dawns on you; the Bluetooth headphones aren’t connecting to your PC. To make matters worse, the headphones’ manual isn’t proving helpful either.

Want help at this “critical juncture”?

We have put together a few tips to troubleshoot Bluetooth problems in Windows 10 devices. We have covered all the basic problems a Windows 10 user might experience. So, it is likely you’ll find a solution to yours, too.


Start With The Basics

Before we drown ourselves into technicalities, it’s always better to start with the basics. For this purpose, first, check that the Bluetooth – of both your device and the PC – is turned on.


How To Troubleshoot Bluetooth Problems in Windows 10


For your PC, press Windows+I and the abovementioned image will appear. Double-click on the Bluetooth icon.


How To Troubleshoot Bluetooth Problems in Windows 10


Once you have done that, the abovementioned image will appear. Make sure your device’s Bluetooth is turned on – as in the image.


How To Troubleshoot Bluetooth Problems in Windows 10


Next, click More Bluetooth options and tick the tickbox titled Allow Bluetooth devices to find the PC. The remaining two options – as shown in the snap shot – should also be ticked as well.

Once you’re through this, come back to the main Bluetooth screen.If your luck hasn’t run out, you’ll see your Bluetooth headset – or other Bluetooth devices – listed here. If you see them, click Ready to Pair which will be appearing under the Bluetooth device’s name. Follow the subsequent instructions and you’ll be home.

However, if you aren’t seeing the name of your Bluetooth device – despite the fact that you have its Bluetooth turned on – it’s time for you to delve into the technicalities.


Run All Bluetooth Services

Make sure that the Bluetooth service of your device is running. Although Bluetooth is programmed to run in your device right from the moment go, problems might arise. These problems might hinder the Bluetooth functionality of your PC. To overcome them, follow these tips.


How To Troubleshoot Bluetooth Problems in Windows 10


Tap Win + R,and the abovementioned box will appear. Type services.msc in the bar’s search box and press enter. The following screen will appear.


How To Troubleshoot Bluetooth Problems in Windows 10


Look for Bluetooth services and make sure that the status of all of them is Running. Otherwise, if that isn’t the case, right click on the service and select Run from the resulting bar. Unless you aren’t having a pretty serious problem, this trick should do the job. However, if it fails to help you, scroll down to the next tip.


Updating The Driver


How To Troubleshoot Bluetooth Problems in Windows 10


If you have turned on the Bluetooth of both your device and PC – but cannot pair them – it’s time to make sure your PC’s Bluetooth driver is up to date. For this purpose, type Device Manager in your PC’s search box as shown in the picture above.


How To Troubleshoot Bluetooth Problems in Windows 10 7


This screen will appear. As you can see, take your cursor to the Bluetooth option and double-click on it. Doing so will open a list of drivers of your laptop’s Bluetooth. Right click on the first driver, and select the option of Update Driver. Then, select Search Automaticallyfor your device to automatically update its Bluetooth driver software.



At the start of this article, we asked you to imagine the scenario in which your Bluetooth headphones won’t just pair with your Windows 10 device. However, now that you have gone through the article, we hope that you won’t have to live the same.


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