How To Make Headphones Louder?


Welcome to our post through which you will learn how to make headphones louder. We all had our moments when we want to bang our heads on the beats that we listen. Some of you like to let themselves lose out of sheer joy while others do so to our come their tough times. Still, others use these beats to don their workout and need extra motivation. You don' t know what music can do to you.

No matter what the reason is, there is a headbanger in all of us. Loud beats always have a kick that adds to the song that you are listening. It brings improved energy in you. If you have volume issues then suddenly you don' t like what you are listening, and the whole jubilant experience fades away. Nothing feels more cursed than a low quality of muffled sounds. Here are a few tricks that you can use to make headphones louder.

Tips to make your headphones louder

Most of us think that if a headphone is not producing sound quality, then it must be ruined. However, that might not always be the case especially, if your pair is fresh out of the box. There are numerous ways to make your headphones sound better than usual. Let' s have a brief look at each one of them.

· Check your connected devices

With the passage of time more and more rules are coming up that are restricting the sound limit on your devices. For this reason, the sound of your device is getting dimmer as well. The good thing is these rules are only for the devices and not for the headphones.

Therefore, most of the devices that you get your hands on come with audio output limit as default. However, you can alter these restrictions from your phone' s settings menu. For instance, if you are using an iPhone, then you go to Settings and then tap on Music. Go to the Volume Limit section and shut it off. The steps to override the limit are the same for an Android device as well.

If you think that your MP3 player also has a limit, then you can search the methods on the internet to remove the restrictions. You will notice a huge difference in the sound output once you get rid of the limits, and it will make your headphones sound louder than ever.

· Turn up the volume on your devices

It might be a very basic tip, but most people ignore or entirely forget about it. If the volume of your device is too low, then you must check it. At times, turning it up a few notches will do wonders. Make sure that you do so after plugging in your headphones.

There are different volume settings for a device on speakers. You might have full volume on the speakers, but when you connect it to the headphones, it automatically adjusts the volume accordingly. Make sure to turn up the volume of your device after you connect it with your headphones.

· Clean your headphones

It might be an obvious one, but no one seems to make any serious efforts to clean their headphones once in a while. In most cases, people never clean their headphones even if they use them on a daily basis.

They tend to develop plenty of earwax and dust in them so cleaning your headphones is an essential task for optimum performance. Dead skin residue is another issue that causes the problem to the performance of the headphones over time.

The small meshes of the earpieces get blocked by dust and wax, and it can significantly reduce the sound. Some methods will enable you to make headphones louder on Android or iPhone. You can also use them to make headphones louder on PC too. Here are a few steps to increase headphone volume,

Using adhesive putty is one of the most effective ways to clean your headphones and improve headphone sound. The Blu-Tack putty adhesive is the best for this. It conveniently removes dust and wax. Take its small piece and dab it on the mesh. All residues will stick to the putty, leaving behind a clean earpiece. Use another dab for the other earpiece

Another method involves the use of carbon peroxide with the help of a cotton swab. Dip the swab in the fluid and dab it on the mesh. It will improve the headphone volume However, use carbon peroxide fluid at your own risk because it is very much like water and can damage your headphones.

In the case of big-sized headphones, you should go for using compressed air. Nevertheless, compress air will only get rid of dust or debris and won't work on anything that is sticky. The best option is to use adhesive putty in this case as well to improve headphone volume.

· Consider a new volume app

There are some apps available to increase volume on either iPhone on Android devices if in case you are still not happy with the volume output. These apps improve the volume beyond the maximum volume of your device. These apps can be very handy if you are not satisfied with what you are getting. Some of them are listed as follows,

Volume Booster Pro

Equalizer +

Volume Control +

Volume Boost +

· Utilize EQ settings on your listening devices

Most of the music and video players in the devices come with their EQ settings. With these settings, you can alter the bass and treble on purpose according to the music that you are listening. These settings also have an effect of boosting volume which can improve the audio experience. You need to explore the sound setting of your device or of the app that you are using.

· Opt for a headphone amplifier

Buying a standalone headphone amplifier is a good option as well. If all else doesn' t work for you, then an amplifier can be very productive. Standalone amplifiers are better than built-ins regarding output and performance because they are not space restricted. For his reason, the standalone units have more power that can produce good sound as compared to built-in amplifiers.

· Take advantages of ear muffs

External noise is one of the major contributors in reducing the volume output of your headphones. You don' t need to invest in expensive headphones with active noise cancellation. You can be economical with ear muffs. Earmuffs can keep all the external noise away and will enable the headphones to deliver good quality sound to your ears.

· Go for velour pads

If you are not down with using earmuffs, then you can opt for velour pads. The best part is these pads can make it very comfortable for wearing. Faux leather pads can be very irritating and wear out quickly. Therefore, you can go for velour pads and derive maximum value out of your money.

· Buy quality headphone

Headphones do have their lifespan after which they do not work as they use to, no matter what you do. In such a case you must look to buy a new one right away. You can resolve most of the issues associated with poor volume if you buy a good quality headphone.

However, a new item doesn' t mean that you don' t need to maintain it. Taking good care is equally important. Make sure not to store your headphones in a tangled manner and clean them frequently. It will not only improve their performance but will also keep them going for a long time.

Why some headphones sound better than others?

As you know, different headphones come with different audio quality and loudness. Big headphones have big drivers and can produce a loud sound. These pieces also need more power to work with. However, it' s not all about loudness; quality also matters a lot.

Bose and similar other renowned brands are good at producing high-quality drivers that can deliver loud sound even if they are small in size. Therefore, you must keep in mind, don' t fall for the cheap products! Design and constructions also have a massive impact on audio output. Properly arranged components can produce better sound.

Some units might have an issue of resistance which enables them to produce only that amount of sound. Headphones with low resistance provide exceptional results because they don' t consume power but use it to maximum effect.


Now you know how you can improve the sound quality of your headphones. Enjoying those head-banging moments is not possible if you have a pair of headphones that don' t deliver good quality sound. To have that larger than life experience you need good quality sound.

Follow the tips mentioned above to make headphones louder significantly and enjoy the music that you love and cherish. However, take care of your ears as well. Exposing them to loud sound for long hours can damage them.

Do you have any others tricks up your sleeve that we didn' t mention in this post? Please share your suggestions and comments in the space given below.

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