How to Choose the Right Earbuds? 2019 Buyers guide?


It is always so exciting when you are getting a new phone, the excitement might be however short-lived if you are given the wrong earbuds. Freebies are most likely to be of deficient quality and have short lifespans. Therefore, you are often required to get new earbuds.

Are Earbuds the Right Choice?

There are so many reasons that contribute to the growing popularity of earbuds. The main reasons are portability, user-friendliness, and lightweight. The high quality of earbuds is that they fit perfectly inside the ear eliminating all external noises. Hence, listening to music without any disturbances or distractions or even disturbing others nearby.

The question is, how do you know the best earbuds to get? Do not despair, that is why we are here! We will guide you through tips you need to consider in getting the best buds, be it size, color choice, specifications, the price you name it. But first of all, let's see the mistakes that customers are likely to make.

What to generally look for,

There are different types of earbuds tips, so make sure you take the one that suits you well with a size you will like.

  • Check the earbud features, if you are a sports person, look for sweat-resistant earbuds, and if you want to avoid noise, we will guide you through the various types of earbuds to look at.
  • If you are going for something independent, like the wireless or Bluetooth connected earbuds, pick something with a long-lasting battery. At least 12hour extended battery.
  • When checking out the price, keep in mind that expensive does not always mean the best and cheap not low quality.
  • Limitations customers make when buying earbuds.

What do the Specifications on Earbuds Mean?

Since you cannot try the earbuds on before purchase, or you are an online buyer, then it's essential to check the products details before getting them. Below are the technical aspects to look at:

  • Impedance: This is the measure of opposition a circuit provides to a current when a voltage is applied. If the impedance of a circuit is high, it will lead to low current flow. In such a case to achieve the best results, and maximum power, you must match the impedance of your device to the earbuds' impedance.
  • Sensitivity: This refers to how loud the earbuds can be. Sensitivity shows how electric signals are converted to acoustic signals. For safety purpose, earbuds with a midrange sensitivity are ideal. High volume can cause damages to your ears. Sensitivity is measured in sound pressure level (SPL).
  • Frequency response: This is the range of audio frequencies that the earbuds can repeat. This is where your music preference comes in, the frequency response will help you choose the best earbuds considering the type of music you like hearing. For instance, if you want music with a lot of basses, then you should pick an earbud with a low bass frequency.
  • Driver:Turn electrical signals to sound pressure, a stronger or a more extensive drive provides a better overall sound of the device. The driver is responsible for creating music in the device. They are also useful for increasing bass, trebles, and mids for the best listening experience.
  • Earbud cord: Ensure that the cable is made of good rubber, bad cords can ruin good earbuds. The cords must be water resistant to avoid water damage. A flimsy earbud cord, due to the effects of microphonic can destroy good earbuds.

How to choose the right size?

Ill-fitted earbuds don't only disturb comfortability, but are also irritant and can cause pain to people with sensitive outer years. Therefore, finding the best size or the best fitting earbuds is essential, you don't want earbuds that will keep coming out during your morning run. Let's look at how to pick the best fitting earbuds.

Choose the model considering your direct needs and preference, we have different variants for earbuds, for sports devices, or it's for indoor use. There are:

Snug fitting earbuds.

Some people prefer earbuds to fit to fit tightly to maximize sound absorption, hence a perfect listening experience. This type of earbuds is suitable for runners and bike riders since the tight fit prevents falling off. Although this type of earbuds provides an enjoyable listening experience in your own world, it is also dangerous since you don't hear anything in your surroundings.

Runners especially and bikers should think twice before going for this type of earbuds, especially when they are around traffic. If you are not doing any of the ones mentioned and you need an isolation experience, snug fitting earbuds are the one to go for.

Loose fitting earbuds.

They offer safety and comfort but do not, however, offer isolation. These earbuds are not fully fitted in your ear hence allows room to lose and receive sound to and from the surrounding. They are suitable for runners and bikers when they are around traffic, they are able to listen to music and at the same time beware of any dangers around them. The sports or running earbuds are made of flexible gel-like tips or rubber. High-quality earbuds come with both the materials of various sizes to decide which of them is suitable.

For perfect results, you should consider buying earbuds that nestle in your earhole, with a material that won't hurt, avoid plastic tipped earbuds.

Ear tip.

Choosing the best type of ear tip is also very important. Some earbuds come with various sizes and materials of ear tips, but others don't. The best size of ear tips will not give you a comfortable fit but a better seal. Too large ear tips might hurt your ear, and on the other hand, too small ear tips will leak sound. The material of the ear tip is also a factor to look at, silicon, foam, and rubber are commonly used for ear tips.

Foam tips give a better seal, therefore getting more dynamic. They are also more comfortable and provide better isolation, but they are however not durable. They catch dust and earwax easily and are not washable.

Silicon or rubber tips, on the other hand, are washable and vary in size. How they fit in your ear canal hugely depends on the user's ear canals. If the tips are given in various sizes, try all of them on and pick the one that you feel most comfortable in.

Earbus Shape

There are generally two shapes when it comes to earbuds, the iPod flat shape or the in-ear canal shape. The in-ear canal shape provides better noise isolation, the alternatively the flat base shaped earbuds. Pay close attention to the ear tip. To get a great deal and enjoy your earbuds, make sure you get a firm seal. A loose seal is not entirely comfortable while a tight seal might hurt your ears.

What features are you looking for?

As we have mentioned earlier, earbuds come in various sizes, so your preference and direct need are key when getting one. For instance, if you are working out, running, jogging cycling earbuds that fit securely is the smart option to look into. On the other side if you just want to listen to good music, pick earbuds that deliver the best quality sound. Let's look at various types of earbuds in the market today:

Bluetooth connected or wireless earbuds.

This type of earbuds is connected to your device via Bluetooth. They create more convenience in that, you have freedom, especially when you are doing an activity that requires so much movement. They have buttons on, so when you need to pause, repeat, or listen to the next song you just do it without taking out your phone. You can also receive calls! As if that's not enough, it tells you who is calling, maybe it's someone you are avoiding, you don't pick it.

Some of this devices also have double sensitivity. you can just switch to the device you want to listen to any time.

Sound isolation.

These type of earbuds block any sound from your surrounding so that you are able to hear fully what you are listening to. It is ideal when you are listening to music in a crowded place or in traffic.

Noise cancellation.

Different from the sound isolation that separate music from the background sound, noise cancellation blocks any type of noise from the surrounding. These earbuds are very powerful that they can allow you to sleep even in extremely noisy surroundings.

Sweat resistant.

Clearly, these earbuds are for, runners, joggers and those that like working out while listening to music. They let you do your thing without worrying about damaging them. These earbuds are specially built to block out moisture and sweat.

How to choose the earbuds fits your needs?

In today's world, customers mostly rely on the follow features when getting earbuds:

Ideal for.

This factor depends on what activity you will be doing when using the earbuds. There are earbuds suitable for runners or workout, while others are okay for indoor purposes. Earbuds are also used with people who have difficulty hearing, these are wireless earbuds connected to the television set. Earbuds can also be used on a plane or if you are in a bus or car going for a long ride.

Musicians also get earbuds for work purposes. So the purpose of getting earbuds contributes hugely to the type of earbuds to get.


The first thing that attracts the customer's attention is the design of the earbuds, the overall appearance, if the color matches their taste is it stylish? Is it unique? So many people love attention, compliments and looking unique. This factor gives the earbuds a high chance of being bought. Style wholly depends on one taste and preferences, so there are no specific recommendations when it comes to the earbuds design.


The other thing a customer checks out is the brand. Is it a favorite brand? Is it well known and trusted by its users? Something that the customer might not have in mind is that the brand might have so many customers since its products are always cheap.


Does the price fit your budget? Will you be able to get better quality at the same price? Buyers tend to assume that cheap is low quality and expensive is the best quality. However, this is not always the case.

These are good reasons to consider while getting earbuds, but they are not enough. To avoid getting earbuds, you won't like let's look at more features.


Both the wireless and wired earbud should be durable. Being sweat proof shows that they are durable. They should have an extended life battery like a 12hour long span. Most earbuds come with a warranty, sometimes, an extended warranty shows that the device is more durable, while a shorter warranty shows the opposite.

Call quality.

How well do you listen to your calls? Does it specify the caller? Are the connections okay during calls? You can ask a friend to call you so that you will check out all these features, and ensure the call quality.


Ensure that the cable is long enough for your desires so that you won't struggle when listening to music. You should, however, avoid too long cables since it will affect audio quality. If you but an earbud with a short cable you can add an extension but it should be of the same quality as the original cable. The wire should be of good material, not easily breakable and waterproof.

The cable is also a factor to look at when looking at the device's durability.


If not used properly earbuds are more dangerous than headphones. Earbuds go directly to your ear canals, so you are advised to listen at moderate or low volume depending on your ears sensitivity. If you listen with the same volume you put on when listening with headphones, you will definitely damage your ears.

DO NOT listen for so long, this will cause ear aching whenever you stop listening.


Hopefully, this guide has given you some insight on how to choose the right earbuds. When shopping for earbuds, there are many things should consider : the specifications, the fit size, the features you looking for and so on. Just like anything else you get what you pay for, so if you want the best results to do thorough research and be informed of what good and what's not in today's market.

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