How To Choose Right Headphones?

how to choose right headphones

There are many different types of headphones on the market. So when you’re on the market for a new pair, it’s important that you know exactly what you’re looking for. The last thing you want is to end up with the wrong kind. 

You might think choosing a pair of headphones is easy. However, there are so many different types that come with a variety of features that may or may not be useful to you—so choose wisely! 

Types of Headphones:

Depending on what important features are more beneficial for you, you'll want to choose a type of headphones that are most suited to your needs.

To be more convenient and specifically useful and tailored to your particular listening style or lifestyle, you'll want to consider one of these styles.

  • Noise Cancelling: You may find yourself in a busy or noisy environment like on a plane or in an airport. In these situations, you'll want headphones that prevent you from hearing noise that comes from anywhere but your headphones. Trying to enjoy music or catch up on the latest podcast is hard without noise cancelling headphones. 

They work by using microscopic microphones within the earpieces to measure the outside noise. Then they invert it and add that signal to the music coming from the headphones to cancel the outside noise.

  • Closed Headphones: These headphones block upper treble frequencies but unlike the noise canceling ones, they cannot truly cancel out low rumble frequencies like the engine of an airplane or a train.
  • In-Ear Headphones: These are great noise-blocking headphones but they serve the main purpose of distributing music and sound directly since they are used by inserting them into your headphones
  • Wireless: The world of wireless has grown so quickly and immensely in the last few years. Normally, wireless headphones run either by Bluetooth or through Infra-Red systems. Bluetooth can sync up to portable devices like your smartphone and Infra-red use radio frequencies in your home at home.
  • Wired headphones: These headphones distribute above average sound quality and don't require any type of charging or batteries. Perfect for connecting directly to your music playing portable device or other devices that can be set up with a wire. Normally, this is the go-to choice for gamers.
  • Over-the-ear headphones: These headphones go around the ear and have cushioned cups that enclose the entire ear. For sound quality and isolation from outside sounds, over-the-ear headphones or around-ear headphones are another great option. They have “passive noise reduction,” which means that even though they aren't scientifically designed to cancel outside noise, they still do simply by the way they're built.
  • On-ear headphones: These headphones look a lot like over-the-ear headphones but sit right on the outer ear instead of enclosing the entire ear. They tend to be of high quality, even though they have much less bass. With this type, you can hear outside noise and others will be more likely to hear your music, as well. 

Now that you are familiar with the types, you should be aware of the certain features that you ought to look for in a good pair of headphones.

how to choose right headphones

Do you know good headphones characteristics?

  • Sound Quality: The headphones you choose should have an even distribution of bass and treble so the sound is not only balanced but clear. 
  • Tangle-Free Wire: If you decide to purchase wired headphones, make sure that the wire is tangle-free. That way, you will spend less time untangling your headphones before each use, and will also increase the lifespan of your headphones.
  • Microphone-Added: Especially if you are using your headphones with your phone, you might have them on when trying to answer a call. There are certain earphones that have a built-in mic and some that don’t.
  • Fit and Comfort: Since you've already made the investment and are predicting to wear the earphones for a long period of time, they should be comfortable. A good time limit is 20 minutes. If you can wear them for this long without having problems, you should be fine. When it comes to fit, the bigger ear cups, the better for closed-back headphones. Smaller is better and fabric padding can help with in-ear headphones.

If you are getting over-the-ear headphones, you should also factor in the weight of the headphones, the comfort of the headband, and the adjustability.

  • Durability and Warranty: If you're spending a pretty penny on your headphones, you'll want to make sure that they are durable or at least have a warranty. In some cases, you might have the option to access replacement parts. 

The more expensive the headset, the better?

Not necessarily! The best headphones are the ones that fit you and fit your needs. They can easily be the cheapest pair on the market but if they work well for you, that’s all you need. 

Choosing the Right Headphones Type: 

One very deciding factor of being able to choose the right headphones is possibly your lifestyle. Whether you're buying headphones for running or you need them for your music studio, you should pick the type that is most suitable for the task at hand. 

For sports and fitness
Run and move around comfortably while still being able to listen to music. Certain in-ear and on-ear designs are the perfect choice for your music to stay playing even while you are. You can even opt for sports headphones that are water-resistant so you're not scared of sweating. You should also opt for cord-mounted (or "in-line") microphones and controls so you can mid-run answer phone calls, adjust the volume, or change the song while still running. A wireless model is also a great choice since the wire won’t tangle your arms up.

For work
To be able to reduce the noise of the office, over-ear or noise-canceling headphones are a great choice. However, if you've done your hair for work, you might want to consider in-ear headphones.

For travel
Choosing a lightweight option that is also foldable makes traveling with music much easier. When you're on the go, you should also opt for noise-canceling or sound-isolating headphones.

For home entertainment
Over-ear headphones are a great choice for quality balance between bass and treble for unparalleled sound quality. You can even get headphones that specialize in surround-sound processing.

For audio files
If making music or scribing is your thing, you'll want headphones that emphasize professional-level sound quality.

For gaming
Since you'll be playing for hours, most likely, you'll need wired headphones that isolate you and immerse you into your game. With deep bass response and high volume, over-ear headphones are a suitable choice. 

For kids
For the everyday use in a child’s care, these headphones have to be made extra-durable. They also come in a variety of designs with safety features to limit the maximum sound. 

Once you've chosen the perfect set of headphones, take a look at the product specifications, customer reviews, and your budget. It’s not difficult to be able to choose a pair of headphones perfectly suitable for you. 


You need a good pair of headphones for your morning runs. You need to drown out the airplane noise. You can easily choose the perfectly tailored headphones of your choice.

There are so many extra features that a quality pair of headphones come with so choosing the right ones are extremely accessible and possible. Recognize that listening to headphones at a high volume for long periods of time can be detrimental to your health—so enjoy responsibly! 

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