How much is a headsets for xbox one? Buy cheap or expensive

Gaming is a complete adventure in and of itself. You can go into another world and enjoy thrilling contests with other people without leaving your seat. For those who are addicted gamers, a headset is a non-negotiable accessory. Xbox one ranks high on the list of elite video games and I have tried it out a few times. In fairness, it lives up to the hype but how much is a headset for Xbox one?

For starters, the console has no Bluetooth connection. This means that you have to find a wireless headset. In truth, there are more than a few options on the market. The real challenge is deciding which one best suits your needs. You might spend a fortune on getting a headset for your Xbox one but is it worth it? Functionality trumps style and it should be the real reason for making any choice.

After much consideration, I have come up with a short list of the best available options. There are a few features that make a good headset. The headsets on this list will help you arrive at the best decision. Should you by a cheap headset for your Xbox one or an expensive one. If you’re wondering how much a headset for Xbox one should cost, this article is definitely for you.

The table below shows a detailed comparison of the best headsets. Some of them have the edge in a few categories. Depending on what you’re looking for, one or two of these high grade products will be the right fit.


Comparison Table

Using a headset with your game console ensures that you have a lot more fun. In line with this assertion, I have put together a list of the best headsets for Xbox one. My list is a combination of both cheap and expensive products. Regardless of this, they are all high grade headsets.

 The table compares these top products by looking at different features. How much is a headset for Xbox one? Take a look.



Battery life


Sound quality


1. Astro Gaming A50



10 hours on full charge


Very portable with wireless connection


Dolby digital surround sound, one directional mic




2. Turtle Beach Stealth 700



10 hours on full charge


Equipped with Xbox wireless technology


High sensitivity mic, superhuman sound setting for better acoustics




3. Razer Thresher For Xbox One


16 hours on full charge


Cordless connection

Windows sonic surround sound, flexible boom microphone




4. Astro A40 TR Plus Mix AMP Pro



18 hours on full charge


Not very portable, wired connection in place.


High quality audio output with automated controls




5. Plantronics Rig 800lx


24 hours on full charge


Wireless connection makes the headset very portable



Extremely clean, clear audio with noise cancellation feature.





6. N11 Gaming Headset



Lasts for up to 12 hours on full charge


Portable headset with wired and wireless connection


Superior audio quality with noise removal and multi-directional microphone





Looking at the table, you will notice that the various products have different advantages. Your choice will be determined by what you need. The details breakdown below shows these attributes in detail. I have put all these headsets under the microscope so you can see them more clearly.


Astro Gaming A50: Expensive premium product



A headset with a lot of sophisticated features, the Astro gaming A50 is first on this list for a reason. You will be pleasantly surprised that it boasts a lot of great features. An ultramodern 5.8ghz wireless connection is combined with great audio output. It is equipped with the Dolby digital 7.1 surround sound.


In addition, there are three equalizer modes to give you more freedom to adjust the sound. A functional two-directional microphone allows you to isolate your voice from surrounding noise. Other features include audio shutoff and a unique X-box one specific wireless adapter.


User critic

The A50 is undoubtedly a high quality headset. Many people enjoy the headset’s state of the art audio capabilities and the digital surround sound.  However, the battery life is not as great as many other products that cost less.


Two directional microphone

Xbox one specific wireless adapter

Triple equalizer options


Average battery life

Costs more than most Xbox one headsets

Final verdict

The A50 is a great accessory for your Xbox one. Despite concerns about the battery, it is one of the best headsets around.


Price: $300

Turtle Beach Stealth 700




The turtle stealth 700 has a great surround sound feature that makes everything sound much better. It uses a USB connection with your Xbox one console. It has a wide range of automated intuitive audio controls. This headset has a battery that last for more than 10 hours when fully charged.



Furthermore, the digital optical output allows you to twitch stream content. You can even make you friends buy the stealth 700 because of the digital daisy chain feature. It allows you to connect two or more devices together. This makes it very easy to link the devices together and get great audio output during streaming.


User critic

The major blot on it is the lack of a wireless connection. However, given the price, it has wonderful audio qualities. The battery life is also above average making it a good fit for your console.


Superb surround sound technology

Daisy chain allows you to connect many headsets together

Twitch stream available


Absence of a wireless connection

Final verdict

This is a midrange headset with the best audio specs in this category. It should be at the very top of your buying list.

Price: $150

Razer Thresher For Xbox One


One of the best things about this gadget is that you don’t need a conventional dongle to connect to your Xbox one console. Unlike most headsets, the thresher uses a windows sonic surround sound. This is great for directing the audio and a retractable microphone makes it more functional.


You can easily tell when the headset is on mute mode. This is due to a clear boom indicator on the headset. Once you charge it, you can enjoy 16 hours of gaming time.

User critic

The razer gives you a fantastic amount of game time with its powerful battery. With the windows surround sound however, it doesn’t work well with all consoles.

Price: $140


Great battery

Unique windows sonic surround sound


Surround sound doesn’t work for every console

Final verdict

As time goes on, you might be on the lookout for something unique. The Razer thresher provides the right chance to make this happen. The vast array of features makes it easier to enjoy the gadget. 

Astro A40 TR Plus Mix AMP Pro


What the AMP pro offers you is a structured vertical surround sound effect. It is a wired headset that connects to your console with a cable. It has a fantastic 18 hour battery usage period. There is also a collection of audio enhancement capabilities. This makes it sound much better than than other products in the market.



The Astro model has built a reputation by providing superb products over the years. I was extremely impressed with the specs on this variant. It will absolutely blow you away too. It has a 3.5mm aux port that you allows you to connect to mobile devices. A sleek and attractive exterior makes it even more appealing. Large ear cups complement the design effectively and deliver the sound directly to your ears.

User critic

The Astro A40 is great. Despite its superb features, it lacks a wireless connection. You might find this unsuitable for your console.


Large ear cups

Great battery


No wireless connection

Costs more than most headsets

Final verdict

The A40 costs more than many other products. However, you can trust it to deliver.

Price: $250


Plantronics Rig 800lx:


The Rig 800 has a dedicated microphone for gaming and a reliable noise cancellation technology. The really cool thing about this headset though is the battery. It completely saves you from asking how much is a headset for Xbox one. The 24 hour battery usage makes it an extremely durable headset. The Dolby atmos 3D sound effects will transform your gaming experience.


It is built for comfort as it connects within 30ft of the console. Flip the headset on its head to mute the sound switch between flat and heavy sounds. An automated sound system allows you to do the latter without much fuss. To cap it all there are 4 audio preset levels for optimal performance.



User critic

There is very little to complain about with the Rig. The long battery life and dolby sound effect make it suitable for most consoles.


24 hour battery life

Relatively cheap compared to other products


The surround sound is not very effective

Final verdict

If you are looking for a headset that represents class and top performance at a cheap price, this is it.

Price: $100


N11 Gaming Headset:



It is built to work with many consoles and works seamlessly with the Xbox one. In addition, a 50mm drive unit complements its acoustic qualities. It produces great sounds and picks up the smallest details. This allows you to hear approaching targets and pick up acoustic bits in the background.

Another great feature of the N11 is the fact that it has a microphone that is able to pick up sound from all directions. If you are a fan of multi-player games, you will find this very useful.



 The noise elimination technology, it makes your voice heard distinctly. A skin friendly ear muff makes it easy to wear. In addition, it has a large drive unit. Combined with the qualities listed above, it makes this headset a very attractive option. If you are looking for a headset to allow you vibe to your favourite games, the N11 absolutely delivers.


It costs such a meagre price that you might find yourself double-checking it just to be sure. Cheap products are not half as bad as you might think. In terms of battery life, it lasts longer the average Xbox one headset. You do not have to charge it for long periods to reach full charge.

The first time I tried it out, I was absolutely blown away by the sound quality. Once you start using this headset, you will be reluctant to splash on more expensive products. The microphone is one feature you will find amazing.


No surround sound technology

Average battery life

Final verdict

Now after looking at all the products on display, this is my premium pick. It is not just because it costs much less than most other products, the performance is much better than you can ever imagine.

Price: $26



In conclusion, the gaming world needs accessories like the headset. It simply makes everything more fun. There can be no real adventure without trying new things. The headsets that I have listed here will help you do just that. You can ask yourself how much is a headset for Xbox one. The real answer is that it depends on what you really want. As you can see, the cheap options do not lack anything in terms of quality.

Using a headset with your Xbox one is two times the fun. You will probably spend a lot of time thinking about which product to buy. The comparison shown above proves that price is no guarantee of quality. While it is not wise to simply go for the cheapest products, you can find a few decent picks for a good price.

Before you decide to break the bank and go all out for a headset, consider the variables. Battery life is just as important as the ease of moving the headset around. However, with the latest improvements in audio technology, surround sound is equally vital. Have you bought any of these products recently? Write a comment and let me know.











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