11 Reason Headphones Are Better Than Earphones

Headphones Are Better Than Earphones


In a highly chaotic world, one of the best escapes for many people is listening to music. Music tends to make a lot of things more bearable and even scientifically it has many benefits.

In fact, Fast Company suggests that music can improve creativity, change moods, and bring change to personalities as well.

However, one debate of listening to music personally is whether to use headphones or earphones.

► This write up will help you to understand why headphones are better than earphones


1. Bigger Driver 

Compared to earphones, headphones use a bigger driver which can go up to 40mm or even 70 mm. the bigger driver of the headphones means that they can provide a better base which eventually makes the sound quality much better.

However, one catch here is the quality. For some companies, the bigger driver just means a heavier sound which can be harmful to the ears. 

2. Better Sound Quality 

Headphones have a better sound quality than regular earphones.

For starters, earphones have a smaller driver which does not provide a good quality. Explain that stuff explains how headphones are a set of enclosed small loudspeakers around the ears which gives them a freer hand of being better in quality.

The size of the headphones also gives it a free hand to make the system more effective and better than fro earphones.

These features mean that headphones are better than earphones.

3. More Comfortable 

Headphones are not something seemingly operational that you have to insert inside your ear. They are worn over the ear and have the ability to set their comfort level.

There are several ways that make headphones more comfortable according to Life wire.

A few of these ways include having the option to change the ear cup shape, size, softness, and even depth according to your comfort levels. Headbands and other forms of cushioning can also make them more comfortable. 

4. Better For Gaming

Gamers know how important the sounds are to them. Therefore, it is very important for them to have the right equipment for listening.

Different sounds and frequencies are a very important matter that can be provided by headphones only.

Rachel Tatman in her blog suggests that headphones provide better and more accurate frequencies. They also help in noise cancellation and having the right pitch which makes them the best option for gaming. 

5. Home Listening 

One of the best things about headphones is that they are not very fragile. It can be used for homely purposes and usages.

There can simply be one pair of headphones and share them around the house for multiple purposes without having to worry about ruining the sounds because of the various frequencies used.

Headphones are also easy to share with all kinds and sizes of ears. They do not have to set inside the ear.

6. Do Not Carry As Many Infections 

The common problem of using and sharing earphones is the transfer of ear infection.

WearablesDevCon emphasizes how the earphones can be highly risky to ear health and can cause aural hygiene problems and contaminations to the ear canals. They can go as far as to burst the small membrane in the ear which is the eardrum.

A regular sanitation of earphones makes life a problem which is why headphones are better.

However, they need to be maintained too. 

7. Avoid Hearing Loss

Headphones are much better than earphones in terms of saving your eardrums. Earphones are inserted more than safety recommends inside the ears. This allows them to be louder and much easier to affect the eardrums in a greater way. The system inside them is also not usually as balanced which is why they cause a lot of problems.

Headphones, on the other hand, have equalizers that help save the ear from being affected with loud sounds. 

8. Noise Cancellation 

One of the distracting things, while you are working on music and wearing a sound device, is the external noise.

Earphones do not have noise cancellation options which are why they are unsuitable for people that need serious work done by listening.

Noise cancellation additionally helps in preventing contamination from outside as the ears are entirely sealed with these headphones. This makes them much more sanitary and healthy in comparison to earphones. 

9. More Durable 

One of the best things about headphones is that they are longer lasting. Since they use bigger drivers and a more complex system, they do not use small and fragile wires in their system.

This makes them better lasting since earphones are small with fragile wires and even if you twist them the wrong way you can break them. While earphones take up less space, headphones can be fit into your bag without easily breaking which makes them a great option. 

10. Slip-Offs 

One of the annoying things that earphone users face especially while working out is that they tend to slip off easily. Since there are different ear sizes and earphones usually do not come in different sizes, they tend to slip off after wearing for a short while only.

This creates a problem for most of the people that like to listen to music while working out which makes it difficult to concentrate on the chore. 

11. Low Maintenance 

As mentioned earlier, the use of earphones means being exposed to several different infections and sanitation hazards. Hence, if you want to continue to use them, you will need to make sure that they are maintained and cleaned after every use. You will need to make sure of this for headphones as well, but a lot less than for earphones. 


While earphones may be lightweight and easier to carry around, still headphones are better than earphones in many ways.

We have mentioned some of them in the article. Regardless of what you are using make sure to keep the volume at a level that it does not hurt your ears for a long time. Studies recommend about 60 percent of the volume for the best results.

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