What Should You Know About The Tunes Headphones?

What Should You Know About The Tunes Headphones?


 Tunes Headphones

Tunes headphone are headphones that are made special for each user. This technology is fairly new but aren’t you curious to know why this took so long? It is clear that us humans are very different. Our eyes are different, we all look different so why would manufactures think that we hear all hear the same. Well, the fact is we do not. Yes, that's right humans do not all ear the same and for this reason, Tune headphones are making a huge difference in the listening world.

Many people love music, they love to listen to new songs, sing along and even dance. Music may be considered a way of life. A cultural phenomenon that we all enjoy. Now, you have the chance to enjoy it even more with tunes headphones. Cultivate the sound you want with your tunes headphones free app and never complain about music again.

What Are Tunes Headphones?

So as you saw above, some tune headphones are headphones that are made specific to the user. These headphones are controlled by apps that can be downloaded on your smartphones. Other tune devices are just devices that are great for listening to music and audio.

Apart from that, other headphones have cultivated their sound to be unique although not utilizing the same technology. Some of these headphones and earphones will be discussed as well. Here is a Tunes audio headphones review.

How do Tunes Headphones Work?

What these earphones do is use proprietary software to determine each listener’s earprint.  After this is determined you will get the perfect sound. You must note that this will not necessarily make your audio sound better but it will sound more balanced as it will be unique to your unique hearing ability.

These headphones are also great for adjusting specific frequencies. Some sounds are very low and therefore it may be hard for your ears to pick them up. Because of this, many people turn up their volume too loud and this may even cause ear damage.

With Tune headphones, you don't have to worry about turning up your headphones anymore. The technology will do that for you. Also, Some songs may play different sounds in each side of the headphone, with different volumes between earphones you will hear all these sounds at an appropriate volume.

How do Tunes Headphones Work?

Are the Tunes Headphones Any Good?

I know that you are wondering if these headphones are any good. I understand that it somewhat sounds too good to be true but it is not. These headphones are very good and you will see that as I take about a few of them below in this tunes headphones review article. Here, you will get more useful information about tunes headphones.

Many people have said that with this device songs that they thought sounded well on other high-end headphones sound surprisingly better on this device. In fact, the app lets you compare sounds between traditional sound and the sound they deliver.

Apart from that, we looked at other devices with great noise canceling features. While some of these devices may not be tailored to your unique listening frequency, they do offer great noise canceling options. With a noise-canceling headphone, you will be able to hear all the little sounds that have been inserted into your music.

Best Tunes Headphones You Can Buy

  • Nuraphone


    This is another brilliant device that will cultivate sound to suit your listening needs. This device conducts a scientific analysis of your ears. This is done to ensure that you are getting the best listening out of your technology.

    This device is nice and big and it comes in a sturdy box, the earphones do not fold which may prevent issues for some users. Earphones that do not fold are often a handful to carry around especially on long trips.

    The outer design of the headphones is nothing spectacular, in fact, it may resemble similar over the head devices. The Nura headphones are generally black in color with a nice matte finish. The cable is nice and it has a comfort factor to it. Now, you must know that this device does not come at a low cost.

    The device is made by an Ear specialist who has used the best technology available to make them. This device is uniquely made as the outer part resembles a headphone while the inner part has earbuds. For some, this may be uncomfortable at first and may even give you a feel of it being a medical device. However, there is silicon inside each cup and the tips that go into your ear are very soft.

    Best Tunes Headphones You Can Buy

    The device controlled with the Nura app which is available in the app store on the device you wish to use. The app also will allow you to change what some of the buttons on your device may be used for.

    If you wish to run a cool test you can set the device to your listening algorithm, then you can allow a close friend or family member to do the same. After this do a trade-off and see how close your listening preferences are. You may be surprised that it is not very close.  From this tunes headphones, Bluetooth connection is said to be very good. So, it may be worth the huge buck after all. You can decide if you want to give them a try.

    • Tunes Headphones Red

    Tunes Headphones Red

    Tunes Audio is a headphone company that makes the Tunes Headphones Red. This tunes audio headphones review will just be about the basic features of the device. The headphone is said to be lightweight, so you will not have any issues moving around with them. The headphones are also said to be comfortable, so you are able to wear them for long periods of time.

    In addition, you will benefit from 12 hours of battery life and high fidelity audio. When you purchase this headphone you will receive a tunes headphones owner’s manual, a USB charger, and an Aux cord.  Just want to warn everybody about tunes headphones, I must say that some online users have complained about the company’s shipping policies. In times like these with two-day shipping, it is unreasonable for shipping to be an issue for customers. So, ensure that you check these policies before purchasing.

    • Even Earphones

    Even Earphones

    This device is not a headphone like the Tunes Headphones Red, it is a very lightweight and small earphone. Despite its size, this earphone works just as good as its other counterparts.

    Many people have said that while using the Even Earphones, they have noticed quite a difference in their audio. This device may be considered as slick and well made so you never have to wonder if you are sacrificing quality.

    The cord on the device is covered in a material that prevents it from being easily tangled. The device is also two different color, with one side being black and the other white. Initially, you will need to give this device about 2-3 minutes to get accustomed to your ear. After this time, you will get your audio played to the algorithm which was cultivated. Even Earphones are sold by We are Even and they have many other varieties, including headphones.

    • Painted Tunes

    Painted Tunes

    The painted tunes headphone is a device made by Dual Electronics Corporation. This device has made its way as extremely popular. With this device, you will get sound isolation. Sound isolation or noise canceling is a great feature that many headphones have these days. It will allow you to listen to what you want without being disturbed by outside noise.

    The sound of this device is impressive and you will get great bass response. The cord on the device is made of tangle-free material so you will not waste time untangling any cord. Users have noted that this device is not great for stretching your phone down, putting in pockets because the cord is very short. This device also may not securely fit in your ears.  

    • Monster N-Tune Headphones

    Monster N-Tune Headphones

    These headphones come in bright bold colors with a glossy finish and are perfect for anyone who likes a pop of color. These headphones are also great and unique because they allow you to share music with your friends and family. They come with what is known as dual port inputs, this is so great being that sharing earphones can be very unhygienic and bad for your health.

    The cables on these devices are tangle free and they are supported by all devices. You will find great comfort in these devices because they are padded both for your ears and the part that goes on your head. In the box for this device, you will only get the headphones, a short cable, and a cleaning cloth. The cord for the device is short but the sound from the device is rich. This may be a great music headphone for you depending on your taste.

    • Noise Cancelling Headphones

    Treble z2 Wireless Noise-Cancelling Headphones

    Treble z2 Wireless Noise-Cancelling Headphones

      This device is great for listening to music on the go. The device is noise canceling so you will be able to block out all external noises that you don't want to hear. This is perfect for you if you commute a lot too and from work or school. I for one love noise canceling headphones because I travel on a train to and from work on a daily basis. The train can be quite loud so noise canceling is the only device for me. This device is also great on battery life, its also a Bluetooth device. Now they do retail at a pretty high cost, but the sound quality is great.

      Paww Wavesound 3 Noise-Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones

      Paww Wavesound 3 Noise-Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones

        This headphone is not alone great if you are commuting on a train but especially great if you are a frequent flyer. This device will block out all sounds even the talkative person that may be next to you on your plane ride. With this device, you will have no trouble carrying it around because they fold up for easy storage. The device is fairly priced, and it does the job that it needs to do. The fit is comfortable and unique.


        We have discussed many headphones ins this article. We started off by introducing you to the latest in listening technology. These days, headphones are not only being made to specifically fit your ear and head size but they are also made to suit your unique listening preference.

        These new devices used a special algorithm to test your ear listing ability then deliver sound to you based on the results. You will be surprised to find out that no two people will have the same listing capabilities. Now, although many of these headphones come at a high cost they are great with sound quality and comfort.

        Many of the devices we covered also host great battery life, so you can listen to your favorite tunes on the go at any time.  Times are changing, and technology is changing with time.  How caught up are you? Let us know in the comments below. We would love to hear from you.

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