Buying Earbuds With Microphones: Your Best Buds On The Move A Guide To Tuning Into Your Own World


Striving to make calls when driving or working? Need a hands-free solution to take care of your needs? Well, earbuds with microphones are a revolutionary idea that can allow you to receive and send audio, all with the same device.


Well, we can serve as your earbuds with microphones guide on your way to better audio devices! Learn how these exceptional devices can truly change your audio world!

How can Earbuds and Mic Work Together?

Right off the bat, you might wonder:

‘How do they work together?’

While it is true that both of them serve a different purpose, manufacturers have found a way to make them work together. Where earbuds act as an audio output device, microphones act as an audio input device.Earbuds with mic-BT800

The basic working principle is like that of an electrical circuit. The power source here is the phone’s battery and the earphone jack acts as a switch to make or break the circuit. When you put the jack in, the circuit is complete and power flows from the source to the device and back again.

First, let’s see how they work individually:


Earbuds can turn the electrical signal from your phone into sound energy. When the current passes through a coil, it induces a Magnetic field. This induced magnetic field interacts with the magnetic field of the electromagnet causing the diaphragm to oscillate.

We interpret these vibrations as sound waves! It's all 7th-grade science!


However, when it comes to microphones, things are a bit different. They are actually quite opposite. The diaphragm vibrates when sound waves hit it. These vibrations are converted into electrical signals and sent back to the phone. 


You might have noticed that your jack has a number of rings on it. If it has two rings, this means that your earbuds only act as a speaker. Each ring connects to one of the two speakers in the earbud.

However, in the case of a microphone, there are three rings. Two that connect to the speakers and one that connects to the mic. This enables them to work separately and make their own circuits independently.

Types of Earbuds with Microphone

You can find a large range of earbuds with a microphone in the market. However, there are specific types of this device. Each type has its own advantage and disadvantage.

You must scrutinize these microphone earbuds closely to determine which one will suit you best. For your convenience, we have even added examples so you can get a better idea of what you're up against:

  1. Biometric Earbuds

These earbuds are aptly named as the Sports earbuds as well. These earbuds like the SMS Audio BioSport Earbuds can monitor your heart rate when you go out for a run or walk.

Other high-end models such as the Samsung Gear IconX and Sony Smart B-Trainer can help you find out how your workouts are affecting your heart..

  1. Stereo Earbuds

Stereo earbuds create a surround sound type of feel. Each cup is connected separately and relays the audio signal separately. Stereo earbuds such as the Coby CVE and the Wieppo Metal Earbuds use the two different cups to deliver different audios. 

They give you a sense of direction about where the sound is coming from. You can check your earbuds by listening to applause which will give you the best sense of direction.

  1. Mono Earbuds

Mono earbuds use a single channel to relay across the sound. This means that the same sound emanates from the two cups. You can even find these in singles such as the JLAB 6MS and the Far End Gear Short Buds.

  1. Water Resistant Earbuds

Water Resistant Earbuds are best used by sportsmen and athletes. They are sweat resistant so you can run and sweat all you want without worrying about damaging them. The JLab Audio Fit 2 and Onkee Bluetooth earbuds are perfect examples of earbuds you can wear while swimming! 

  1. Voice Assistance Earbuds

These earbuds like the VddSmm Earbuds feature voice assistants such as Siri, Cortana or Google. You need only use your voice to make a call or play music or send a message without having to take out your phone.

  1. Active/ Passive Noise Cancelling Earbuds

Earbuds with microphones, such as the Bose Quiet Comfort, make use of the mic to analyze the amount of noise around you. They then generate a counter wave to actively block the noise. However, passive ones only do so by virtue of their design and not through active wave generation. Each has their own benefit and disadvantages.  



Active Noise Cancelling Earbuds

 ✔ Block sound intelligently.

 ✔ Perfect for plane rides and noisy rooms.

 ✖ Requires more power.

 ✖ Alters the natural qualities of music.

Passive Noise Cancelling Earbuds

 ✔ Requires less power.

 ✔ Cheaper.

 ✔ Does not alter the 'good' sound.

 ✖ Tighter fit around the ears.

 ✖ Does not completely cancel out sounds.


Why You Need an Earbud with Microphone?

You might feel that simple earbuds will do you good. However, there are many reasons why you should get an earbud with microphone. These are:

  1. Privacy: These earbuds allow you to talk to whomever you even away from prying ears. They also allow you to work in peace without having anyone disturb you.
  2. Portability: One of the major advantages of earbuds with the mic is portability. Imagine having to carry a separate speaker and mic everywhere you go. Well, with these you can easily carry both in one small device.
  3. Hands-Free Calls: These allow you to make calls without having to take your phone out of your pocket. This feature can be really helpful when you’re driving or doing other manual tasks.
  4. Easy-to-clean: Earbuds are much easier to clean than headphones as they are smaller and normally do not accumulate a lot of dirt. However, rubber earbuds such as 1More Triple Driver Earbuds are much easier to clean.

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Top 3 Things To Consider When Buying Earbuds with Mic

You might question which qualities you should consider when buying one of these microphone earbuds. Here are the top three features you should take into account before you decide on a product:

  1. Mic Quality

Of course, you could have chosen just earbuds, but you obviously need the microphone. Otherwise, you wouldn’t consider it. So, the mic quality plays a very important role here. You need to ensure that you can easily record, answer calls etcetera.Earbuds with mic-BT260

Ensure that the sound is clear and stable and does not break in between. You can even check how well they filter sound. You don’t want to end up with the traffic or the fan being louder than you.

  1. Sound Quality

Next, consider how well the earbuds play the sounds and how the quality of the audio is. All sounds should be clear and isolated. If you are using any type of noise cancellation earbuds such as the Bose Quiet Comfort then, you need to ensure the earbuds completely block any noise.

On the other hand, when using Stereo earbuds such as the Edifier, check both the cups for the audio quality. See how the two cups perform together.

Also, check for the overall sound quality and what frequency the sounds play at!

  1. Comfort

Lastly, check how comfortable these earbuds are for you. You might be using them for a long time, so you want them to fit nicely and not be too invasive. Also, try running and walking with them beforehand. They should not come off quickly.


All in all, earbuds with microphones can be essential to you. Whether you are a sportsman, a runner, voice artist or a music lover, we are sure that our earphones with microphones guide helped you in one way or another. So, want to hear an audiobook? Or record one? Make calls? You can do so with only one device! So, get the ultimate sweet sound you desire! Are you ready to make a 'sound' wave?

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