Difference Between Bluetooth A2DP and aptX

Difference Between Bluetooth A2DP and aptX

When technicians from Taiwan patented Bluetooth headphones, the world saw a new era arise. Over the course of a decade, having a Bluetooth headset became the latest trend. Gone is the time when people had to worry about getting their earphones tangled. But many don’t know which type of wireless earphones they should buy. Two new types of technologies have entered the scientific circle: the Bluetooth A2DP and aptX.

Let us discuss the differences between the two. 

Summary Table Between A2DP and aptX

Definitions for A2DP and aptX

The Advanced Audio Distribution Profile –or A2DP for short- is the most basic form of Bluetooth profile. This streaming model works mainly in stereo and supports pretty much every type of audio codecs, such as MP3, AAC, or ATRAC. The best part is that A2DP doesn’t even require the files to be converted to SBC before transmitting over Bluetooth.

For those of you who don’t know, to send information wirelessly from the Bluetooth “transmitter” to the “receiver”, the audio files need to be converted into some wireless codec. The A2DP profile helps transmit the data over wireless connections and determines the quality of the transmitted audio. A2DP is a standard that is supported by almost every brand and model of the wireless headset.

The aptX is a specialized type of codec made solely to transfer over Bluetooth connections. Most connections are only able to support low bandwidths and power, resulting in most audio quality being lost. The aptX fixes this by optimizing the connection to fit the file type best.

However, this new format requires both the receiver and the transmitter to support aptX, which is rare.

Bluetooth A2DP Vs aptX

The differences between the Bluetooth A2DP and aptX can be summarized as:

#1.   Bandwidth Support

The A2DP profile has a max bandwidth of up to 768 kbps, while the aptX format can support up to 1.28 Mbps. It means that aptX provides a faster method of data transfer.

#2.   File Format Support

The types of audio files supported by the Bluetooth device, such as wireless headphones, are essential for a good experience. In general, A2DP can support SCB, MP3, AAC, and ATRAC. And aptX supports everything A2DP does.

#3.   Device Compatibility

Almost every Bluetooth device is compatible with A2DP, including most aptX devices. But for aptX compatibility, both the receiver and the transmitter need to support aptX, and the high price can intimidate many users.

#4.   Sound Quality

A2DP is just like any regular stereo sound, perhaps even worse. In comparison to that, the aptX sound is almost "CD-like", and clearer and better.


In short, the difference between Bluetooth A2DP and aptX is that A2DP is definitely of lesser quality than the aptX, although the latter is a bit more expensive and unavailable. Our advice is that if you’re tight on the cash, then sticking to A2DP is your best option.

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