Corded Telephone Headsets: The Ultimate Guide to Buying 2019

corded telephone headsets buying guide


Are you always on the computer all the time? You will, therefore, need corded telephone headphones that will make making and picking calls on your computer easy. You are sure that there will be no interruptions that will make you stand up to make a call or fish your mobile phone from your handbag.

Wear these amazing gadgets, and you will make your call without having to move at all. In this article, we will help you understand the benefits of using telephone headphones, factors to consider when buying and also the best picks in the market today.

Easy to Love Gadgets

Back then, telephone operators used headsets with booms before these amazing gadgets hit our tech market. Today, the floodgates have opened, and you have a variety to choose from. They come in different models, price and brands that can make you get confused.

The best feature made for these the lazy computer geeks are the corded telephone headphones with a disconnect feature. This feature is suited for your corded telephone. You will, therefore, be required to get an amplifier that is compatible with your headset. If you are the energetic type, you can still get the wireless headsets with amplifiers and still be fine.

Telephone headsets for computers that have VoIP can allow you to stream music and play online games. Some of the telephone headphones do not require a sound card. So, it is a plug and plays all the time you need to use.

What are corded telephone headsets?

Telephone headphones are connected to a fixed line telephone system. The telephone headphone works by replacing the handset of the telephone.

 The corded telephone headphones have an RJ-9 connector or a 2.5mm pins to be used with phones and other devices. Telephone earphones are mostly used in call centers or by people who do not want to hold their telephones for long. Using these headphones gives you a hands-free use.

Why a corded telephone headset?

Your workers who are always on the office telephone and on their computer would bless your thinking if you purchased corded telephone headphones for them. Using these headphones will help you get rid of unnecessary fatigue and improve your posture. This will help you feel more active and less fatigued at the end of the day.

Using the corded telephone system can help them comfortably take notes dictation faster when using the headsets rather than using the telephone. The use of a corded telephone system can help your works make more business calls without moving from their desk. Here are ways you can benefit from using a telephone.

1. Freedom and productivity

  • Telephone headsets will free up both your hands that making easier for you to multitask while still on the phone.
  • The wireless telephone headsets will give you more freedom to move to leave your desk and move around while still on the call.
  • The handset lifter will allow you to answer and end calls while you are away from your desk. This will enable you to be free while you talk, walk and work.

    2. Improve ergonomically and eliminate back and neck pain

    • Your workers can now answer the telephone comfortably without cradling the phone between the neck and shoulders. This habit is the main culprit to neck pains. Also staying in that position can lead to repetitive strain and injury. This is the reason why chiropractors and psychotherapist recommend the use of headphones.

      3. Improve how you sound and what you hear

      • When you wear a telephone headset, its microphone stays in one position as you move your head and speak. The voice, therefore, stays consistent.
      • If you use a noise canceling headphone, the microphone cancels up to75% of background noise. This helps the caller hear only you even if you are in a noisy environment.

        Things to consider when buying corded telephone headsets?

        If you spend most of your time speaking to clients, you will need a good pair of headsets. However, choosing the appropriate one is not a simple task. There numerous things you should consider before making your decision like comfort, style, durability, compatibility, health regulations and the nature of the office environment.

        The type of headsets you choose to use particularly if you work in a contact center is important since you spend 99% of your time on the phone. Here are some factors you should look for when purchasing your corded office headset.corded telephone headsets

        1) The length of the cord

        For maximum comfort during use, you need to purchase a telephone headset with a reasonable size of the code. When working at the office, there are many activities you do while still on the phone. Therefore, you need freedom of mobility. You need your cord to be positioned well for convenience and comfort. If your cord is not long enough, you might get disconnected while still using it.

        2) Noise Cancelation versus Voice-tube microphone

        Headphones are designed to suit different kinds of environment. You may want to buy need to buy one that suits your noisy environment. Noise canceling headphones are the best for busy offices since they cancel out all the background noise. This feature allows your callers to hear you better.

        On the other hand, headphones with voice-tube microphones are ideal for normal office environments. They ensure the delivery of clear sound in quiet environments.

        3) Acoustic Shock

        The updated European Noise Exposure Directive requires all call centers to maintain a noise level of 80Db. To protect your employees, make sure to buy headphones that protect them from acoustic shock. Some people have suffered acoustic incidences. The acoustic incidences are caused by loud and unexpected high pitched tones ranging from 2.3 -3.4kHz.Phone operators are said to be shocked by the incidences and experience numerous symptoms like pain, tinnitus, disturbance, and hyperacusis. The victims complain of headaches, blocking, pressure or a hollow feeling inside the ear.

        4) Monaural Versus Binaural

        You may choose whether to use a monaural or binaural headset- depends on your taste. A single earpiece will allow you to listen to the phone conversations while still listening to colleagues. Monaural headphones let you be aware of your environment while still making your calls.

        On the other hand, binaural headphones make you concentrate on your call totally. They can best suit noisy environments as they ‘close you off’ from the noise from the external environment.

        5) Future use

        Today, many call centers are choosing to but VOI phones. The use of telephone technology is likely to fade away as agents may switch to desktop terminals for their call needs. Therefore, it is important if you buy a set of telephone that will adapt to the changing working environment. You should consider if your call center agents work on the desk, phones or both. Also, you should evaluate if they will need to work on VoIP in the future.

        6) Compatibility

        Before purchasing your headphone, you need to consider if they are compatible with your device. You don’t want to take your new headphones home little to realize they are not compatible with your device. If you need a corded headset for your phone, make sure you buy the one with the right jack.

        7) Wearing style

        What style of office headphones do you need? This comes down to personal preference and taste. We have numerous styles of telephone headphones in the market today. Here are some styles that you can choose from when purchasing your telephone headphones.

        • Over-the-ear headphones

          Over the ear telephone headphones work best in quiet work environments. They do not seal off sound like the other headphone brands. They are much lighter in weight than other headphones models. The over the ear models do not have the headband. So, you will not worry about messing your hair or be seen by customers if you are having a one-on-one chat. These headphones are best for people who do not anything destructing them.

           The over-the-ear headphones have loops that hold the headphones in place. Some brands have an ear cushion and some ear tips that go in your ear. So, it all depends on your taste and what you are comfortable with.

          • Over-the-head headphones

             The other wearing style is over-the-ear headphones. This style has a bigger speaker than the over the ear model and makes the sound quality great. The large ear cushion makes sure that all the external noise is sealed. They have an adjustable headband that makes it possible to be adjusted to any head size.

            Do you now have an idea of which corded telephone headsets to buy? So in short, you should factor in three factors before buying your telephone headphones- the size of code, style, and your working environment. Also, it is important to look at the quality and durability of the headphones. A good telephone headset promotes a productive environment that boosts performance. It will prevent you from kinking your headset against your neck and shoulders that cause neck and shoulder pain.

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