All Results For Headphone Splitter You Need To Know

All Results For Headphone Splitter You Need To Know


All Results For Headphone Splitter You Need To KnowIt is possible to have a single music source and still have tow headphones connected, listening to the same music at the same time.

Headphone users all over the world have clamored for a device that can help them share their music with friends, headphones connected to the same phone or iPad or laptop, jamming to a new rap song. This need has birthed a new headphone accessory that makes this wish a reality, the headphone splitter.

What Is A Headphone Splitter?

As the name implies, it is a gadget, usually small, that helps split sounds into different headphones at the same time. That is a simplistic definition, but I'll explain further.

The dilemma faced by Daniel and Stella is one of the most common reasons people need a gadget that can help them "split" the music or sound coming from a singular device without altering the sound. An audio splitter, also called a dual headphone adapter is a device that allows you to connect two more headphones, microphones or speaker to a single audio Jack.

How would this be even possible, connecting more than one headphone to a 3.55mm audio Jack?

The dual headphone splitter is the answer. With a singular plug that provides you with multiple audio jacks for your multiple headphones or microphones; the splitter is like the good father that shares a portion of food equally to his children.

The headphone splitter does differ on quality, but there is a function of the brand you choose to use and the wires employed in the manufacturing of the dual headphone splitter.

Haven't understood what a headphone splitter is, won't it be nice if we walked you through a brief account of how headphones became a must-have gadget for all and sundry?

What Is A Headphone Splitter

How Does A Headphone Splitter Work?

The work of an audio splitter, whether it's an iPhone headphone splitter or just another smartphone, is to split the audio that comes from a single source into two different headphones, never reducing the sound quality of the audio.

Imagine having a single faucet but want to fill two big buckets with water simultaneously. You connect a kind of pipe that has two openings that can accommodate two different pipes, causing the water from the main faucet to go through the two different pipes connected to the opening. It is like a conduit that helps to split the sound into two different headphones without reducing the quality of the final sound produced.

Who Uses An Audio Splitter?

It is easy to relate headphones to young music lovers. And dual headphone splitters with same people.

This is true but doesn't tell the complete story of headphone splitters. 

The list of people and what they use the headphone Jack splitter varies, but I'll mention two groups here.

Who Uses An Audio Splitter

  • Young music lovers

These are some of the most popular users of headphone splitters. These set of people, in a bid to fully enjoy a piece of music, either with a friend or a loved one, would very easily use a headphone splitter. This shared sound from being transmitted from the same device gives them a very strong feeling of love and connectedness. Bobbing their heads to the same number from the same iPhone or iPad at the same time and at the same volume can bring a party-like feel even in a pretty closed space.

  • Podcasters

For those who are trying to Crete their own listening audience; making their own radio from the comfort of their houses and at the tap of a few buttons, installing of a dime software on their laptops, an audio splitter is a must-have for them. Having the various audio splitter software can be nice, but a microphone splitter makes the job of recording a lot easier. With a Y splitter, you can easily connect two or more headsets to the Laptop's 3.55mm audio jack. This way you have more than one option, especially when you have a guest you want to interview.

Do Headphone Splitters Affect The Final Sound Quality?

The question that every music lover would ask is: Won't this affect the quality of sound if they are been split between two different headphones?

Your worries are genuine!

What headphone users enjoy most from his headphone are not only the lyrics to the songs they are listening to but every beat in the song. The different voice textures and musical instrument employed in making the beat.

Using a headphone splitter would not, depending on the quality of the headphone splitter and the headphones used, distort the quality of the sound you hear.

Do Headphone Splitters Affect The Final Sound Quality


The headphone splitter due to the wire involved might lead to some electrostatic resistance. The wire quality and its length could lead to resistance, which might lower the frequency of the sound output. By increasing the volume, you can have a good sound irrespective of the wire length.

Please note: The shorter the wire length, the lesser the resistance; and the longer the length, the higher the resistance.

For the podcasters, there are active and passive audio splitters.  The passive splitter connects two output to one output while the active splitter is connected to a power source. This one has a higher sound quality, has a balanced audio system and uses the XLR or 1/4" TRS connectors and shielded cables.

In general, there would only be a slight change in the final audio output when you use a dual headphone jack splitter.

Types Of Audio Splitters

Although the general idea is that headphone splitters provide you with two headphone outputs, the truth is that it can provide you with three. Or four. Or six.

Yes, three headphone output from a single splitter.

Audio Splitter

The three-way headphone splitters are audio splitters that allow you to connect more than two headphones or speakers to a single device with a single 3.55mm Jack. The three-way headphone splitter is not the most popular of compared to the dual Y splitter (used for laptops and PCs), but it is as effective.

The Three-way headphone splitters could cause you to lose ~3Db of gain on each channel when you split the sound. This, however, can be compensated for by the massive spare gain that you have.

You can also have as many as six to seven ports in a headphone splitter, it all depends on what you like and how much you want to share.

Difference Between A Microphone Splitter And A Headphone Splitter

It can sometimes be confusing, especially for those who are ignorant of splitters, to differentiate between a headphone splitter and a microphone splitter.

Difference Between A Microphone Splitter And A Headphone Splitter

Although both are used to split sounds, the headphone splitter is used to split sound as output and not input. That is, the splitter helps to project the already created sound in a device - phone, laptop, PC or iPad - to the ears of the listener.

The microphone splitter on the other hand, with the combination of an amplifier, helps to split the sound being inputted into a system. There is impedance that affects the output and input of a microphone. And also a headphone.

While the headphone splitter would work without an amplifier, the microphone splitter can't function without an amplifier.

The headphone splitter can be called the "passive splitter" since it does not require a power source, while the microphone splitter would be the "active splitter" because it requires a power source.

Headphone Splitter Quality

What determines the quality of a headphone splitter is the quality of sound it produces. Of what use us a headphone if I can't enjoy the best sound form my music or podcast?

There are a few things that you can in judging whether or not a headphone splitter would produce the best audio quality. These criteria are the wire used in the dual headphone adapter, the ports and Jack platings, and the shielding.

  • The wire quality which affects its resistance is the major factor that determines the quality of the audio splitter.
  • The plating of the ports and plugs affects the sound quality. Most people prefer gold or nickel-plated connectors. This plating prevents it from corroding easily and therefore gives it a longer lifespan.
  • The shielding - double shielding - reduces the interference and produces the best audio quality.

Headphone Splitter Quality

What Should You Consider Before Buying Headphone Splitter?

Headphones have become a major player in defining pop culture, is one that receives a great deal of attention before purchase. In the same light, the headphone splitters that people buy are usually predicated on the following reasons.

  • Do I want a dual splitter or a multi splitter?

In selecting the headphone splitter of your choice, the type of splitter you want - either the dual or the multi splitter - is very important. The reason for the purchase might be a major influence on the splitter type. You have to define from the get-go what type of splitter you want. This helps you look at the best in that splitter category.

  • Do I want to use them for mixing?

Although the headphones are mainly for splitting audios, there are some that allow the different users to manage the mixing and fade-ins. This might look like the least criterion to consider, but when you have a splitter that allows fade-ins and mixing, you would be careful with whom you share your device with. If you are not a very enthusiastic headphone user, you can use the earphones for splitters, which are just everyday earphones with a good sound.

What Should You Consider Before Buying Headphone Splitter

  • Do I want it for headphones or for headsets?

The choice as to whether or not you want a splitter that permits headphones only or one that allows for a headphone and a microphone is very important. There are no special designs for headsets for splitters, all a headset would require to be able to effectively work with an audio splitter is having the right plug size - 3.55mm.

    N.B: Headsets are devices that hold an earphone and a microphone in place on a person's head (Merriam Webster dictionary)

    If you prefer a headphone only splitter, then good; but if you want to have one that supports headsets, especially for the podcasters, then awesome choice.

    Five Headphone Splitters You Should Be Using

    The need to have quality headphone splitters that don't change the quality of your sound is sacrosanct. People would love to share their music but they don't want a compromise on the quality of the sound. We have compiled a list of five top-class audio splitters for you to help you and your friends enjoy that new song while on that road trip, or just hanging out in the woods or at the coffee shop.

    1.SEGMOI 6-Way Snowflake Shaped Headset Hub

    • This headphone splitter has six, yes, S.I.X ports for you. One of the ports has an audio source plugged into it, leaving you with five poets to share with family and friends. The 3.55mm audio port is nickel plated. This helps to reduce corrosion of the port. You and family can watch that movie together, enjoying the sound at its highest volume without disturbing the neighbors.

    1.SEGMOI 6-Way Snowflake Shaped Headset Hub


    2.Kabel Direkt Pro Series Y-Stereo Splitter

    • This dual headphone Jack splitter is shaped like a Y and has a 3.55mm male Jack that can connect to any port. The Direkt Pro-series is designed with a combination of oxygen-free copper lines along with a double shielding that helps it independent of outside interference. The sound quality produced is topnotch. Gold plated contact makes the Jack tight and the sound output uniform across two headphones.

    2.Kabel Direkt Pro Series Y-Stereo Splitter

    3.Belkin Rockstar 5-Jack Audio Splitter

    • This audio splitter has five jacks that you can connect your headphones or earplugs to without worries of its quality. The final audio output is world-class and doesn't differ across the different jacks. The Belkin Rockstar 5-Jack Audio splitter comes in different colors. It has the hard-wired auxiliary cable that can be plugged into any audio source. It allows different users to mix their own multiple songs.

    3.Belkin Rockstar 5-Jack Audio Splitter

    4.Lavon 3.5mm Stereo Audio Jack Adapter

    • It consists of a male plug, 3.55mm, that is connected by a 7inches long cable to a 3.55mm female port. This splutter uses a hundred percent copper conductor. The copper conductor helps to totally remove the signal loss that is often associated with splitters of lesser quality.

    4.Lavon 3.5mm Stereo Audio Jack Adapter

    5.Ugreen 3.5mm Y-Splitter Cable Adapter

    • It a splitter that although doesn't support microphones usage is great for headphones. They have a 3.55mm male plug that can fit into any smartphone or computer. There is Y shape split at the other end of the male plug. The Y is split into two female ports that can support a variety of headphones and earplugs. It has shown 24-Karat gold plating at the terminals, ensuring that the sound produced is the best.

    5.Ugreen 3.5mm Y-Splitter Cable Adapter


    The audio splitters have been designed to provide a multiplicity of audio experience to be enjoyed simultaneously by family and friends. There has been a major leap in the headphone industry, as well as that of the headphone splitters, and this has brought about a wide variety of high-quality dual and multiple audio adapters, enriching the consumer's experience.

    There is no doubt that headphones have come to stay, and with these new ranges of headphone splitters that help people connect more, there is no turning back in the music experience. And not leaving out the podcast genius who constantly provide us with useful contents regularly.

    Whether it is a dual audio adapter or multiple splitters, the headphone is bringing us closer than ever before.

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