Can Gaming Headsets Be Used for Skype?

Can gaming headset be used for skype


Ever heard of killing two birds with a stone? Well, this saying is applicable to a lot of things and can be brought down to be applied to a normal daily routine such as gaming and Skype or any other video conference call platform. It wouldn’t hurt if your new gaming headset came with multipurpose functions. Due to the fact that headsets aren’t so cheap, gamers or the people who use these gaming headsets now look out for something different when it comes to these headsets. Users all over the world desire that their new gaming headsets be designed to have other priceless features which can be used for other things too. That if you asked would be functions to enable it game and Skype at the same time. No matter how little the expenses that you use for a gaming headset is, it still won’t be cheap to purchase. What do you expect, it’s gaming and nothing is so cheap when it is related to gaming. You can go find out at any gaming shop. 

Can gaming headsets be used for skype?

One of the so many asked questions from headset users is whether or not a gaming headset has access to voice applications and therefore can be used on video conferencing platforms such as on Skype and on Google hangouts. For the aforementioned duo that is gaming and Skype, headsets can be used. But have you ever thought of headsets helping you pound at your games and also handle that video conference call on Skype? Thinking about it huh? Well, hold on to that thought for a while because you are going to make it a reality. So gaming headsets can be used for Skype on the condition that you go for the best headsets to take care of this two tasks perfectly. It might interest you to know that you are about to get answers to the formerly stated question regarding the best headsets you can use for your gaming and Skype.

Best headphones for gaming and skype

Regardless of the different manufacturers vying for your attention for their headsets, we’ve picked out of all gaming headsets the best to suit your personality and your passion for gaming. You know that if you have to play a game and enjoy it, you have to hear the mesmerizing sound of every little thing. It makes you feel like you are really in the game and a part of it.

The list below is some of the best gaming and Skype headsets with the best audio experience you can ever have:

#1- The audio-technica ath-m50x headphones for Skype

The audio-technica ath-m50x headphones for Skype

You really are keen to take your gaming experience to the next new level, if not you won’t be reading this but you’re in for a tremendous wonder. All you need to step up your gaming is a headset with superior microphone quality and one of the best is the Audio-Technica ATH-M50X headphones. The Audio-Technica ATH-M50X headphones aid your better assimilation of quality musical sounds while listening to music. Its voice acoustics are set up to detect every little sound and so you have the ability to locate the direction of these sounds which makes you perfectly engaged and immersed in your game therefore making it perfect for gaming. These headphones are expertly designed for long hours of listening to music as it possesses a hinge that keeps the pressure off your head when won and a comfortable set of cans that perfectly sits on your ears like it was particularly made for them. Its Blue Snowball iCE condenser microphone has a standalone USB microphone. This gives you that superior capability in voice recording and also does extra work on keeping out noise from your background. If you happen to have future plans of streaming your games online, the microphones will come in handy as you need it for better audio-clarity. Therefore this set of headphones is that perfect touch you’ve been looking for.

#2- Corsair Void Pro Rgb Wireless Gaming Headset for Skype

Corsair Void Pro Rgb Wireless Gaming Headset for Skype

This wireless headset is your best shot at durability, perfect comfort and amazing audio clarity. It is built for a long duration of listening to music as its microfiber mesh fabric and ear cups constructed with memory foam helps for better comfort. Audio clarity is met with its new noise cancelling microphone which drowns out external noise enabling perfect communication when being used for Skype. It is compatible with PCs that possess USB ports and Windows 10, 8, and 7 OS. Its speaker drivers send the vibes right into your mind blowing it away. Its microphones are easily put out of use when not in use by pushing it up and away from your face. It stays that way without any inference with other things you have to do or bring closer to your face. its microphone is not only comfy for use but have an added tweak and trust of being put through tests in order to attest to the fact that it actually gives out the best sounds when it is needed for gaming and interactions. It comes in two different colors from which you can make your pick especially according to your taste or state of mind.

#3- The SADES A60 Gaming Headset for Skype

The SADES A60 Gaming Headset

This gaming and Skype headset is termed the best budget headset of the year. Why is this so you might ask? This headset is for those on a stricter budget who still want to have the feel of using a quality headset for gaming and Skype. You’d be marveled that this headset comes with the price tag of $30 and below but gives off audio quality which you can find in headsets with price tags of about $50-$60 range. It possesses a USB cable making it less difficult to be connected and used. It is superior to other headsets that use a 3.5mm audio jack connector port because of its USB connectivity which makes is microphone quality one of the best among USB headsets. The Sades A60 possesses a soft padding on the area that covers your ears and also in its headband making it a lot more comfortable to put on for a long time. The A60 has a cool light up LED white logo on the sides for users whose top priority is 'aesthetics'. Despite the fact it’s just gaming and Skype, you have to make it to your perfect taste. The A60 is your best wired brand of headsets for your gaming and Skype. Therefore if you are on a low budget then this is your deal breaker.

#4- The Hyper X Cloud Pro Gaming Headset for Skype

The Hyper X Cloud Pro Gaming Headset for Skype

We previously looked at the wired headset for strict budgets. Now the Hyper X Cloud Pro is for users who have a flexible budget and want the best of the best when it comes to wired headsets. This high tech gives you the best quality when it comes to sound and microphone. You’d be thrilled by the fact that its microphone can be tweaked a bit. Its high quality is certified by TeamSpeak and Discord and has a 2-year warranty backup. The hyper X comes with two different sits of ear pads one with leather and another with velour. The one with leather is mostly for shorter gaming sessions although it is comfortable and very soft for your ears and filters off background sound. The set of ear pads that comes in a velour material are comfortable but do not filter out noise from the background even though they become better as the gaming or Skype gets longer. This set is better used with very good sound cards on desktops which are pretty much new as the sounds get muddy and muffled when used on older motherboards.

Its microphone quality is one of the best you can go for although it gets difficult to use especially as it tries to draw out more power from laptops with older audio jacks.

Things to consider when buying the best headsets for gaming and Skype

Having seen all these headsets, we are sure that your questions on using a gaming headset for Skype has been answered but if you are still in doubt, here are few things to look at for clarity.

You have to understand that so far as going on Skype would be with a gaming headset of 3.5mm audio connections then you don’t have to worry about it not working because even if audio drivers are not connected as your Skype should recognize your headphones and microphone when you use your sound card. Its recognition of these two isn’t based on your headset. Your will go ahead to skip settings and get you device to be registered as default device on your sound card whether or not certain drivers for your headset are available. Therefore, if you are about to purchase a headset especially a USB headset, make sure that it is compatible with Skype before you buy it so as not to make the mistake of getting it and it turns out that it is not compatible. Although some headsets have on its pack signs that shoe it is compatible with Skype. 

Things to consider when buying the best headsets for gaming and Skype

Most at times, USB headsets have their own individual drivers which come straight from the manufacturers and sometimes these drivers do not connect properly to Skype because they haven’t been updated. So in his case all you have to do is to make sure that the individual drivers are updated to the most recent version available.

When opting to use a gaming headset for Skype you should know that most gaming headsets are made better for more audio output than for the quality of the microphone. This is found most especially in budget gaming headsets. You will even find out that some have very low voice cancelation quality and so before making the big decision of getting a headset that would serve you better in both  departments you should take strict considerations of some of the following;

  • Wireless headsets or wired: You will have to make up your mind on how often you want to be moving around while using Skype and gaming. A lot of persons might want the freedom that comes with having a wireless headset and its high quality of microphones and therefore will go for a wireless headset. If you happen to want a more competitive session while you game or your top priority is audio quality and clarity, then a wired headset should be fixed into your budget list alongside it should also a separate microphone in order to ensure quality microphone output.
  • Business related ventures or pleasure related ones: You should ask yourself what you really intend doing with a headset before you get it. if it just happens that all you want is use Skype for calls to friends or family which isn’t so professional then you do not have to worry about headsets that much. You can always go for any headset that connects through 3.5mm audio connections directly to your soundcard. If you are planning to go live with your games via live streaming online or you are into a profession that involves having business meetings via Skype, then you should consider getting a headphone with a separate microphone which are quality sets should be your priority. You should ensure the headphones have high audio-clarity and the optimal clarity of the microphone you should get should be of the best quality. This is because the clarity of your microphone and its ability to screen out background noise will determine how well your clients or business partners hear what you are saying.


You have to know that choosing what headset to get depends on your priorities. If you are a gamer and have to make Skype calls too but you are on a very low budget, we advise that you take retreat and think of what activity you’d be using the headset for more often. If its gaming then you’ll have to go for a gaming headset that gives you the best of the audio clarity although the microphone might not be the best for Skype call but as long as your Skype calls aren’t really the very serious business type of Skype calls. If it is that you have to use the headset more for Skype calls then it would be advisable to go for headsets mainly created for Skype. if you have a budget as a gamer that can cover for both gaming headset and Skype headset which will help you keep in touch with your fellow gamers then go ahead and get both. Therefore, just like we said earlier it’s just all about your priorities and Yes; you can use a gaming headset for Skype calls too and It is almost always hard to find a headset that would give you a great deal of audio-clarity for both gaming and Skype calls, we’ll suggest you go for .

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