Can Constantly Using Earbuds Cause Vertigo or Dizziness?

Can constantly using earbuds cause vertigo or dizziness

Have you ever felt a rotating feeling after altering the place of your head? This might be because of listening to music with your earbuds. I can be a witness to this. I wore earbuds for a long time while sleeping.  The extended use of the earplugs led to vertigo attacks. It doesn’t matter if you are using the best-rated earbuds in the market, extended uses can cause vertigo. Upon discontinuation, vertigo was gone. When I put on them on again, it came back. The vertigo was so obvious was caused by wearing earbuds. I had one question, how did this happen? In this article, we will help you understand the connection between vertigo and earplugs.

What is vertigo or dizziness?

To help you understand vertigo is, try spinning around a few times. You will feel a feeling of lightheadedness and world spinning that lasts for a few minutes then it goes away. We can call this induced vertigo. You can experience the sense of rotation and world spinning when you are perfectly still.

When Vertigo happens spontaneously or because of an injury, it can last for hours or days before resolving. The ear has several functions, and the most important one is maintaining body balance.


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When can vertigo or dizziness happen?

Vertigo mainly occurs due to a problem with the balance in the inner ear. Also, it can be caused by other issues like;

  • Meniere disease.
  • Infections in the inner ear.
  • A viral infection that causes the nerves to swell.
  • Skin growth in the inner ear.
  • Head injury
  • Taking certain medication

    Vertigo occurs when the little carbonate crystals slack off from their position in the utricle- Mechanism used by the ear to maintain body balance. The crystals move to the ear’s fluid channels which lead to fake communication to the brain which leads to the circling sensation. This inside ear issue can cause sickness and equilibrium issues in some people. The feeling can last for three to five days where as in normal circumstances it resolves fast.

    How to overcome symptoms of vertigo caused by earbuds?

    As we have seen above vertigo can be caused by numerous reasons other than using your top rated earbuds. If you are unsure if you are experiencing vertigo, here are the main symptoms to look for.

    • Loss of balance that can make you have difficulties in walking or standing
    • A feeling of being sick.
    • Dizziness.
    • The feeling of being pulled in one direction.
    • Swaying

      In extreme cases, the symptoms may include feeling nauseated, vomiting, headaches and ringing in the ears. If you feel that you might be having vertigo for the first time, these are things you need to do.

      1. Relieve or prevent the dizziness

        The most important thing in case vertigo happens is to relieve the dizziness. You can do this by sitting down as soon as you can. Yes, this will help you get back on your feet. Sit silently for some few minutes as doing this makes vertigo to reduce. Make sure the earbuds that stay inside the ears are removed immediately.

        Also, it is important to avoid changing the body position suddenly. Sudden body changes will only make this worse. You can archive this by helping the person suffering avoid abrupt head movements especially looking up movement.

        2. Keep the person safe

        The second important thing is to keep the person suffering from vertigo safe. You should prevent them from falling as this will cause more injury. If they are still using their best rate earbuds, make sure you remove them gently to get rid of the cause of vertigo.

        If by chance the vertigo is extreme and the person is vomiting. Make sure to make them lie down on their side, please make sure that you do not drive or operate dangerous machinery when you are feeling dizzy.

        3. Consult a doctor

          If you are sure that the vertigo was caused by the use of earbuds, then you have nothing to worry about. Most likely vertigo will go away. If vertigo does not go away after a few days, make sure to call your doctor for review.

          When you experience signs like a severe headache, blurred vision, weakness on one side, chest pains or heart tremors you are most likely experiencing something worse than vertigo. You might be having a heart attack or a heart problem, and must visit the emergency room as fast as soon as possible. Also, keep from activities that might make you anxious since this could worsen your situation.

          Dealing with Vertigo Caused by use of Head Buds

          Using earbuds frequently could cause a severe situation that affects the inner ear known as Meniere’s disease. This condition is one of the causal factors of vertigo. Also, it is one of the culprits that cause hearing loss, tinnitus and a sensation of pressure in the ears. Therefore, if your vertigo lasts for some days, make sure to see a doctor.

          How to prevent vertigo?

          The best way to prevent vertigo is to address the factor that is causing it. In this case, we should address the type of earbuds we use. With that in mind, it is important to buy a pair of headphones that are comfortable to wear over a long period. This will make you not worry about having vertigo after extended use.

          How long do you stay with your headphones or earbuds? Did you feel any effects after removing them? To reduce the chances of having dizziness with earbuds or headphones, we should quit using them excessively. We should adopt using speakerphones. Using headphones and earbuds have been proved to cause exterior ear infectivity. Using them makes the warmth and moisture in the canal to increase, thus causing skin abrasion. The openings give room for germs to move to the canal’s membrane. Therefore, caution should be taken when you are using your earbuds and headsets.


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            I have been listening to loud music all the time with my beats in ear earphones, is this the problem why? Also, after I stand up from my bed or lying down either if from a sofa or a bed my head turns really warm and my sight blacken a little bit and vanishes also add some dizziness to it. I, not sure how this adds up. But if anybody would put their opinions. I would gladly appreciate it. Thanks.

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