Buying Wireless Headphones? 12 Facts You Should Consider

12 Things You Should Know Before Buying Wireless Headphones

If you are, like the most of us, used to your favorite wired headphones, then maybe this new technology is confusing to you.

 It's been almost two years since the iPhone removed an option for wired headphones from their devices, and they are not the only one. Every day more and more tech companies are switching to wireless headphones. Using Bluetooth, the headphone jack is no longer needed on those phones.

 It looks like that this is the trend that is going to stay. Because of that, we will help you to understand this topic better. Buying wireless headphones can be tricky. There are long-range wireless headphones that you can find on the market, so here are twelve things that you should know before you buy them.

12 Facts You Should Consider

#1 - How to the charging and battery works

You probably never thought about this with your wired headphones. However, this is an important thing when we talk about wireless headphones. Bluetooth headphones battery life doesn’t work the same as with the wired ones.

The wireless headphones have their own battery inside them, that you can recharge. The bigger the headphones, the bigger the battery. And the bigger the battery, the longer it will pass between two charging. Following this logic, the battery of over the ear headphones lasts longer than the one inside the earbuds, only because of the size.

Of course, this can vary, and the battery life is different from one tech company to another. What you should expect and look for, are the batteries that last around twenty-five hours when it comes to over the ear headphones. On the other hand, be happy if you find the battery that lasts 8 hours if you are buying earbuds.

These two types of headphones are also charged differently, for the big ones, you have a USB cable, and for the earbuds, you will get the special little box made for charging and storing your headphones.

Keep in mind that companies always write how long the battery will last in the perfect conditions. This might not be the case with your usage. If you like to play your music loud, the life of your battery will be even shorter. Consider lowering the sound, and enjoy your headphones a few hours more.

#2 - What size is best for you

There are different models and sizes when it comes to wireless headphones. Over the last two years, the market has drastically grown when it comes to this item.

You can find three types of wireless headphones based on their size, the one that goes over, on and inside your ear. The main difference between them is size, and as we mentioned before, the battery life.

Before you buy any of these, you should consider how long will you listen to the music and are you losing things easily. If you do lose things and don't want to bother with recharging every few hours then you better consider the bigger, over the ear headphones.

#3 - What are WiFi headphones

WiFi headphones are the special type of headphones that are a bit different from the Bluetooth ones. They have one amazing feature. When using them you can connect to the Internet without any help of your phone, just with the headphones. This allows you to listen to your favorite music directly from the Internet, instead of your phone.

#4 - How do wireless headphones work with your smartphone

A lot of people are concerned if they will be able to connect their new wireless headphones to their phone. You should not worry about this. We will explain to you how to do this, and if you still don't get it, there are plenty of videos explaining it step by step. In most cases, this is a one-minute job, that you can do very easily.

There are few different cases depending on the manufacturer of your headphones. When it comes to most Apple products all you have to do is open the case, wait a few seconds for your phone to react and then just touch the picture of a button that will appear on your screen.

Some devices communicate by wireless NFC technology. This allows them to work together when they are close to each other. For you, this means that you only have to bring together your phone and your headphones, tap them, and the work is done. This easy technic is used in lots of Android phones.

If all these options fail, there is the last one. You'll need to connect headphones by yourself. You will have to press the button on your headphones after you go to the Bluetooth settings on your phone. An image will appear on your screen asking you to enter the password. This is usually 0000, you'll get that information when buying the headphones.

#5 - Bluetooth headphones and sound quality

This is something you are probably paying a lot of attention to when you are deciding which new headphones to get. Of course, you are looking for your new wireless earphones to work just as good as non-Bluetooth wireless headphones and to get the same audio quality.

There is a small part in Bluetooth headphones that have a major role when it comes to sound quality. That small part is called audio codec and it decodes and encodes a sound. Make sure that it is compatible with a player you are using and headphones as well.

#6 - Remote control

You are probably used to having that small remote control on your standard headphones with wires. You can use that remote to switch songs, turn the volume up or down and answer calls. Well, that is a plus for wired headphones and Bluetooth headphones definitely do not have one of those.

However, there is a button on one of your earbuds and there is even a microphone in it as well. iOS users can always order Siri what to do and you won’t even notice that remote is missing.

Tech companies also found a solution for all Android users. If you are an Android user then your new best friend is Google Assistant.

#7 - Price

This is still a quite new design and prices are a little bit higher. There are cheaper and pricier options.

If you want good sound quality, good outside noise reduction and a cool design be prepared to spend a lot more money. For anyone who is using their headphones just for simply listening to music, there are cheaper options available.

#8 - How long earbuds will last

The duration is determined by the size of a battery and a volume of a sound. You can expect your earbuds to work between two or twelve hours and before they need a replacement you have 1000 recharges. Consider reading a few customer reviews and you may find this information for a type you consider buying.

#9 - Transmitters

Maybe you want to watch something on TV without disturbing everyone else that lives with you and you are wondering how to connect your new wireless headphones to a TV. There is a wireless headphone transmitter.

To connect to a TV all you will need are dedicated wireless headphones, 3.5mm jack and a radio frequency to use. A range of your rf headphones is three-hundred feet.

There is also a transmitter you can find for Bluetooth headphones and there are many tutorials you can find if you have any problems with connecting them.

#10 - How to make headphones wireless?

If you already have a pair of wired earphones you adore and if you are still not ready to get rid of them for wireless headphones, there is actually a way you can make headphones wireless. Keep in mind however that the sound quality you probably got used to won’t be the same.

Now, you are looking for this option because you don’t want to spend extra money on a new set of headphones. But if you are looking to turn your wired headphones to wireless you will need to buy adapters. That adapter could be Apple’s lightning to 3.5mm adapter or any other Bluetooth adapter available on the market. Most of those adapters use Bluetooth or NFC. This is a good solution, but won’t be the best replacement for wireless headphones you can buy.

#11 - Why do headphones stop working

It is not so easy to answer to this question and reasons could be numerous.

In wired headphones, usually the problem is in the wire, maybe it was bent and there is a short in the wiring. To avoid having this problem you maybe decided to go wireless so there aren't any cords to worry about. However, after you've maybe decided to place a phone in your pocket, the earbuds just stopped working.

Well, your signal will be disrupted by your body. These headphones do use radio signals, and music is transmitted from one earbud to the other. If there is something blocking this signal, the headphones will stop working. This is still not a huge problem and you won’t experience this frequently, so don’t be concerned.

#12 - Bluetooth vs wireless headphones

Now you already know there really isn’t much of a difference between Bluetooth and wireless headphones. The main difference is how you connect your Wifi headphones to a phone or any other device and how you can do that with the Bluetooth ones. When it comes to the size of the headphones, battery life, sound quality, and style both have many options you can choose from.


Are Bluetooth headphones still your worst nightmare? After reading this article you might feel more excited about buying wireless headphones and getting rid of those cords. So, we hope you are ready to follow this new trend and that this innovation is something you find less confusing.

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